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Zoom class crushes

If you’re anything like me, the pandemic really put a damper on my social life, including interacting with people in my classes. But, here’s one thing that’s remained (kind of) the same: class crushes.

Hear me out for a second.

Class crushes are the people that you thought were super attractive in your classes, whether it be their looks or the way they thoughtfully answered the discussion questions, they were just a crush. If anything, a fleeting crush that you knew would end by the time the semester wrapped up.

So class crushes were never super serious, it was more of a thing to distract yourself while your professors droned on and on about whatever unit you were on that week. They were a good way to make class time a bit more fun and gave me something to look forward to.

But as we continue into the COVID-19 pandemic, it seems as if it still might take a while before students step foot into a classroom like before.

But when push comes to shove, fear not, Zoom has some tools to keep your class crushes going strong!

As classes have been becoming more explorative when it comes to the Zoom video calls we take, there are some new features that may just help some of you guys out when it comes to your own Zoom class crushes.

Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

For starters, you can actually switch around the gallery view so that a specific box can be put towards the front. 

By clicking on a participant’s window and dragging it, you can personalize your screen.

If you lack any shame of having a class crush (or at least of letting your professor know you have one), then you can pin videos on Zoom! 

By pinning participant videos, the specific window becomes the highlighted and larger video on your screen.

The downsides to this option is that the host (so most likely your professor) will get a file stating that you pinned someone’s video. Along with that, pinning videos isn’t really a great option if you wear glasses to class since the reflection of your screen may just give away your little secret. 

Hopefully there will come a time when we can all start having crushes on people in our classes that we have actually seen from the waist down, but until then, these Zoom tips will suffice.

Featured Image designed by Kara Fields

Apps & Extensions To help you with Zoom University

As we begin the first few weeks of Fall, it can be a difficult time to resume online classes. College is typically stressful, so being stuck in the closed confinements of a Zoom screen can be much worse. The tiring eyes, the awkward video lectures, and lack of Vitamin D, “the sunshine vitamin,” are many factors that can lead to procrastination and additional stress. Well, fortunately there are many apps and extensions that are extremely helpful at this time. From time management to studying, here’s some (FREE) resources that can assure a efficient and productive semester:

Photo by Lauren Breach

Time Management


Tide app is the epitome of relaxation and focus. It provides a timer for focus, naps, and mediation equipped with scenic backgrounds as well as natural, soothing sounds. 

Flat Tomato

This app not only shows stats of your study progress but also syncs with other devices. Similar to the famous pomodoro method, Flat Tomato provides intervals between working and taking a break, ensuring more productivity. 


Routinery is as if you had a personal assistant in your back pocket, as it curates your own routines. It also includes stats/feedback of your habits and progress.

Photo by Lauren Breach


*Evernote , *Google Docs, *One Note, & Notion

Now, the wondrous world of note taking is so simplistic yet overwhelming that these four apps are very interchangeable. Although writing notes by hand is a powerful tool, these note resources are equally effective, depending on one’s aesthetic as well as one’s usual extension. 

If one prefers using google chrome, Google Docs is preferred while the same goes with Windows and One Note. Yet, if aesthetic and separating more notes/projects is more essential, Evernote & Notion are the perfect tools.

What To Play During Your Virtual Game Night

Most of us are now knee-deep into self-isolation and possibly going insane. Although it is extremely important to practice social distancing, it is equally as important to stay connected. Luckily technology today makes it easy to interact with friends virtually. Zoom has quickly become a saving grace. But zoom parties can get boring when all there is to talk about is what you ate for lunch, something cute your dog did and the funny meme you just saw on twitter. Liven up your next zoom meetup by making it a game night using these online party games:


Photo Courtesy of Kahoot!

The game you dreaded in high school now has a new purpose. Kahoot is free, easy to use, and debatably has the best background music. Before your next zoom meeting, have each of your friends create a Kahoot quiz with questions about themselves. The host shares their screen showing the quiz questions and each player uses their phone to answer. It is the perfect game to see who knows you best.

Remote Insensitivity

Photo courtesy of Pexels

Remote Insensitivity is the virtual version of Cards Against Humanity you have been in need of. The free site allows you to share the game link with up to six players and synchronizes it to everyone’s devices. The creators, PlayCards.io, have other free games like checkers and go fish on their site and they also give the option to build your own custom game. 

Photo Roulette

Photo courtesy of PetaPixel

Here is another free trivia app that might get too personal. The Photo Roulette app is available for iOS and Andriod and allows up to 10 players per game. In each round, the app will select a photo randomly from one member’s camera roll and players compete to guess who the photo belongs to both quickly and accurately. Here’s to sharing embarrassing selfies and screenshots with your zoom party!


Photo courtesy of JackBox Games

This will quickly become your go-to game. Similar to Cards Against Humanity, the game provides prompts and the players write in their responses. The players then vote for the best response to the prompt. Quiplash and its crude humor would work perfectly as a drinking game. The game requires 3 to 8 players and is currently on sale for $4.99.

Drawful 2

Photo courtesy of JackBox Games

This elevated version of Pictionary will have you questioning any and all of your artistic abilities. Each player is given a quirky prompt to draw, then the other players try to guess what the picture is. Points are rewarded for guessing the picture correctly and for having a popular response. This is another game by Jackbox games and is on sale for $4.99.


Photo courtesy of Psych!

This game was created by Ellen so you know its a good one. Play the “And The Truth Comes Out” deck for a personalized experience. In this game, each player answers a question about a different player. Once each person has submitted, all the responses are revealed and the players vote on their favorite. Since this game is mobile, it can also be played without a zoom meeting, but seeing your friends’ reactions is the best part.