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The Top 10 iCarly Episodes to Watch Before The New Reboot

Wake up the members of my longhorn nation! It’s your time to be up to date on everything iCarly.

So I know I’ve been binge watching iCarly since it came out on Netflix and Paramount+, but have you been up to date with everything?

No? Well, just leave it all to me…to explain the big news, of course.

iCarly is coming back! Well, kind of. 

In a recent video, Paramount+ has announced that a new iCarly reboot is in the works and will feature a select number of the original cast.

When I found out this exciting news, I realized something. Maybe not everybody wants to watch the 5 seasons of the original iCarly. 

So I took it upon myself to make this a whole lot easier for you by just telling you, in my opinion, the best episodes to watch ASAP. (Even though you should totally just rewatch the original show…)

Here’s the top 10 iCarly episodes to binge watch before the big Paramount+ reboot:

(credit: Nickelodeon)

10. iNevel

This episode brings us one of our infamous recurring iCarly characters, Nevel Papperman. Essentially, Carly and the gang think that some professional web critic is going to interview them for the web show and potentially help them gain more supporters. Once Carly goes over to this critic’s house, we find out that he’s not a professional adult, he’s just a kid who holds a bit too much power over the internet. Nevel tries to make a move on Carly when she avoids and proceeds to embarrass him. Nevel gets his revenge by leaving a bad review for iCarly which drives traffic away from the show. But the gang gets the last laugh once they give him a taste of his own medicine.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

9. iGo to Japan

Ah, an ICONIC episode in my opinion. This is the very first hour-long iCarly special that audiences got to see. We see the cast go on an adventure to perform and compete for the title of ‘Best Web Comedy’ at the fictional iWeb Awards. In their adventure, they experience many obstacles like traveling on a cargo plane, crash landing in Japan and even getting sabotaged by their fellow competitors. 

I forgot how crazy some of these episodes were until I started rewatching them.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

8. iMeet Fred

One for the books, if I must say. Carly and the gang accidentally get into an online feud with Fred (yes, THAT Fred from your childhood web browsing). What begins as an off-hand comment by Freddie, turns into what could be considered internet drama before internet drama was even a thing! But, it all is good in the end when we find out that it was all an elaborate plan to get more engagement. So, in the end, the group just ends up being good friends with the (back then) internet sensation.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

7. iSaved Your Life

This episode starts off very casual… I’m just kidding. It starts off with Freddie getting hit by a taco truck because he pushed Carly out of the way while crossing the street. I’m telling you, these are some CRAZY episodes. Well throughout the episode we see Freddie getting taken care of by Carly. While taking care of him, Carly begins to *surprise* fall in love with Freddie. Despite this being great news for him, Freddie gets told by Sam that Carly’s love may just be out of guilt and a falsified illusion she has of Freddie since he saved her life. So in the end, the two don’t end up together.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

6. iParty with Victorious

This is, yet another, historical moment in the history of iCarly. This episode is the first time we see a crossover between iCarly and another Nickelodeon show! In this episode, we find out that Carly’s new boyfriend is two-timing her with Tori Vega, the main character of the Nick TV show, Victorious. Once Carly finds out about her cheating boyfriend, she sets out on a mission to catch him in the act and to confront him about his ways. While doing this, she runs into Tori, tells her the situation. The girls team up and confront their, now former, boyfriend about his cheating ways through Carly’s web show and it’s millions of viewers. The episode ends with an ICONIC mashup of both shows’ theme songs.

(credit: JustJared)

5. iPsycho

In this episode, the iCarly gang end up in quite a problem when they decide to make a detour on their way to a web conference to help out a lonely fan, Nora, for her birthday. Once they are getting ready to leave after the party, Nora goes a bit crazy, psycho if you will, and refuses to let them leave. The gang ends up calling their friend and recurring character, Gibby, to come to their rescue in their time of need.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

4. iMeet the First Lady

iCarly did what not many shows could: meet (now former) First Lady Michelle Obama! The episode actually begins with Carly and her brother Spencer planning on spending their dad’s birthday with him. When they are suddenly not able to see him anymore due to other commitments. To make Carly feel better, the rest of the gang bands together to create a virtual birthday party for her dad. Unexpectedly, they actually end up getting investigated for apparently hacking into a secure network to do the online party. Thus causing the secret service and First Lady Michelle Obama to be sent out to inquire and find out more about this situation. Then, like always, everything turns out amazingly with Mrs. Obama being the web show’s guest star for that night’s broadcast.

3. iGo One Direction

Ok, so I know I’m biased with this one, but come on! One Direction was on iCarly! That’s kind of a big deal. 

Anyway, if you don’t remember this episode that lives rent free in my head, here’s the rundown. 

So Carly and Spencer have just come back from a trip to Mexico and find out that Carly has caught a contagious illness called ‘jungle worms.’ Fun name, I know. Later on, the group finds out that they were contacted by One Direction’s manager to get the band on the web cast. All is good and dandy until Harry Styles ends up drinking water out of Carly’s water bottle, remember that she’s over her ‘jungle worms’ but she is still contagious. So he ends up getting sick with the illness. Once they find out that he’s sick, he’s bedridden until further notice, which postpones the web show and the group’s performance. After a while, they all figure out that Harry is just acting sick to keep being pampered and cared for by Carly. Once the group finds that out, they come up with a plan to get him to perform again by acting as if they will replace him with Gibby. The plan works and the performance goes as planned.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

2. iGoodbye

In this episode, comes the end of an era. The end of iCarly to be specific. We get introduced to the idea that Carly is making plans to see her father and spend time with him at an annual father-daughter dance. Only for her to then find out that her father can’t make it so Spencer being the good older brother, plans to take Carly instead. But, then he also can’t take her since he finds out that he’s gotten sick. So her friends decide to pitch in and volunteer to take her to the dance instead. Ultimately, her dad is able to actually come and take her to the dance. Which is HUGE for the show since it’s the first and only time the audience gets to meet Carly and Spencer’s dad. Once they come back to the apartment, her father offers her the opportunity of a lifetime: go to Italy and live with him. As the episode progresses, we see the gang broadcast what seems to be their last web show and we see Carly have her last few moments in the apartment with her friends. We end the episode with each character remembering the first moments when the show had started. Very sweet ending that is incredibly meaningful to any and all who were fans of the show.

(credit: Nickelodeon)

1. iPilot

What better way to prep for the reboot than to remember the beginning? 

We begin the series by learning who each of the characters are, Carly, Sam, Freddie and Spencer are immediately introduced. We find out that Carly and Sam are in charge of holding the auditions for their school’s talent show. When they come up with a list of uniquely talented kids, their teacher shuts them down and does not let them make any decisions for the latent show. So, the two decide to come together with Freddie to broadcast a web show to showcase their classmates’ talents. Thus, iCarly was born.

According to a Showbiz article, the new reboot is announced to be geared towards adults who watched the show as kids. So, while the reboot may not have the same humor, storylines or even characters as the original, people who grew up with the show should be able to appreciate and enjoy the show.

The iCarly reboot is supposed to premiere on Paramount+ either in late 2021 or late 2022. 



Featured Illo by Serena Rodriguez
  1. Under the Same Moon (Baja La Misma Luna)

Where you can watch it: Hulu (with subscription), Stars (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: A young boy from Mexico illegally travels to the US to be reunited with his mom, who is also illegally in the US after his grandmother and caregiver passes away. This movie is incredibly heart-wrenching and interspersed with moments of comedy and joy. The characters in this story work hard to have a better life for themselves and their families. Isn’t that what the American Dream is all about? 

  1. Spy Kids

Where you can watch it: Hulu (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: Two children save their secret agent parents from evil. Okay, hear me out: even though it’s a children’s movie, “Spy Kids” is a hilarious movie with great representation. This movie has a Hispanic director, a mainly Hispanic cast, set in Latin America, and not to mention features the legend that is Machete (Danny Trejo). 

  1. Selena

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime (with subscription) and YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: The Tejano legend that is gone but never forgotten. This biopic tells the story of Selena Quintanilla, the Texas-born Tejano star of the 1990’s, and it was the breakout film that launched Jennifer Lopez’s career. Not to mention, this is one of the few films that really demonstrates the struggle of multicultural identity that many Hispanic Americans face. 

  1. From Prada to Nada

Where you can watch it: Amazon Prime (with subscription) and YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: Loosely based on Jane Austen’s “Sense and Sensibility,” this movie shows the riches to rags story of two sisters who have to move from Beverly Hills to East LA after their father passes away. The sisters learn to embrace their culture, find meaning beyond material possessions and status and appreciate the community around them. This movie has goofy and lovable characters with fiestas, family and food.

  1. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

Where you can watch it: Netflix (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: In this alternate universe, Miles Morales, a Black Puerto Rican teenager from Brooklyn, is the one true Spiderman. He joins forces with spider-powered individuals from other universes to stop evil that threatens all dimensions. It’s a great day to see a Hispanic superhero finally move from the comic books to the big screen. 

  1. Coco

Where you can watch it: Disney+ (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), and YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: It’s not Hispanic heritage month without “Coco”, a movie about the Mexican holiday “Day of the Dead,” where many celebrate the lives of ancestors and deceased family members. Coco is about a young boy in Mexico who wants to pursue music despite his parents’ opposition and travels to the land of the dead to find his famous musician great-great-grandfather. Like many Disney movies, it’s hard to guarantee you won’t cry.

Courtesy of Canva, designed by Kara Fields
  1. Gotta Kick It Up

Where you can watch it: Disney+ (with subscription), Amazon Prime(with subscription), and YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: This classic early 2000’s Disney Channel Original Movie is based on a true story of a teacher who helps young Latina girls grow and overcome obstacles in their high school dance troupe. If you want to watch a fun and inspirational coming of age movie, this is the one for you.


  1. George Lopez

Where you can watch it: YouTube (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), Vudu (with subscription)

What it’s about: A Mexican American family sitcom set in LA, with an absolutely iconic title sequence that has lulled many a Gen Z to sleep. One of the first sitcoms centered around the Hispanic experience, this show hilariously highlighted the struggles and beauty of growing up as an American with Hispanic heritage.

  1. Love, Victor

Where you can watch it: Hulu (with subscription)

What it’s about: Set in the “Love, Simon” universe, this show centers around a Puerto Rican family living in Atlanta navigating traditions, coming of age and family values. Victor is a high school student who explores his sexuality amid the conflicts of his family and his new high school. The coming of age story for Hispanic and LGBTQ communities comes to light in this amazing and seriously underrated show.

  1. Wizards of Waverly Place

Where you can watch it: Disney+ (with subscription) and Amazon Prime (with subscription)

What it’s about: A family of wizards living in New York City, where three teenage children come of age and go on adventures learning how to use their wizarding powers. In an Italian and Mexican American household, learning about their cultural roots was never amiss. With episodes of the kids learning Spanish, visiting family members with Hispanic guest stars, and Alex’s quinceanera, the show highlighted Mexican culture in such a beautiful and authentic way that not many teen shows have before.

  1. Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Where you can watch it: Hulu (with subscription) , YouTube (with subscription), Amazon Prime (with subscription), NBC.com (free), TBS (with cable)

What it’s about: A squad of police officers in Brooklyn that fight crime and bond like a family. Rosa Diaz, a tough and brilliant detective, and Amy Santiago, an ambitious and adorkable detective, are hilarious and refreshing characters that stray away from the over-sexualized stereotypes of Latinas in modern media.

  1. One Day at a Time

Where you can watch it: Netflix (with subscription), Hulu (with subscription), and YouTube (with subscription)

What it’s about: A Cuban American family sitcom featuring a Hispanic female veteran mom, a Cuban immigrant grandma, and a lesbian teenage daughter; the representation we never had but always needed. The show covers issues like PTSD, sexuality, immigration, and non-traditional family roles, which can be considered taboo among many Hispanic cultures.

  1. Pose

Where you can watch it: Netflix (with subscription), YouTube (with subscription), and Amazon Prime (with subscription)

What it’s about: A drama based on New York City’s African American and Latino LGBTQ ballroom culture during the 1980s. This high energy show gives a fresh take on finding your chosen family and chasing your dreams.

  1. On My Block

Where you can watch it: Netflix (with subscription)

What it’s about: A group of friends in a rough LA neighborhood navigating life, friendship and coming of age. This show features witty, admirable, and diverse characters in real situations that communities across the country face. It’s one of the few shows that portrays the highs and lows of growing up and navigating the world around you.

  1. When They See Us

Where you can watch it: Netflix (with subscription)

What it’s about: Based on a true story, this show tells the story of five teenagers from Harlem who were falsely accused of an attack in Central Park. There are so many reasons to watch this show, namely, Jharrel Jerome, who was the first Afro-Latino to win an Emmy and first Latino period to win an outstanding lead actor in a limited series or movie because of this show. We love a win for Afro-Latinos everywhere, who often get excluded from discussions of Latino and Hispanic cultures. 

Featured Illustration by Serena Rodriguez

5 Ways She-Ra and the Princesses of Power Represent LGBTQ Identities

As I’m sure most of you have experienced,  I have spent a large amount of my time stuck at home this corona-summer sniffing out hidden gems and bingeworthy TV shows on Netflix. Out of the countless movies and shows that I have binged or sampled this summer, the one that stood out the most by far was “She-Ra and the Princesses of Power.” The storyline was addictive, the pastel accented animation was aesthetically pleasing, the characters are well developed, but most notably the LGBTQ+ representation was the best I have ever seen in a children’s TV show, or let’s be honest here, in practically any TV show ever. So without further ado, here are five ways the show tries to represent the LGBTQ+ community. 

Spoilers below!

5. Spinnerella and Netossa

All images courtesy of Netflix

Let’s start off with the first lesbian partnership introduced, Spinnerella and Netossa. They are married and are really affectionate towards each other, often calling each other by pet names. It is clear that they have a deep commitment to each other when one becomes brainwashed by the show’s collective antagonist, the Horde, because her wife never gives up on her. 

4. Bow’s Dads

In Season 2, Bow returns home to his parents, George and Lance, to reveal to them that he isn’t actually a university student like he has pretended to be, but is actually a soldier fighting the Horde. This episode parallels a coming out story and Bow having two fathers is never a point of contention or surprise to any of the other characters. It’s just clear that they love each other and their son. No more explanation necessary. Period.

3. Inclusion of many gender expressions, including non-binary characters

In reality, the way we express ourselves through what we wear is much more complex than “boy wears blue jeans, girl wears pink dress.” We all have so many options and ways to physically express our gender and sexuality through fashion, hair and makeup. I believe that She-Ra and the Princesses of Power do a great job at showing the different ways that people can express their gender and sexuality. For instance, the character Bow does not appeal to masculine gender norms while characters like Scorpia and Huntara are strong, muscular females whose personalities and fashion do not appeal to the stereotypical feminine gender norms. 

There is also a nonbinary character named DoubleTrouble, an androgynous shapeshifter, who goes by the pronouns “they/them.” When DoubleTrouble is introduced, their pronouns and identity is never a point of surprise or contention to the other characters of this universe. DoubleTrouble is even voiced by a nonbinary voice actor named Jacob Tobia. 

2. Heterosexual couples don’t get more airtime than homosexual couples 

This is a big one. In so many of the shows that do have homosexual couples, they usually end up being on the periphery to the main, center-stage heterosexual relationship taking place. What makes this show so appealing to all audiences is that heterosexual couples and characters don’t get more attention than LGBTQ identifying characters and couples. There is an effortless equal development and display of relationships, regardless of sexuality, that takes place in the series. 

  1. Adora and Catra get their happy ending 

Adora (She-Ra) and Catra get the number one spot in this listicle because as protagonist and antagonist, respectively, their relationship was the central driving force to the entire series. I actually felt a little guilty while watching the series finale because I thought this ending was just too good to be true. Although I knew that Adora and Catra were meant to be together, I still had my doubts over whether the producers would actually bring the two most major characters together because my mind was still believing that it was just too good to be true. Even with all of the other great representation in the show, I was still expecting the infamous film trope “bury your gays,” which refers to killing one of your gay characters or giving an unhappy ending so that the two lovers can never end up together. It’s terrible, I know, but countless films have done this to make shows more digestible to a homophobic audience. So when Catra explicitly said “I love you” and kissed Adora, I was jumping with joy along with all of the other thrilled She-Ra fans for the couple getting the happy ending that they deserved. 

Bonus: Entrapta might be an asexual/aromantic character?

There are many theories circulating online about what Entrapta could represent as a character and although never confirmed in the show, I really think she could be the show’s asexual/aromantic representation. First off, in the show she says something along the lines of that she would rather study relationships than be in one. This could just be a personality quirk of hers following the theme that she just doesn’t understand people as well as she understands robots, HOWEVER if you take a look at Entrapta’s color scheme – black, grey, white and purple – those colors match the ace pride flag. Personally, with the amount of attention to detail put into this show, I don’t think this is just a coincidence. 

8 Reasons To Watch Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy

There’s been a lot of comic book content coming out of Hollywood lately, and after setting the sun on the Defenders branch of the Marvel Universe, Netflix dropped their originally-produced adaptation of the Dark Horse Comics series The Umbrella Academy. It may be easy to see this as “just another superhero story,” but after giving it a go, we’ve found eight reasons you might actually want to give this one a shot. And, bonus– this is all spoiler-free, so you’ll be able to discover all the juiciest bits for yourself.

1.The Source Material

(Image: Alternative Press, 2005)

The Umbrella Academy started as a three-edition comic book series penned by Gerard Way (yes, My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way). Set in an alternate timeline where JFK was never killed, the story focuses on seven of 43 children born in a mysterious cosmic event where nearly 50 women (previously not pregnant at all) give birth at the same time. Those seven are adopted by an eccentric billionaire, Reginald Hargreeves, who raises six of them as superheroes and isolates the unremarkable but musically gifted seventh child, Vanya, from her siblings.

It’s a lot to unpack, but the Netflix series (which Way executive produces) streamlines this pretty well by focusing on the family and largely focusing on adapting the first volume, The Apocalypse Suite, which focuses on the family coming back together after the death of Hargreeves, and including some references to the second volume, Dallas. With characters that address issues of divorce and drug addiction, it finds a way to stay grounded even in its fantastic universe, and it tells a great story of siblinghood and growing up as a prodigy child.

2. Ellen Page

(Image: Netflix)

First of all, Ellen Page with a violin. That alone is reason enough to watch this.

Page plays Vanya Hargreeves, the ordinary violinist who earns the ire of her family by writing an autobiography about growing up in the Hargreeves household. While Vanya’s character progression is slightly different from the comics, Ellen Page does a really good job playing Vanya and showing a sympathetic and relatable character growing into her own outside the shadows of her famous family. It’s also fun to watch her build a bond with Allison/The Rumor (Emmy Raver-Lampman), who seems to be the only one of her siblings who respects her as a person despite her status of ordinary. Which, actually, that reminds me…

3. The Siblings

(Image: IGN via Netflix)

These characters are so much fun to watch. Between the rivalry of super-strong Luther/Spaceboy (Tom Hopper) and Diego/The Kraken (David Castañeda), who has the gift of perfectly aiming everything he throws, the haunting of spirit-connected Klaus/The Séance (Robert Sheehan) with his deceased and monstrous brother Ben/The Horror (Justin H. Min), and the mysterious history of Five/The Boy (Aidan Gallagher) all make for interesting and compelling moving parts that make the story feel full. Everyone has their own quirks and struggles, making each character feel unique and fleshed out, and there’s something about everyone to root for.

4. Hazel and Cha-Cha

(Image: Netflix)

Hello, who doesn’t want to watch Mary J. Blige as an assassin from a mysterious organization?

Hazel (Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Blige) catch the family in their crosshairs because of their connection to Five, and honestly, they are way more enjoyable than any secondary characters have any right to be. They have great chemistry as partners and actually carry kind of an interesting little side story together. (AND they don’t get shoved into a relationship at the end, which I think is a major bonus.)

5. The Music

(Image: Daily Express via Netflix)

With the main character being connected to music, it’s kind of a given that the show should have good music, which is fantastic, because that’s exactly what they had. Vanya’s violin music is incorporated throughout the score of the show, and there are also lots of great upbeat pop and rock songs to keep the flow of the show moving. Often they get incorporated into action sequences, like Queen’s Don’t Stop Me Now and The Turtles’ Happy Together, but they also once or twice take a break from the action to have a dance scene– no, I’m not joking, and no, it doesn’t feel out of place. It jives just fine with the quirky feel of the series, and it provides for some fun moments alongside the series’ more heavy material.

6. The Costumes

(Image: Netflix)

The comic series takes place in 1977, but the Netflix series is changed to take place in 2019. This means that there are some incongruencies– the siblings’ robot “Mom” is styled after a 1950’s Stepford-style housewife, but Allison dresses in modern-trend wide pants and leather jackets– but that’s part of the charm of the series. What’s really unique is the design of the Umbrella Academy member costumes, complete with classic superhero-stylized domino masks with whited out eyes, pulled straight off the cover of a comic book. Kate Walsh’s Handler also has my favorite costumes of the whole series, with her vintage dresses and coats in highly-saturated colors.

7. The Mansion

(Image: Netflix)

While a lot of the sets are the same kind of slightly run-down muted you see in a lot of superhero media, the Hargreeves Mansion is an awesome set with lots of neat little details, from the Umbrella Academy logo on the doors to the kindergarten-style combat instruction posters in the hallway. It also houses the childhood rooms of the different members of the Academy, which give lots of insight into their personality, like Allison’s multitude of poppy posters and Luther’s space paraphernalia. The general spaces, like the kitchen and the sitting room, also are really well-designed and give off a Wayne-esque vibe that feels like a tribute to comic media without feeling like a carbon copy.

8. The Cinematography

(Image: Netflix)

There are so many gorgeous shots in this series. The title cards are clever, each one a different placement of an umbrella that draws your attention. The fight scenes are smooth, easy to follow, and appealing (an early fight between Five and some hitmen in a donut shop is a particularly fun show of his powers), and it balances serious and snappy. A flashback with Klaus is fantastical and over-the-top, but Vanya’s scenes are fittingly very simple and subtly-composed. The end of Episode Seven has one of my personal favorite shots of the entire series, a very simple tracking shot that has a lot of impact. The cinematographer knows the screen space and knows it well.
The Umbrella Academy is a fun romp with a dark edge. Quirky and gritty, crazy and touching, this wild class is one that we hope isn’t going out of session just yet.