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K-Drama Review: The Business Proposal

Imagine you’re forced to go on a blind date. Your rich best friend pays you hundreds of dollars to fill in for her. Maybe it won’t be so bad, and at least you’re getting paid unless your blind date turns out to be your company’s CEO. In that case, you should run. 

However, before Shin Hari had the chance to run, her company’s CEO, Kang Tae-Moo, asked for her hand in marriage. It comes to be quite shocking because after acting like the most terrible woman as her best friend instructed her to get rid of him, he still takes an interest in Hari. Tae-Moo later tells her that it’s a fake proposal and needs Hari to pretend to be his fiance, offering twice the cash her best friend gave. Hari accepts. After all, she needs the money.

Thankfully, Hari has gone under the fake name “Shin Geum-Hui” and has altered her appearance, so she’s almost unrecognizable to her CEO at work. But, on the other hand, it might be hard to play two people at once. 

It’s part of what makes the show so funny. Watching Hari struggle to hide from Tae-Moo at work while also keeping up with his fiance Geum-Hui, is entertaining but also hard to watch from the suspense. Nevertheless, the show keeps you on your toes, and certainly Hari as well after all the running from her CEO. 

Although the main couple is great, you also can’t help but love the side couple, Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo. What makes it ironic is that Young-seo is Hari’s best friend, and Sung-hoon is Tae-moo’s assistant. So instead of her father’s wishes, she falls in love at first sight with Sung-hoon, and not Tae-moo. But, of course, who can blame her when Sung-hoon is so attractive (seriously, he’s hot).

If you’re in the mood to watch a feel-good show, then Business Proposal is a k-drama to add to your list. It’s funny and cheesy, and the plot stirs as you watch. There turns out to be a love triangle, simmering the plot further. Also, even though it’s a romantic comedy, it definitely isn’t a slow burn where the story drags on. 

Working at a food company, who knows if Hari and Tae-Moo are cooking a recipe for love or disaster as they navigate their fake relationship. Watch Business Proposal, the k-drama based on a WebToon, to find out!

Featured Image by Allison Geddie