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COVID-19 Vaccine Conspiracies

As the COVD-19 vaccine rolls out, an end to the madness of the pandemic seems to be on the horizon. Unfortunately, the madness of conspiracies never ceases. With all kinds of different theories rolling out about the vaccines, it seems fitting to pile up all the crazy things people are saying in one neat place.

So here’s the conspiracy tea on the COVID vaccine.


Interested in mind control? So is Bill Gates (according to conspiracy theorists, anyways). The theory goes that the business magnate has concocted some evil plan to put microchips in the population to track their whereabouts at all times and control them.

A lot of the evidence for this theory comes from MIT researchers that developed a vaccination record that is stored beneath the skin and is invisible to the naked eye. This development is primarily meant to help with medical records in developing countries that don’t necessarily have the infrastructure to keep those records digitized or readily available.

By injecting dye patterns beneath the skin, doctors can easily access medical records right on the body. Known as ‘quantum dots’, this record-keeping method doesn’t include any advanced technology. 

So how is Gates involved? The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation puts a lot of money into medical developments concerning vaccines, including this quantum dot project. Coupled with a TedTalk by Gates in 2015 speaking of the next pandemic, and his views on controlling population growth, it’s no surprise conspiracy theorists threw all these pieces together.

Due to his large involvement with vaccine research, theorists have suggested that the vaccines will include microchips that will be used to control population growth, track our whereabouts, and perhaps even control our funds so we are at the government’s mercy.


The next part of the theory involves 5G towers, because when in doubt about how to depopulate or control the population, just use bluetooth and high speed networks.

The theory gained so much popularity that in Britain, over 30 cell towers were vandalized around March and April of 2020. This was due to the belief that 5G technology spread radiation across the population to make it easier for them to get COVID-19.

To add fuel to the fire, well-known celebrities began tweeting about the conspiracy as fact, such as actor Woody Harrelson (Haymitch in Hunger Games and Tallahassee in Zombieland), and rapper M.I.A.

Anti-5G theories have been around ever since its creation, but the link to COVID gained a lot of momentum as the virus reached the western world. Because theorists already have tied 5G to mind control and depopulation through other theories in the past, it wasn’t too hard for them to make the jump that connects it to COVID-19 as well.

The Real Tea

Perhaps some of this sounds plausible, especially if you’re already against technology, but let’s be logical here. There’s no need to worry about a microchip. If the government was really that invested in your location, they’d use your phone,or laptop, or tablet, or smart watch, or — well, you get the point.

There’s no need to bust out new technology for mind control when they already have it in almost everyone’s back pocket. 

So, if you’re thinking about not getting the vaccine because of Bill Gates’s microchip theory or M.I.A’s twitter account, do some real research. Three different companies have FDA approved vaccines meant to stop the growing death rate from this virus, which is already over 2.5 million worldwide.

Don’t get caught up in the madness of it all.

Featured Image by Tara Phipps