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Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Bleh

This is the first “normal” Spring semester UT has had since the start of the pandemic. It might feel overwhelming to be back, even after experiencing the fall semester, and some of us may feel burnt out after the additional toll of midterms. Now some of us are dreading the final exams and projects coming up. 

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t rely on motivation and instead develop the discipline to get things done. However, I am not feeling motivated to do that either, which is why I listen to podcasts when I need an extra boost of confidence. Here are some of my favorites (unranked):

Let’s Talk About Mental Health 

This podcast provides advice to help you better your well-being. Understanding how your brain thinks can help you figure out ways to push through the obstacles you may face during a stressful semester. 

The Mindful Kind

I love listening to these episodes while I’m waiting for the bus or riding the bus because they’re not long (most are under 10 minutes), so I don’t need to worry about pausing or not finishing the episode.

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

I seriously cannot tell you how many times I’ve told myself, “I can do hard things,” and then have been able to do them. It’s my favorite mantra especially when I feel overwhelmed or when imposter syndrome is affecting my schoolwork

These next ones are for my neurodivergent ADHD baddies:

ADHD for Smart Ass Women

In this podcast, Tracy Otsuka covers topics that are relatable to people with ADHD and brings on guests to share their experiences with ADHD and how it has affected their lives, and in turn how their lives have affected their ADHD.

Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest

Catie and Erik are a fun duo who get together to talk about the experiences that a neurodivergent person may relate to. They have over two million followers on TikTok put together, where they both advocate for ADHD. Catie’s TikTok is @catieosaurus and Erik’s is @heygude.

These podcasts have taught me to be mindful of the way my environment, the people I surround myself with, and the way I talk to myself affect the other areas of my life, namely my academic life because I over-identify with it, but at least I’m self-aware.

Featured Image By Brianna Martinez

A longhorn snow-day playlist

The entire state of Texas is under a Winter Storm Warning as parts of Austin are covered in up-to seven and a half inches of snow. Until the roads clear up and it’s safe for Longhorns to go out again, here is the ~ definitive ~ Snow-Day Playlist to keep spirits high even though the temp is low!

  1. “Baby It’s Cold Outside (duet with Michael Bublé)” – Idina Menzel and Michael Bublé

Come on, you knew this one had to be on here. I didn’t make the rules. Between Idina Menzel’s and Michael Bublé’s silky-smooth vocals and the temperature-based lyrics of the song, it demands being on every cold-weather playlist.

Snowiest Lyric: “Baby it’s cold outside.”

  1. “Sweater Weather” – The Neighbourhood

Is there a better song to play while cuddling with your SO on a cold day? Sweater Weather is super cute and temperature-relevant. Bonus points if you and your partner can get your hands on a set of matching sweaters.

Snowest Lyric: “‘Cause it’s too cold (woah) for you here and now. So let me hold (woah) both your hands in the holes of my sweater.”

3. “Let It Go” – “Frozen” Cast

Idina Menzel is iconic even to be on this playlist twice and I will NOT be accepting criticism on that matter at this time. This is the perfect song to play while you take a scenic walk around the snow-covered streets. P.S.: It is absolutely acceptable (and maybe even encouraged) to imagine your ice-cape blowing dramatically behind you as the song plays.

Snowiest Lyric: “The cold never bothered me anyway.”

4. “Oh Ms Believer ” – Twenty One Pilots

I’ll be honest, this song breaks my heart a little every time I hear it. The emotion is palpable and the lyrics are nothing short of poetic. I highly recommend listening to this one with a box of tissues and a lovely view of the snow to get the full experience.

Snowiest Lyric: “Your twisted mind is like snow on the road.”

5. “The A Team” – Ed Sheeran

Somehow this song just sounds like cold weather. The combination of acoustic guitar, melancholy lyrics and the unique comforting feeling of Ed Sheeran’s voice bring every connotation of the cold, good and bad, to life.

Snowiest Lyric: “It’s too cold outside for angels to fly.”

6. “Ice Ice Baby” – Vanilla Ice

We’ve had some sad songs, now get ready for the exact opposite. Ice Ice Baby is a timeless, upbeat masterpiece that makes everyone want to dance. Just don’t slip on the snow!

Snowiest Lyric: “Ice, ice baby, too cold, too cold.”

7. New Year’s Day – Taylor Swift

So, it’s a little past New Years’ but this song still gives out major “cozy on a cold day” vibes. It’s all about having someone who will go through the hard or just mundane parts of life with you instead of only being there for the highs. If that doesn’t give you the warm and fuzzy feelings to get you through the cold, I don’t know what will.

Snowiest Lyric: “I want your midnights but I’ll be cleaning up bottles with you on New Year’s Day.”

8. Banana Pancakes – Jack Johnson

Eating pancakes, sleeping in late and staying in for the day? YES PLEASE! “Banana Pancakes” is a fantastic song to listen to while making breakfast, or breakfast for dinner, on a relaxed snow-day.

Snowiest Lyric: “There ain’t no need to go outside.”

9. If the World Was Ending – JP Saxe and Julia Michaels

The cold can stimulate the cuffing season for sure. This song works through feelings of wanting someone who you know isn’t right for you long term. It’s part wish-fulfillment, part love song and all cold-weather vibes.

Snowiest Lyric: “The sky’d be falling and I’d hold you tight.”

10. I’m With You – Avril Lavigne

This song is bursting with nostalgia while still being an intriguing and unique piece of music. The lyrics mix messages of hope, anxiety and feeling left out in the ~ cold ~.

Snowiest Lyric: “It’s a damn cold night. Trying to figure out this life.”

Here’s Your Fall 2020 Playlist

It’s that time of year again where Texans are freezing in weather less than 70 degrees! After months of sweating just from stepping outside, it’s finally sweater weather. With cooler temperatures in Texas, daylight savings time, and dozens of 11:59pm assignment deadlines, here’s a playlist that’ll put you in the perfect fall mood. Even if cold weather and rainy days aren’t your thing, this playlist is sure to put you in a cozy mood.  When it’s 60 degrees and you see leaves falling on 24th street, grab your favorite coffee or tea, put on a warm sweater and relax with this playlist full of fall favorites.

A few notable songs on this playlist are:

Like Real People Do – Hozier

Something about this song is so cozy and nurturing to my soul. I would really do anything for that tall Irish man with amazing hair named Hozier. The soft guitar chords and tender singing really make me feel like this man is about to sing me to sleep. It’s beautiful, soft, and enchanting. Also any song from his self-titled album is a guaranteed autumn and woodsy hit, but I didn’t want to bombard the playlist with all of them!

Woodland – The Paper Kites

Alright for anyone who wants to have a fall “main character” montage moment, this is THEE song. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m driving around town with friends, getting coffee, taking pictures and just going on adventures and making memories that’ll last me a lifetime. Granted, things are a little different now with the pandemic, but with this song, you can still live your best “y/n” life.

Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Is it really autumn weather without a little bit of the Twilight Saga. The Twilight soundtrack had no business being as good as it was, but here we are today, 10 years later and album after album of bangers. 

8 – Willow

Something about this song is so introspective. When you listen to it, it’s like you’re walking down the streets of downtown Austin, being a main character, and just realizing that you’re moving on to bigger and better things. It’s been a tough semester for a lot of us, and this song reminds you that you’re doing the best you can and that no matter what’s happened, you will move on and things will get better. 

Sometimes – Snoh Aalegra ft. Logic

This is a good song to listen to on a fall self-care sunday. Clean up your space, put on a face mask, do some journaling, and keep warm inside. Snoh Aelegra has many songs that make you feel luxurious and remind you how amazing you are. “Sometimes” is just one of the perfect fall pick me ups that she has.

Bloo – Zack Villere

There’s nothing inherently fall related about this song, but something about the vibe feels very fall semester-ish. Kinda like when you have that one person in your class you have a crush on and never had the courage to talk to them or make a move on. Or in this semester’s case, that one fine person who always has their camera on in class. You have a crush on them and start fantasizing about watching each other’s favorite shows and going on dates, but then next thing you know, the semesters over and you’re going back home for winter break and nothing happened with them and you’re probably never going to see them again.

The Stuck-at-home playlist

Here we are. Four months into quarantine and so much has happened. We’ve been witness to one of the biggest civil rights movements to date. We have seen celebrity breakups and tragic paparazzi photos (Shawn Mendes and Camilla Cabello…I’m looking at you.) But, we have also learned a lot about each other. Through the power of social media, especially Tik Tok, it’s as if we are going through this pandemic as a community consisting of Gen Z and millennials. 

Music has definitely been an outlet for most people these days. With the rise of Tik Tok, lots of undiscovered artists are being…well, discovered. With summer in full swing, I took it upon myself to share some music I’ve enjoyed since March. When it comes to making a playlist, I find myself trying to justify each song and why they belong there. This time, I’ll group a few songs together to save you some time. You’re welcome.

Songs I’ve Stolen From Tik Tok

Frank Ocean is finally getting the recognition he deserves. I urge you to check out all of his music if you haven’t already. Now, let me blow your mind. When I found out that Djo was actually a stage name for Joe Keery, I basically ran to Apple Music to listen and I definitely wasn’t disappointed. — tighten this up (shorten) if you can

Chateau (Feel Alright) -Djo

Roddy -Djo

Peach Trees -Ax and the Hatchetman 

In My Room -Frank Ocean

Lost- Frank Ocean

Songs To Get You Moving During Quarantine 

Quarantine has forced most of us to slow down and, as a result, sit down. I’ve seen so many tips and routines on social media for working out– but a killer workout playlist is an obvious must. Here are a few of my favorite songs to workout to while contemplating what type of bread I’ll bake later:

E.T. -Katy Perry ft. Kanye West

Savage Remix -Megan Thee Stallion ft Beyonce

After Party -Don Toliver

Tokyo Drifting -Glass Animals & Denzel Curry

Songs From Some of My Favorite Black Artists

#BlackVoicesMatter, always. 

Sober -Childish Gambino (one of my favorite beat drops literally ever)

Anything from Kid Cudi!

Blinding My Vision -K. Roosevelt

Time Machine -Willow Smith

American Boyfriend -Kevin Abstract 

Shea Butter Baby -Ari Lennox & J. Cole

Ex -Kiana Ledé

Songs For The Vibes

I firmly believe everyone needs a vibe playlist. Yeah, you can call me basic but when you think about it, every person’s vibe playlist is different. So here’s my challenge for you: start making your vibe playlist that fits your unique taste and personality. Once quarantine is over and we are able to see our friends, share your playlist with them. It’s a fun way to discover new music and get to know your friends a little better.

suburban wonderland -BETWEEN FRIENDS

All of their music is top notch. No skips. 

A Kiss -The Driver Era

Fun fact: Ross Lynch is half of the duo that is The Driver Era. I’ll let that sink in. 

Games -Lennon Stella

Her voice was 100% sent from God. 

Moral of the Story -Ashe ft Niall Horan

That 1D stan forever part of me will support Niall no matter what but this song? A banger. A sad one, but a banger nonetheless. 

Remedy -Surfaces

Summertime -Verzache

Beige -Yoke Lore

Mind Games -Verzache

Your Love (Deja Vu) -Glass Animals

newly released! So good that it’s criminal!

Songs From a Few of My All-Time Favorite Artists

If I had to choose a few artists that I go to when I feel like all odds are against me, Harry Styles and Mac Miller are at the top of the list. These are some songs that remind me there will be better days, best listened to at the highest of volume:

Best Day Ever -Mac Miller

Fine Line -Harry Styles

I’m Full -Wallows

Thanks for sticking with me. Let us know if you take a listen!

Isolation Motivation playlist

Isolation Motivation – Playlist by Emily Hyatt

There’s no denying that 2020 has been off to a really rough start. People across the world have been struggling through one of the worst pandemics in decades. Being trapped at home can be grueling and unproductive. Luckily for us, there are multitudes of fierce female artists that lift us up with their heart, their soul, their art. Even though I’m a journalist, this playlist is very subjective to what I like/think other people would like. Sorry about it.

Motivation (Normani)- It’s basically the namesake, of course I had to include it.

A-YO (Lady Gaga)- One of Gaga’s more underrated songs, it will definitely make you want to get up and smoke a Marlboro (which you should NOT do, it’s bad for your lungs).

Dead Weight (PVRIS)- If you haven’t heard of PVRIS, you’re missing out on the sheer talent of Lynn Gunn. Female-fronted rock bands need more love and this upbeat jam will make you fall for them. 

Savage (Megan Thee Stallion)- You might recognize this from memes but it’s actually an incredible song that will make you feel like the baddest b*tch around…like most of Megan’s music does.

So What (P!nk)- A throwback that remains iconic plus “I’m alright, I’m just fine” is how we all wish we felt right now.

Tempo (Lizzo feat. Missy Elliott)- Anything by Lizzo is a “bop,” as the kids say, and adding Missy just makes it that much better.

Good Thing (Kehlani & Zedd)- Kehlani is my favorite artist and Zedd is one of my favorite DJs and together they made a song that will remind you that you are all you need.

KARMA (Raja Kumari)- I ADORE Raja and the raw power she sings with makes me want to take down the patriarchy with my fists.

What I Need (Kehlani & Hayley Kiyoko)- Two queer icons making you wanna shake it around your room.

Like a Girl (Lizzo)- “Only X’s that I care about are all up in my chromosomes”: no one will ever top this line.

Waterloo (Cher)- If you love ABBA and “Mamma Mia 2” and Cher, it’s a match made in Heaven.

Nutbush City Limits (Tina Turner)– It’s the song I danced to when I found out I got accepted into my first internship. Tina is always there for you.

Ain’t It Fun (Paramore)- Even in a pandemic, be like Hayley Williams and “don’t go cryin’ to your mama.”

Bad Reputation (Joan Jett)- You’re gonna need a leather jacket for this.

Diva (Beyonce)- Remember that you are the “female version of a hustler.”

The Schuyler Sisters (Renée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas Jones)- “WHEN I MEET THOMAS JEFFERSON, IMMA TELL HIM TO INCLUDE WOMEN IN THE SEQUEL! WERK!” Thank you, Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Bidi Bidi Bom Bom (Selena)– The Queen of Tejano always makes you twirl.

U + Ur Hand (P!nk)- A sick burn to ward off any f*ckbois trying to slip into your quarantined DMs.

I’m Alive (Céline Dion)– Friendly Canadian reminder to take a deep breath and remember that you’re alive .

Pimpin (Megan Thee Stallion)– One of my favorite tracks from Megan’s 2019 album “Fever”; “Bitch I’m a pimp, where is my cane / Hoe get too close and get slapped with the rain” = poetry

El Anillo (Jennifer Lopez)– I can’t listen to this in a casual setting because it always makes me wanna drop it. 

Consideration (Rihanna & SZA)– Two INCREDIBLE women teaching the children how to be independent.

Django Jane (Janelle Monáe)– My jaw hit the floor when I first heard this song and I remain floored two years later. 

I Will Survive (Gloria Gaynor)- It’s pretty self-explanatory, no?

Run the World (Girls) (Beyoncé)- WE RUN THIS MOTHA! (Especially motivating if you’re from Houston.)

Edge of Seventeen (Stevie Nicks)– Stevie Nicks was chosen to play the White Witch in “American Horror Story” for a reason; she’ll charm you out of your funk.

Sway with Me (Saweetie & GALXARA)– The “Birds of Prey” soundtrack was filled with amazing tracks but this one will make you sway.

QUE NO SALGA LA LUNA (Rosalía)- Rosalía is a powerhouse of talent and this song sweeps you away with her unbelievable vocals.

Kill of the Night (Gin Wigmore)– Brings a whole new definition to “slaying.”

I Love Me (Demi Lovato)– Demi’s latest single is the ultimate self-love anthem. 

Underdog (Alicia Keys)– A perfect tune for those who are especially struggling through this unprecedented time.

MONOPOLY (Ariana Grande & Victoria Monét)- This best friend duo prompts you to embrace yourself and own it.

Spellbound (Siouxsie and the Banshees)– A classic rock hit from a strong woman.

Shake It Out (Florence + The Machine)– “It’s always darkest before the dawn.” If Florence Welch said it, it must be true.

Fast In My Car (Paramore)- Makes you wanna (safely) drive fast in your car…but do NOT get out and walk around unless you have to.

Applause (Lady Gaga)- An underrated throwback that’s always fun to make up a dance to.

Whole Lotta Woman (Kelly Clarkson)- bodypostivitybodypostivitybodypostivity <3

Arise (Flyleaf)- Flyleaf is an amazing female-fronted rock band and this song from my favorite album is the ultimate uplifting melody.

Gaslighter (Dixie Chicks)- The Dixie Chicks are iconic and their latest release will spurn your ex in the best way possible. 

Pose (Rihanna)- Will make you want to slow-motion walk away from an explosion with sunglasses on.

Mother’s Daughter (Miley Cyrus)- “Don’t f*ck with my freedom,” Miley says. Well, someone, or rather something, did f*ck with our freedom but that doesn’t mean we can’t sing it out anyway.

Work Bitch (Britney Spears)- You better work, b*tch, even in isolation.

Last Friday Night (Katy Perry)- Unfortunately, none of us went to a party last Friday night so we’ll live that fantasy through Katy.

Woman (Kesha)- say it with me: “I’M A MOTHERF*CKIN WOMAN!”

Rumour Has It (Adele)- An old burn song from the good ole days.

Waka Waka (Shakira)- It might make you think of the World Cup, but it will still make you dance.

I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Whitney Houston)- Isolation takes this song to a whole other meaning.

Think (Aretha)- “FREEDOM! OH FREEEEDOM!” We’ll have the freedom to go out again, one day.

Lady Marmalade (Christina Aguilera, Lil’ Kim, Mýa, P!nk)- A truly formidable woman squad to keep you on your toes.

Man! I Feel Like a Woman (Shania Twain)- Let’s go, girls, let’s get out of this negative mindset.

Valerie (Amy Winehouse)- Sorry, Valerie, you can’t come on over but the song is still wonderful.

The Sweet Escape (Gwen Stefani)- A sweet escape from reality.

Hella Good (No Doubt)- If you’re not familiar with No Doubt, I have no doubt this is a great introduction.

Supalonely (BENEE)- Project your lonely feelings through a fun, catchy beat.

Boss Bitch (Doja Cat)- I love Doja and this song just goes to show how incredible she is.

Don’t Rain on my Parade (Barbara Streisand)- Caution: you’ve reached the show tunes section. But this Broadway classic is very fitting, whether you’re directing at your own thoughts or the constant negative news.

Six (Six)- Just to clarify: both the musical and the song are called “Six.” Anyway, the musical is fantastic and this song reminds women to stick together, even in the face of King Henry VIII.

Woman Like Me (Little Mix & Nicki Minaj)- Little Mix made a big bop with this one.

I Do (Cardi B, SZA)- A definite confidence booster, featuring two stunning women.

Normal Girl (SZA)- Even though SZA wants it, it’s okay to not be a normal girl right now.

All Me (Kehlani, Keyshia Cole)- It took FOREVER for Kehlani to drop this single but it was well worth the wait.

Amor Prohibido (Selena)- Our forbidden love is going outside but listening to Selena sing is a close second.

Hot Girl Summer (Megan Thee Stallion & Nicki Minaj)- The prospect of summer is still up in the air but we can still be Hot™ all by ourselves.

Level Up (Ciara)- Fun isolation activity: learning the dance to this music video

Con Altura (Rosalía)- This song’s reggaeton mixed with modern flamenco and Middle Eastern beats are sure to make you move. 

Seven Wonders (Fleetwood Mac)- Surely living through a pandemic is one of the seven wonders Stevie was referring to.

I Like It Heavy (Halestorm)- Another astounding female-fronted band, Halestorm is one of my favorite bands. This is my favorite song because the sheer confidence she sings with manifests in me and hopefully it will do the same for you.

World Away (Tonight Alive)- “I know I will survive this, I’ll be the strongest person I know.” <3

Heartbeat Song (Kelly Clarkson)- Jonathan Van Ness constantly claims he’s a Kelly Clarkson song for a reason: they’re always uplifting, full of passion and sound beautiful.

Bubblegum Bitch (MARINA)- One of the best song titles I’ve ever seen and it’s endlessly catchy.

Confident (Demi Lovato)- There’s nothing wrong with being confident; in fact, I’d say it’s encouraged right now.

Love Myself (Hailee Steinfeld)- Be like Hailee; love yourself.

I’m a Mess (Bebe Rexha)- We might be a mess but at least we can sing about it.

Barracuda (Heart)- This will probably always remind me of that scene from “Shrek 3” but it is first and foremost a rock classic.

Move Your Body (Sia)- Remember to move your body!(-: