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Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Bleh

This is the first “normal” Spring semester UT has had since the start of the pandemic. It might feel overwhelming to be back, even after experiencing the fall semester, and some of us may feel burnt out after the additional toll of midterms. Now some of us are dreading the final exams and projects coming up. 

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t rely on motivation and instead develop the discipline to get things done. However, I am not feeling motivated to do that either, which is why I listen to podcasts when I need an extra boost of confidence. Here are some of my favorites (unranked):

Let’s Talk About Mental Health 

This podcast provides advice to help you better your well-being. Understanding how your brain thinks can help you figure out ways to push through the obstacles you may face during a stressful semester. 

The Mindful Kind

I love listening to these episodes while I’m waiting for the bus or riding the bus because they’re not long (most are under 10 minutes), so I don’t need to worry about pausing or not finishing the episode.

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

I seriously cannot tell you how many times I’ve told myself, “I can do hard things,” and then have been able to do them. It’s my favorite mantra especially when I feel overwhelmed or when imposter syndrome is affecting my schoolwork

These next ones are for my neurodivergent ADHD baddies:

ADHD for Smart Ass Women

In this podcast, Tracy Otsuka covers topics that are relatable to people with ADHD and brings on guests to share their experiences with ADHD and how it has affected their lives, and in turn how their lives have affected their ADHD.

Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest

Catie and Erik are a fun duo who get together to talk about the experiences that a neurodivergent person may relate to. They have over two million followers on TikTok put together, where they both advocate for ADHD. Catie’s TikTok is @catieosaurus and Erik’s is @heygude.

These podcasts have taught me to be mindful of the way my environment, the people I surround myself with, and the way I talk to myself affect the other areas of my life, namely my academic life because I over-identify with it, but at least I’m self-aware.

Featured Image By Brianna Martinez