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What your venus sign says about the way you love

Saint Valentine’s day has arrived! As we head into this season of love, it’s important to know a little more about ourselves. Specifically, in terms of how we love. While Sun sign astrology is important and can say a lot about your overall character and ego, in the matters of the heart, it’s important to look at your Venus placement for insight as to how you are perceived in love, even if it isn’t always positive.

Disclaimer: the following descriptions are my personal interpretations of each sign in Venus from both personal experience and observation, and may vary in comparison to others. Venus is the planet of love and attraction, and plays a significant role in determining what you want in terms of success and pleasure, as well as romantic and platonic relationships. This list, however, will focus on how each sign in Venus navigates romance.

Venus in Aries

In one word: Fiery

When a Venus Aries is interested in someone, they fall fast and hard. They are known to be quite impulsive and passionate in love, driven by emotion, but may suffer from restlessness and selfishness. However, while they are unafraid of showing their love for someone, they are also unafraid to be confrontational, which may lead to some disagreements. But a person with this Venus placement is worth it as they are extremely fun, entertaining people in love.

Venus in Taurus

In one word: Physical

This placement is traditionally romantic, but not overly dreamy or idealistic like Venus in Pisces. They value security in a relationships, which aren’t taken lightly. However, this doesn’t mean those with Venus in Taurus aren’t open to flings. Being considered one – if not the – most sensual Venus placement, Venus in Taurus are especially dependent on physicality in a relationship. Many highly value the presence of their beautiful partner, and may struggle with viewing them as a prize. They like to feel stable and in control, and might feel uncomfortable with change if they aren’t the ones behind it.

Venus in Gemini

In one word: Energetic

Venus in Gemini have a bad reputation for their flirtatiousness, but it’s not their fault – this sign is charming and stimulated by intellectual conversation, so their need to socialize may cross boundaries in the eyes of other more possessive signs. This does not bode well with a Venus in Gemini. Like Sagittarius, this Venus placement needs space to see what’s out there in the world, and they do not like clinginess. They are extremely excitable in love, but follow their brain rather than their heart. They’re not entirely in touch with their emotions, which may confuse those who want the reasoning behind their actions.

Venus in Cancer

In one word: Supportive

Cancer is known as the “homemaker” of the signs, and this is true even in love. Venus in Cancer are extremely caring and thoughtful of their partners, doing their best to remember the things you love and dislike in order to make you more comfortable. Despite their sensitivity to their partner, they may hide how they feel if they have been hurt – which can be problematic, because Venus in Cancer are extremely sensitive. They need someone who can be equally giving and emotionally intuitive.

Venus in Leo

In one word: Loyal

Leo in Venus is bold and extremely passionate. They are willing to give every ounce of their romantic love, but they expect the same in return, and are disappointed when their partner does not live up to these standards. They crave the validation their partner can give them, despite being interpreted as one of the most confident or egotistical signs. Their vision of love is very set, and they will be unhappy if they are not achieving this in a relationship.

Venus in Virgo

In one word: Helpful

A simple and pure lover, Venus in Virgo is likely to be good at pleasing their partners. They worry about the little things in life and in their relationship, rather than the grand scheme of things. This may drive away those who are not prone to perfectionism, because they do not understand why their partner is so critical. They are not extremely romantic, and come off as cautious in love, but their devotion to their partner is certainly there.

Venus in Libra

In one word: Fair

Venus in Libra are known as peace seekers due to the balanced nature of the Libra sign. However, in love, they tend to be too giving. While this can be beneficial for their partner, they can become clingy and dependent on their relationship in an effort to fuel their personal growth, all the while remaining stagnant. However, a Venus in Libra is undoubtedly charming, and great at meeting the needs of the person they are with.

Venus in Scorpio

In one word: Intense

Intense is the only word that can truly convey how a Venus in Scorpio feels. They can love with intensity, as well as fear with intensity. They lack complete control over their own emotions, and may seek to implement their need for control onto their relationships through possessiveness or jealousy. Venus in Scorpio keep their strongest emotions hidden, but they’re only doing it to protect their sensitive inner-self. Because of their fear of betrayal, Venus in Scorpio are extremely selective with who they choose to let into their lives, so feel grateful if one does.

Venus in Sagittarius

In one word: Free-spirited

Okay, two words. But they’re necessary in order to describe a Venus in Sagittarius. Another placement as restless as Aries, but more prone to commitment issues. Those with their Venus in Sagittarius are true romantics; yet they struggle to accept the love they are given, and will run away from it once they have found it if it overwhelms them. They want to grow with someone, and see the world while they’re at it, so don’t try to make them feel trapped or stunted.

Venus in Capricorn

In one word: Reserved

Capricorn is generally a reserved sign, ruled by slow and steady Saturn, and even in Venus, this does not change. Those with Venus in Capricorn may come across as hard to get, because they are. They are cautious in their approach to love, but once they can trust their partner, they can be one of the most reliable and loving Venus placements.

Venus in Aquarius

In one word: Independent

Those with their Venus in Aquarius are calm and aloof in love. They may grow tired and restless at times if the love they are receiving is not transforming them in a positive way. Venus in Aquarius yearn for growth and unconventionality, and may not do well with those whose values are rooted in more traditional aspects of a relationship, like Taurus. Highly curious and drawn to intellectual stimulation, they need someone who can satisfy these needs. They need space to be themselves and aren’t exactly the most sensitive, so bear with them if they come off as detached.

Venus in Pisces

In one word: Idealistic

Ah, Pisces. Dreamy, loving, and a hopeless romantic. Also hopelessly sensitive. Which, can be admirable if someone is in need of a tender love. However, Venus in Pisces is not agreeable with harshness or directness. Like Venus in Gemini, they may confuse easily as to what their needs truly are, and express similarly confusing qualities in their inability to say “no” to people. Adaptable in love, and extremely willing to suit their partner.

my google docs breakup

Nothing is worse than a break up.

Google docs is supposed to be for collaborating on projects and papers, not for breaking up with people. That’s right I said it, I was broken up with on google docs. I’ve had some misfortune in the dating world, I’ve been ghosted, stalked and apparently attract some pretty weird people, but what did I do to deserve being broken up with in a word document.

Let me start from the beginning on this one. It was the summer before my sophomore year of high school, my boyfriend at the time had dropped his phone in the pool and was in the week long process of soaking it in rice. I thought nothing of it, everyone has to go without their phone for a few days, no big deal. 

It was late in the afternoon when I got a text from my friend who also happened to be my boyfriend’s sister. She was telling me to check my email because her brother had sent me something. A little giddy, I opened up the invitation to the document expecting something cute, or at least interesting. Instead, in big bold letters “DO NOT TYPE UNTIL I’M DONE” was at the top of the screen. Classy and straight to the point. I started reading anyway. No, it wasn’t a love letter. No, it wasn’t him telling me how he missed me because we couldn’t talk. It was a breakup letter. Not even a letter really, more of we are breaking up and that is that.

I was confused and concerned. My knee-jerk reaction wasn’t even to cry, but to ignore the bolded instruction and to respond immediately. This was my best friend (now ex-boyfriend) who I was talking to and I needed some answers. In short, the Google docs back and forth messaging didn’t get me anywhere and yeah, we broke up. Was it a really random way to do the deed? Was it really that urgent that he couldn’t have waited a few days until he got a phone to call me and do it? I guess so. 

Like every girl after a break-up, I ate some ice cream, cried and ignored the world for a while. Instead of getting some sort of revenge, I did what any logical girl would have done and went to the soonest concert coming to Dallas, which happened to Fall Out Boy, and sang my little emo heart out. Concert and retail therapy never hurt anyone, except their bank account, and honestly made me feel a lot better.

What did I do to deserve this? Nothing, and with every breakup, it was probably coming anyway. I think back to this a lot and even joke about it with that guy, and while it was awful its probably the best story I have to tell. 

Dating is weird and complicated and sometimes, just a complete mess, and that’s okay. Sometimes you have to wade through the awful and horrible times to get to the good ones, and its worth it in the end. While I can never look at Google Docs the same, and I was mortified for a good six months after, now i tell this story as an icebreaker, because who could forget the girl who got broken up with on Google Docs.

Everything wrong with your tinder profile

It’s that special time of year again: plastic roses are in full bloom next to the cashier and a whole aisle at our campus CVS is littered with teddy bears and “be mine” candies, all in boisterous red and pink hues. Valentine’s Day lies right around the corner and for those of us not already in a relationship, the holiday goes by quite unnoticed – or so we’d like to think. Leading up to the date many of us singles are subconsciously thinking of how nice a relationship would be. Looking to shoot our shot, we download a dating app and begin the vigorous mindless swiping marathon. (Because who has the sheer gall to talk to someone in real life nowadays?)

I’m not saying that finding love on a dating app is impossible, it is just very difficult to do – especially when flipping through dozens of terrible profiles. Let’s face it, when making a profile none of us actually know what we’re doing, least of all straight boys. Sorry to pick on you my good heterosexual males, but I have seen some reoccurring trends that need to be stopped. (The straights are once again in dire straits) According to a report by Time Magazine, men swipe right on Tinder 46 percent of the time and women only swipe right 14 percent of the time. So according to my calculations, y’all need all the help you can get. Here is a guide to dating profiles if you’re actually looking to go on a date:

1.Bios are NOT optional

All right, so I recognize that dating apps are also used for a myriad of reasons other than seriously dating, but for those of you actually looking to find a relationship a bio is a MUST! Who are you? What do you like? Give us a conversation starter so we actually know we have something in common rather than diving in with a bland “hey.”


Courtesy of Unsplash.com

When I first downloaded Tinder I had no idea what to expect, but I certainty did not expect to see so many cute pets. I think I have seen more pictures of dogs than I have of actual human beings on a dating app. Of course I am not advocating that you get rid of your pet pics because let’s face it, having a cute pet really does boost interest, but don’t let your pet be the first image we see. I am sure your doggo is the goodest of all the good boi’s, but we are trying to determine if YOU are the good boi.

3.Get RID of those prom dates and ex girlfriends

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

 I think it’s awesome that you can prove that you have the social skills to acquire a girlfriend/date, but please don’t have your arm wrapped around some anonymous girl from your past in every single photo. If you’re looking to date someone, you want the focus to be on you in your profile instead of redirecting everyone’s attention to the questions of “who is she?” and “was it recent?” A clever way to skirt around this is to block em’ out and have that classic “this could be you” caption. Overused, but still entertaining nonetheless.

4.The Party Pics

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Having an active social life is a great quality to flex in your profile and it can also let you match with people who have a similar taste for partying. However, if you are clinging to a liquor bottle, suspicious red solo cups, and fat cigars in EVERY single one of your photos, I am going to assume that you’ve got some problems.

5.The Group Pics

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Like the classic party photo, group photos are also a great way to express that you do indeed have a social life, but make sure that your profile isn’t a game of “Where’s Waldo?” Have more photos of just yourself rather than a group.


Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Okay, so I know a lot of you Tinder boys like to hit em’ with that Flynn Rider smolder (I’m not complaining) but if you are not smiling in at least one photo, I can’t trust that you actually have teeth.

7.BEWARE of the HAIR

We see a guy who catches our eye. We swiftly tap for more photos. Oh yes he has a camera: he’s artsy. *scrolls to next photo * He’s looking off into the distance: he’s thoughtful. He’s…THE PRINGLES MAN?!

If you go through multiple phases of facial hair or dramatic hairstyles in general, let a girl know which one is the most recent, thanks.

8.Pixelated images

While life may be like a box of chocolates where you never know what you’re going to get, I bet a lot of us would really like to know what to expect when going on a date. Do the bare minimum and make sure that your face is actually visible!

9.Ditch the sunglasses

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

So fun fact: sunglasses make your face more symmetrical and therefore more attractive, but that doesn’t mean that you should be wearing them in every single photo. You’re not a superhero; so don’t mask your identity.

10.Stop writing that you’re a feminist

I’m so glad that you believe women should have equal rights, but that should be the standard for all decent human beings – not your selling point.

11.The “Um…is that your baby?” photo

Courtesy of Unsplash.com

Usually if I see a guy getting along with small children my ovaries do a backflip, but in the case of a dating profile it would be nice to know whether or not THAT particular baby is yours.