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Is it a RIP-Off?: Drag Edition

Austin is full of things to see, do and experience— and half of them are total rip-offs. So I’m here to tell you what’s best and what’s a mess. This week’s subject: The Drag. 

  1. Torchy’s Tacos 
Courtesy of: Visit Austin

Verdict: Rip-Off

Why: Come on. You knew this was coming. We live in Texas. You can get better tacos for less money at pretty much any food truck. 

  1. Whataburger 
Courtesy of: Unsplash and Tendaishe Gwini

Verdict: Worth It

Why: Say what you want about Whataburger not being as good as it was five years ago, it’s still a Texan staple. From the fun orange color scheme to the iconic Dr.Pepper shake, this is the place to go at 2:00 a.m. with $5 in your pocket. 

  1. Coco’s Cafe 
Courtesy of: Fearless Captivations

Verdict: Rip-Off

Why: To be honest, I’ve never gotten the hype around Coco’s. It has okay drinks, long lines and an expensive price tag. I’d recommend getting your boba fix elsewhere.

  1. Caffe Medici 
Courtesy of: Flickr

Verdict: Worth It

Why: Caffe Medici is a prime study spot. There is something on the menu for everyone, including coffee, matcha and Italian sodas. Plus, the atmosphere is student-friendly and there’s plenty of seating.  

  1. Kerbey Lane
Courtesy of: Kerbey Lane

Verdict: Rip-Off AND Worth It

Why: The food is mediocre but no one really goes to Kerbey for the food. They go for the tradition and for saying they ate chocolate cake with friends at 4:00 a.m. after finishing a final paper (possibly based on a true story). So, yes, it is a rip-off, but I also highly recommend you go sometime in your college career. 

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, go forth and explore the drag with confidence! You are most certainly not getting ripped off today.

Taquero Mucho is a Pink Wonderland here in austin

When I started seeing TikToks and IG posts featuring an ALL pink mexican restaurant here in Austin- I knew I had to go. Located on West Ave and right next to another Austin classic, Irene’s, Taquero Mucho stands ready to guide you into a wonderful world of pink everything.

Yes, even the tortillas.

The parking lot takes up a big chunk of the curbside appeal, but having a designated parking lot in Austin, even if you have to pay for it, beats the hassle of finding it elsewhere- so I considered that a plus. Once you exit your vehicle there are an array of things to keep you busy drinking or taking IG photos- there’s a pink phone booth, separate pink pay phone, cherry mural, drink cart, merch stand, and even pink tables for waiting. Basically, Taquero Mucho is the perfect aesthetic for a GNO or cute date night.

I went on a Friday evening and only had to wait about thirty minutes, which was really swift in comparison to other hot spots I’ve been to in the city around the same time. I will say that an early dinner is the move- I arrived around 5pm and when we were leaving at around 7pm the wait was much longer- so keep that in mind.

Sitting outside was a must for me due to not only trying to be as safe as possible dining out during COVID, but also because it was so cute! Pink string lights, tables, a subtle view of the creek, and a pink mural only add to the aesthetic Taquero Mucho provides. I will admit I was skeptical about the quality of the food, even though the decor lived up right away to the hype, because of the amount of social media exposure for the aesthetic. I ordered the Pollo Asado and was delighted with the texture of the tortillas, flavor of the chicken, and amount of sauce provided. The beans were also excellent and there were plenty of them. The rice was okay, nothing to write home about, but for $12 I felt like the plate was a good deal, especially considering how fresh everything tasted. Also, I felt like the pricing matches what I would expect a restaurant in a prime location to have, so I was definitely not complaining. 

Overall, I would say Taquero Mucho is worth the hype. If you like the color pink, fun drinks, Mexican food, outdoor dining, or all of the above- it’s worth checking out. Don’t forget to take a pic for the ‘gram!

Featured image by Courtney Smith.