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what’s the hype about the peloton bike?

What’s the hype about the Peloton Bike Cycling has become the hottest exercise trend in recent years. Studios such as SoulCycle and CycleBar have forefronted this movement by providing 60-minute long rides led by an instructor accompanied by hit music and dramatic light changes. These classes are said to be therapeutic for the body, mind and soul, but they are not so easy on the pockets. These classes range from $30-$50 apiece, a costly price compared to home-workouts, regular biking, or a gym membership. 

However, the cycling experience is evolving and is now available in the comfort of your own home with the Peloton Bike. This exercise machine is unlike any other with a 21.5-inch tablet and a sleek black design is sure to impress any cycling lover. Its popularity has continued to rise amidst quarantine as many individuals are looking for an at-home alternative to their normal workout routine, but similar to cycling studios, the price of this luxury bike is steep. 


While the bike itself is expensive, there are necessary accessories that are needed to go along with the exercise machine such as bike shoes and a bike mat. Not to mention that the bike itself does not come with a subscription to any of the live workout classes, but it has to be purchased for an additional $39 a month. A subscription is almost a necessity for the Peloton bike. Without it, it is just an extremely expensive stationary bike. 

When purchasing the original bike, the bike+ was recently released at an even higher cost-value, there are multiple package options. 

  • Bike Basics ($1,895): Peloton bike
  • Bike Essentials ($2,045): Peloton bike, one pair of shoes, one pair of weights, one pair of headphones
  • Bike Works ($2,145): Peloton bike, one pair of shoes, one pair of weights, one pair of headphones, one heart rate monitor, and one bike mat
  • Bike Family  ($2,345): Peloton bike, two pairs of shoes, one pair of weights, two pairs of headphones, two heart rate monitors, one bike mat, and two water bottles

All packages come with delivery and assembly as well as a 12-month warranty. While these prices might seem outrageous to many individuals, myself included, the investment might be cheaper in the long run for someone who is an avid cyclist. 


Let’s talk about some major benefits of the Peloton Bike.

It’s convenient. With free delivery and assembly, the bike is ready to ride when you are. Not to mention, it is in the comfort of your own home a reassuring fact during a global pandemic

It’s versatile. There are a plethora of different classes, instructors and music tracks to listen to while working out. It seems as if it would be impossible to get bored of the same old classes with so many different options to choose from.

It’s motivating. Many users have lauded that this bike is a huge encouragement to workout on a regular basis. Maybe because its steep price, but also because of the entertaining nature of the classes and the wide variety of classes.


The above reasons sound too good to be true, well, because they are. Here are some demotivators for purchasing this bike. 

It’s pricey. Perhaps this is the biggest negative of the bike. Not only is the set up costly, but the additional monthly service subscription seems excessive. It seems to me like this bike would only be a justified investment to people who are already spending a lot of money on in-person cycling classes. 

It’s complicated. Owners of the bike have also argued that they have gone months riding the bike in the wrong seating position unknowingly, and that it can be hard to search for classes using the tablet. The downside of using the bike at home is there is no instructor there to correct your form or instruct you on the use of the bike.

Overall, the Peloton bike is a sight to look at and the benefits and disadvantages of its services differ for all people. Try out a cycling class and see for yourself the persuasive nature of cycling classes, perhaps you could be the proud new owner of a Peloton bike.

The Stuck-at-home playlist

Here we are. Four months into quarantine and so much has happened. We’ve been witness to one of the biggest civil rights movements to date. We have seen celebrity breakups and tragic paparazzi photos (Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello…I’m looking at you.) But, we have also learned a lot about each other. Through the power of social media, especially Tik Tok, it’s as if we are going through this pandemic as a community consisting of Gen Z and millennials. 

Music has definitely been an outlet for most people these days. With the rise of Tik Tok, lots of undiscovered artists are being…well, discovered. With summer in full swing, I took it upon myself to share some music I’ve enjoyed since March. When it comes to making a playlist, I find myself trying to justify each song and why they belong there. This time, I’ll group a few songs together to save you some time. You’re welcome.

Songs I’ve Stolen From Tik Tok

Frank Ocean is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I urge you to check out all of his music if you haven’t already. Now, let me blow your mind. When I found out that Djo was actually a stage name for Joe Keery, I basically ran to Apple Music to listen and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. — tighten this up (shorten) if you can

Chateau (Feel Alright) -Djo

Roddy -Djo

Peach Trees -Ax and the Hatchetman 

In My Room -Frank Ocean

Lost- Frank Ocean

Songs To Get You Moving During Quarantine 

Quarantine has forced most of us to slow down and, as a result, sit down. I’ve seen so many tips and routines on social media for working out– but a killer workout playlist is an obvious must. Here are a few of my favorite songs to workout to while contemplating what type of bread I’ll bake later:

E.T. -Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

Savage Remix -Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce

After Party -Don Toliver

Tokyo Drifting -Glass Animals & Denzel Curry

Songs From Some of My Favorite Black Artists

#BlackVoicesMatter, always. 

Sober -Childish Gambino (one of my favorite beat drops literally ever)

Anything from Kid Cudi!

Blinding My Vision -K. Roosevelt

Time Machine -Willow Smith

American Boyfriend -Kevin Abstract 

Shea Butter Baby -Ari Lennox & J. Cole

Ex -Kiana Ledé

Songs For The Vibes

I firmly believe everyone needs a vibe playlist. Yeah, you can call me basic but when you think about it, every person’s vibe playlist is different. So here’s my challenge for you: start making your vibe playlist that fits your unique taste and personality. Once quarantine is over and we are able to see our friends, share your playlist with them. It’s a fun way to discover new music and get to know your friends a little better.

suburban wonderland -BETWEEN FRIENDS

All of their music is top notch. No skips. 

A Kiss -The Driver Era

Fun fact: Ross Lynch is half of the duo that is The Driver Era. I’ll let that sink in. 

Games -Lennon Stella

Her voice was 100% sent from God. 

Moral of the Story -Ashe ft Niall Horan

That 1D stan forever part of me will support Niall no matter what but this song? A banger. A sad one, but a banger nonetheless. 

Remedy -Surfaces

Summertime -Verzache

Beige -Yoke Lore

Mind Games -Verzache

Your Love (Deja Vu) -Glass Animals

newly released! So good that it’s criminal!

Songs From a Few of My All-Time Favorite Artists

If I had to choose a few artists that I go to when I feel like all odds are against me, Harry Styles and Mac Miller are at the top of the list. These are some songs that remind me there will be better days, best listened to at the highest of volume:

Best Day Ever -Mac Miller

Fine Line -Harry Styles

I’m Full -Wallows

Thanks for sticking with me. Let us know if you take a listen!

5 ways to stay motivated to workout

It’s the start of the new year which means most of us set ambitious resolutions, such as going to the gym more or losing weight. Most people, however, quit pursuing their resolution by February.  

It’s incredibly difficult to stay motivated, especially when there are countless variables that prevent you from achieving your goal. Here are five tips to help you stay motivated in the new year:

Courtesy of Unsplash

# 1 Set a SMART goal 

SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. This is the most important step in maintaining motivation because it forces you to hold yourself accountable. 

Specific means having a clear goal. For example, a goal of “getting healthy” is too ambiguous because there are too many options that could fall under this category. However, the goal of “running a 10K” is more specific. It clarifies exactly what you want to achieve. 

After setting a goal, you need to track your progress and have an endpoint for your goal. In other words, your goal needs to be measurable. To attain this, your goal should include a number. So setting a goal of running a 10K isn’t enough, you need to include a specific time of when you want to finish it. For example, stating “I want to run a 10K in less than 45 minutes” is a measurable goal. 

Next, your goal must be attainable. For example, if you’ve never run a mile in your life, then obviously running a 10K (6.4 miles), is not realistic. Adjust your goal to ensure you can achieve it while also challenging yourself. 

Furthermore, make sure you have all the resources and time to actually achieve your goal. In other words, ensure your goal is realistic. For example, make sure you have access to a treadmill or road so you can practice running for the 10K. If you don’t have the facilities, then you may need to rethink your goal. 

Lastly, make sure your goal is timely. You need to create a time limit to give yourself an endpoint to achieve your goal. For example, “By the end of a two-month training program, I would like to run a 10K in less than 45 minutes.” Nothing happens overnight, so make sure you give yourself an appropriate amount of time to maximize your training to accomplish your goal. 

By creating a SMART goal, you are working towards something, increasing your overall motivation to complete it. 

Photo by Jesus Angel

#2 Work Out with a Partner 

It is so easy to lose motivation when working out on your own. You may skip a set of crunches or cut your run short because no one is holding you accountable. 

Working out with someone else whether it be a friend, classmate, boyfriend, or girlfriend; however, not only enhances your motivation to actually go to the gym but challenges you to push yourself as you are exercising.  

“It holds me accountable because like, for example, when I agree to go cycling at 7:45 a.m. with one of my friends, then I have to go,” says Elaine Avshman, a senior public health major. “I can’t just leave her there, you know? Because if it was just me, I’d just go back to bed.” 

Photo by Jesus Angel

#3 Schedule your Workout Times 

It is important to designate a specific time of the day to workout. This will fluctuate from day to day depending on your class schedule and club meetings, but by carving out a definitive time, you hold yourself accountable. 

By setting a reminder on your phone or writing your workout on your calendar, you organize yourself around potential barriers. Eventually, this will become a part of your daily routine and feel as effortless as going to class. 

Photo by Jesus Angel

#4 Have a Variety in your Training 

Utilizing the same workout four or five times a week can get old real quick. It is important to have a variety to maintain motivation. 

Exploit different equipment, for example, if you’re used to running on the treadmill 24/7, try cycling, rowing, the stair stepper, or swimming to get the same cardiovascular advantages.  Also, implementing different training programs on the same equipment can still create a variety such as executing interval, continuous, fartlek, or circuit training. 

Having a variety decreases your tendency to be bored and keeps you on your toes. It enhances motivation allowing you to explore new options. 

#5 Take Classes 

Exercise classes are a great way to incorporate all of these factors. They provide a set time for you to attend, forcing you to go, a variety of classes and workouts to keep you motivated, they can help you achieve your SMART goal, and you can go with a friend. It’s a win-win-win. 

At UT, RecSports offers TeXercise passes to a variety of classes to enhance cardiovascular endurance, strength, and flexibility. The pass costs 96 dollars for the whole semester.

“Our friend group bought the TeXercise pass this semester and we’ll post in the group chat whenever we’re working out,” said Dani Gross, a senior exercise science major. “My time at the gym has definitely increased since I got the pass.” 

Hopefully, with these tips, you are motivated to attain your goal in the new year.