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The 2014 Tumblr Revival

Certain objects have the power to take us back to specific moments in our lives. Popsicles and grass stains may remind you of playing with your childhood friends in the summer, or the smell of chocolate chip cookies might remind you of your grandma. American Apparel tennis skirts, Doc Martens and Arctic Monkeys? 2014 Tumblr. 

It seems like every month, a new trend surfaces on the internet. Over the past year alone, there were countless internet trends like cottage-core or 2000’s style clothing. Although most trends are a repeat of previous styles from decades ago, like 80’s mom jeans becoming popular in 2016, many current trends have started to draw inspiration from the last few years. With TikTok as the main source for these trends, the time periods from which the inspiration is being drawn has gotten more recent and niche. TikTok’s latest victim? 2014 Tumblr aesthetics. 

If you ask anyone ages 18 to 28 what 2014 Tumblr culture reminds them of, you’ll probably get the same answers. Flannels, black and white album covers and nonsensical “deep” quotes were all pillars of this time period. Countless hours were spent endlessly scrolling through Tumblr, reblogging Lana Del Rey quotes or grainy photos of city skylines. Although many of us who were active in the 2014 Tumblr subculture reminisce fondly about it, no one can believe that seven years later it would become trendy again. Here are three ways that I believe 2014 Tumblr culture will make a comeback:  


Fashion is one of the biggest ways I believe we’ll see a revival in 2014 Tumblr aesthetics. When you look up “2014 tumblr outfits,” you are bombarded with tennis skirts, knee high socks and Doc Martens. Each of these items was a staple within the community, and can be seen making a comeback right now. If you sit along Speedway, almost every other person you see will be wearing one of these clothing items. 


Music was a large part of the 2014 Tumblr culture. Arctic Monkeys, Sky Ferreira, Marina and the Diamonds, The 1975, Lana Del Rey and Lorde were just a few of the coveted musicians/bands that were popular during that time. With the release of a new Lana del Rey album and rumored comeback of Sky Ferreira, it’s hard not to feel like there will be a revival of popular 2014 musicians.


For many pre-teens and teens, Tumblr was used as an act of self-expression. Communities were created within the platform that catered to all interests. In particular, a large portion of the 2014 Tumblr community found their niche in grunge clothing, indie music and black-and-white grid patterns. Now on platforms like Tiktok, teens are creating their own spaces for self-expression– similar to Tumblr. 

The 2014 Tumblr revival won’t be a carbon copy of what some of us remember from seven years ago, however, I think that there will be tons of parallels in clothing, music and attitudes. Newer generations will put their own spin on the aesthetics that so many of us grew up on. In the meantime, I think it’s safe to say that you can bring out your Doc Martens, American Apparel tennis skirt and press play on A.M. by the Arctic Monkeys!

Rhea Bhat: Taking on TikTok as @texasbrownie

We all know the “that girl” TikTok genre that showcases a day-in-the-life of “that girl” who seems to have her whole life together, broadcasted in all it’s perfection in a one-minute time frame. At first, the “that girl” genre was merely a highlight-reel, but now, moving into Fall 2021, it’s shifted to show a day in the life of “that girl” in a more realistic light. Someone who is taking on this trend is Rhea Bhat, also known as @texasbrownie on TikTok, a junior engineering major at The University of Texas at Austin.

During the fourth week of school, I caught up with Rhea over the phone to find out more about her experience as a TikToker.


This week was a record high of me feeling mentally drained @The Coldest Water #thecoldest

♬ Surrender – Natalie Taylor

Q: What made you start posting on TikTok, and why did you choose to begin making a-day-in-my-life themed posts?

A: When I was little, I had this dream to have a YouTube channel, which did not work out. So, I started posting on TikTok the summer before my freshman year of college because I was bored and wanted to be a more outgoing person. My friend at UT told me that the amount of work I did was crazy and that filming my college experience for 6k followers (at the time) might be fun. I had no expectations of anyone seeing my videos.

Q: I am sure you receive many comments asking how you juggle it all, but genuinely, what motivates you to accomplish your goals throughout your day?

A: While planners, calendars and a strict schedule got me through my day, it was something that my mom used to say to me that really motivated me. She told me that while I was young, I should work as hard as I could and that the harder I worked now, the more I would enjoy it when I am older. I don’t know why, but something about what she said just really resonated with my seven-year-old self.”

Q: Do you ever have off days when you do not feel like posting or are in a slump? How do you handle these type of days?

A: I usually have a list of TikTok ideas that I want to film on my phone’s note app. Whenever I have free time, I put a few minutes into filming and editing these videos that I draft and post during my busy days. For my vlogs, if I wake up feeling in a slump, I still record as a way to show everyone that not everything in my life is perfect.

Q: How do you respond to negative feedback when people say what you do in your day-to-day life is impossible?

A: Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and I knew what I was signing up for— not all of my comments are going to be positive. I try to explain any wrongful assumptions people make about me.  I also push the message that everyone is different and what works for me and my day might not work for everyone, and that’s okay. There are definitely people out there whose lives look nothing like mine, and they still perform at the same level as me, if not better.

Q: What is one thing you have learned from the productive lifestyle you live?

A: I have learned that if I have a task written down in my planner, I’m much more motivated to do it and feel more accomplished when I finish it.

Q: What is one piece of advice you would give to others that want to have more productive days but don’t know where to start?

A: One piece of advice I’d give is to wake up earlier! It sounds cliche but waking up early— especially in college— gives you more hours in a day to complete tasks with a fresh mind and without distractions. 

Q: How do you make it look so easy?

A: A few TikTok video edits here and there let me edit my whole day into 60 seconds of seamless events, but the true answer to how I make it look so easy is simple… I don’t! From all the fun I have with friends tomy stressful breakdowns, I try to capture everything because I don’t want people to think college is a perfect balance; sometimes, it gets hard, and that’s totally okay.”

Rhea started posting day-in-the-life-themed posts a year after she made her first TikTok.Her first day-in-the-life vlog followed her first day of her sophomore year at UT. Rhea continues to post day-in-the-life themed TikTok’s to spread positivity through her videos. You can find Rhea on TikTok @texasbrownie and on Instagram @rheebeee.

Featured image by Morgan Scruggs

Dog videos that distract me from the stresses of life

The end of the school year is miserable and overwhelming. I wish I could give everyone a hug and remind them that all the hours spent studying for finals will pay off in the long run, but for now I can only offer a distraction. Here are some videos of dogs on TikTok that make my heart flutter. It is healthy to give yourself a mental break and just smile at some dog videos. Here you go!

Very cute and funny little pug. I am overjoyed by this performance.

I love chihuahuas because they are so sassy, especially on social media. They get a bad wrap, but they are good babies.


penny wanted to bless you with some pics

♬ original sound – @knight_thepit

I disagree with the intro, because I love all dogs but the puppy is adorable and deserves all of the love in the world. 

Points were definitely made! Most dogs can relate, I would assume.

The energy in this video is unmatched. I wish I could relate.

This cute little baby makes my heart swell. I want that hat!

I did not see that coming, but I am happy and my heart is at ease.


Bet you didn’t see that coming 😅 #dog #cutedogsonly

♬ Godspeed – Taris Tallman

Very informational video. I learned so much. I am forever grateful.

A bilingual king. I applaud him.

I am screaming. Covid will not allow for the emotional support dogs on campus, so I guess TikTok will have to do.

Featured image courtesy of Kara Fields

Tiktok-Famous Starbucks Drinks You Need To Try

Mango Dragonfruit Slush – 7.5/10

“Mango dragonfruit with no water, blended with strawberry puree and topped with whipped cream”

I am completely obsessed with the color of this drink. It made me even more excited to give it a try. To be upfront, I was unsure about this drink at first sip. It had an interesting tanginess, most likely from the dragonfruit, that I wasn’t sure if I enjoyed. However, with every new sip that I took, it became better and better. The whipped cream on top added a perfect contrast with the tang of the drink itself. The one downside that I noticed was how quickly this drink melted. So, if you order this on a hot day, make sure and drink it up fast! Although this definitely isn’t a daily drink because of its bold and sweet flavors, it was a nice treat. 

Cookie Butter Latte – 8.5/10

“Iced chai latte with brown sugar syrup and oat milk”

This combination was created by @nina.estrada. She claims that it “tastes just like Trader Joe’s cookie butter.” I personally grew up on Trader Joe’s cookie butter, so I was excited for this drink. From the very first sip, I was astonished at how similar the two actually tasted. This drink is essentially cookie butter in liquid form. If you have never tried cookie butter, it gives off gingerbread vibes. This drink is sweet but also filled with spices.— and also dairy free, which is always a plus. This drink is also Lizzo-approved… which should speak for itself!

The Moon Drink – 9/10

“Iced matcha latte with two pumps of chai”

This combination was created by @swanmuse. She attests that it “tastes like drinking the moon herself.” Although I’m not exactly sure what the moon is supposed to taste like, this description is somehow exactly spot on. I am a huge fan of matcha and of chai separately, but I’ve never thought of putting the two together. This combination gives the freshness of matcha and the spice of chai. I also added the vanilla sweet cream foam on top, since it’s the secret sauce to everything. It perfectly balances out the two flavors with a little bit of sweetness. Even if you aren’t a huge fan of matcha, I believe you would still enjoy this drink. And of course, if you like both, this is the perfect drink for you!

Ombre lemonade – 9/10

“Lemonade with raspberry and strawberry acai poured on top” 

Personally, I think this was the most aesthetic drink of the five that I tried. Not only was it beautiful and seemingly glowing, it was delicious! It tasted exactly like sweet strawberry lemonade with a hint of tang from the raspberry. This drink is absolutely perfect for hot weather. Summer is just around the corner, and I can guarantee that you’ll catch me with one of these in hand. This is also a fairly simple drink to order, which is always nice. If you love sweet and tangy drinks or you are just a lemonade fan in general, I highly recommend this ombré lemonade. 

The Iconic TikTok Drink – 10/10

“Iced white mocha with vanilla sweet cream foam and extra caramel drizzle”

This combination was created by @annaxsitar, and it spread around TikTok like wildfire. I was excited to finally be able to try it, and now that I have, I don’t regret it at all. I absolutely fell in love, and it is now my go-to coffee order. The vanilla sweet cream foam and the extra caramel drizzle added the perfect touch of sweetness. While I’m not usually the biggest coffee drinker, I would gladly drink this every day if I could. The next time you’re thinking about what to order from starbucks, give this one a try!

Featured image by TR on Unsplash

Pudgywoke: your next favorite TikTok star

Have you stumbled across online accounts talking about ‘OWA OWA’? Have you overheard talk about an old chihuahua on TikTok? Have you heard someone say ‘OWA OWA’ out loud?

Well then you have probably accidentally run into some ‘pudgywoke’ fans!

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, then let me give you the run-down.

Pudgywoke is a user and creator on the social media platform, TikTok. The account focuses on Pudgy, an old black and white chihuahua that instead of barking makes a noise that people coined as ‘OWA OWA’. Pudgy’s owner Malachy James runs the account and is featured alongside as the one to ask audience questions to his dog so he can answer the way he knows best: by giving a good ol’ ‘OWA OWA’.

The profile currently has videos that date back to December 5, 2020. Over the course of four months, the account has garnered a total of 11.7 million followers. 

The account’s most viral video to date has been a December 26 TikTok that has gotten a total of 67.1 million views with 16.3 million likes and 265.9 thousand shares. 

The account continues to attract an average of 5 million views per video.

So what’s the big deal? Why do so many people like these videos of this old dog so much?

It’s simple: it feels like an ongoing joke that’s easy to follow along.

In the current internet culture that we’re in, everything that can be quoted, recreated and shared becomes something of an ongoing joke for people, especially if it’s harmless fun. 

Gen Z has been the most prominent demographic involved in the popularizing of this TikTok account and it makes sense.

If you say ‘OWA OWA’ out loud or share one of the videos with the little chihuahua in it, everybody understands and thinks it’s funny.

Quoting or reenacting jokes and memes has become an innate thing for most young people that are on social media. Think of how many references to memes or even Vine videos from the early 2010s there are on the web. 

Everything about internet humor has become about being able to easily digest and share content, making this simple content an easy hit for many.

Seeing a little chihuahua make a funny noise and attacking his owner’s earbud microphone is something that anybody can laugh at since it’s a fun little joke.

It seems like this little dog has become a unifying force for many who are on the social media app.

I’m not sure if pudgywoke will prevail and remain a big part of internet meme culture but all I know for sure is one thing. Little man can really give a good OWA OWA.

Featured Image by Lucero Lopez