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The Best Kids Meals in West Campus

Yes, I am a grown adult. Yes, I order from the kids menu. We exist. Let me explain.

Do you ever go out with your friends to eat but you’re not hungry hungry? Or, you want to enjoy outside food but don’t have the financial means to splurge? It’s time for you to put your pride aside and start ordering from the kids menu! Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I visited some of the most popular food joints in wampus in search of the best kids meals — here’s what I found.

1. In-N-Out and Halal Bros, can’t hang

First, I stopped by two wampus favorites on Guad, Halal Bros and In-N-Out. To my surprise, neither establishment had kids meals. However, Halal Bros does offer cheap side options (pictured) that can substitute a kids meal and In-N-Out’s burger costs less than the other meals reviewed. In-N-Out also has animal-style fries (fries topped with american cheese, caramelized onions and their signature fry sauce) which could serve as a meal! These are financially-good alternatives to ordering from the regular menu even if they don’t come with the quirkiness from ordering off the kid’s.

2. Pluckers, the hit or miss, 6/10

My friend and I ordered from the kids menu online at the Pluckers on Rio. I ordered the Kids Naked Boneless Wings with tater tots ($6.25) and they ordered the Kids Mac and Cheese with waffle fries ($6.00). Although the portions were large, the buffalo-dressed chicken strips were not that appetizing. My friend, however, did enjoy the mac and cheese / waffle fries combo as a vegetarian option. The tater tots were decent, but not out of this world. This is a good option when visiting the Wampus classic and you don’t want to overspend on a regular- sized meal. 

3. Kerbey Lane, The Surprise Contender, 8/10

Photographed by Josh Romero

I’ve eaten at the Austin-classic several times, however, I had never considered ordering off of the kids menu until writing this article. The kids meal consists of breakfast and lunch options, ranging from chicken tenders to pancakes. I ordered the chicken quesadillas and was pleasantly surprised. The quality of the chicken was good and all the kids’ meals came with fries or fruit. There were ample fries, and for a good price ($6.94 including tip) you get a decent sized meal without having to spend a lot.

4. Whataburger, the small but mighty, 8.5/10

Photographed by Josh Romero

I discovered the worthiness of the Whataburger kids meal when I worked for the state-favorite back in 2017. Coming in at $5.19, the chicken tender kids meal comes with two tenders, small fries, a cookie, and a small drink. This is perfect for a post-6th street munchies, or a reward for finishing midterms. 

5. Cava, king of the kids meal, 10/10

Photographed by Josh Romero

When at Cava, If you aren’t ordering from the kids meal, you’re doing it wrong. The Cava kids meal comes with a small pita, choice of hummus, choice of three toppings, pita chips or carrots, rice, and a small drink. When I discovered this hack, I was blown away. You get so much for a decent price ($6.98) and are still able to make selections as if you were ordering from the regular menu. I highly recommend switching to kids meals when visiting this Wampus favorite!