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15 Romantic Gifts to Give Your Partner This Holiday Season

The holiday season brings out both the best and worst feelings associated with gift-giving. While most people can agree that receiving presents is a great feeling, many can also agree on the nerves that come with buying gifts for others. Specifically, when it comes to getting your significant other the “perfect” Christmas present. This process can be extremely daunting – especially when you want to show them just how much you care. However, as college students, time and money can be scarce. Along with the added stress of upcoming finals, you also have to keep your love life in order, making the struggle more real than ever.

For those struggling to find a gift good enough for their partner, this list is sure to help you find one in time. (And will make you look totally romantic in the process!)

Movie night gift basket

Here we see a prime example of the “Netflix and chill”.

Sometimes, spending quality time together can be the best gift to share with someone. Pile up your basket with movie theatre candy, popcorn, and other snacks, and drink hot chocolate together on the couch this Christmas.

Handmade memories

 A gift recommended for those who have been in it for the long haul.

Depending on the time you’ve been together, write down a favorite memory from each month – (or week) – that you’ve spent with that person and place it in an envelope. After dating each envelope, tie them up nicely with a cute bow and deliver them in person or through the mail.

Plan a road trip together

A must see in Texas is the Dallas city skyline at dusk.

While real trips are expensive and time-consuming, take a day trip with your partner to another Texas city nearby. Explore somewhere neither of you have been.

Take them on a night out

This is Rockefeller Center; but you get the point.

If you don’t want to go too far, dress up in your most comfortable and fashionable winter clothes, and explore the city of Austin together. Enjoy a good dinner at a local restaurant, and try out some Christmas activities, like ice-skating.

Self-care kit

Ah, a give we all wouldn’t mind.

Gift them a bundle of bath bombs, soaps, perfumes, and lotions, and make sure they take a day off to take care of themselves – even offer to cover their errands for that day.

Enjoy the Christmas spirit

Not Austin, but a good representation of the Christmas joy to be found.

From tree lighting ceremonies to walks in a decorated Zilker Park, there are many cute Christmas lights to enjoy together this season.

Breakfast in bed

Don’t be afraid to put your cooking skills to work!

Spend the night and surprise them with breakfast in bed! A thoughtful gift your partner is sure to appreciate. If you’re bad at cooking, order-in from their favorite breakfast place.

Everything sweet

Maybe not the smartest gift for a health-conscious partner.

Treat your significant other to all their favorite sweets this season! From pastries to candy, there’s no way you could go wrong with this gift.

Warm and cozy

In this cold, warm slippers are essential.

While the holidays can make you feel warm inside, on the outside, it’s a different story. Buy your partner fuzzy blankets or slippers to keep them warm this season.

Candles and flowers

Peonies are an equally romantic substitute to roses.

Keep it simple and get them their favorite flowers or a few scented candles to go along with the season. Not only will this gift remind them of you, but it’ll smell good when cozying up together this winter.

Framed photographs or scrapbook

Invest in a polaroid to make an instant-print scrapbook.

Another simple but more personal gift. Print out your favorite photos and write why it is you love those photos on the back!

Tickets for 2

Many popular artists will be coming in the spring time; especially for SXSW.

This one is for my music lovers! Austin is a hub for music, and there is bound to be a concert happening somewhere in this city. While concerts by huge artists can be pricey, there are many local artists whose shows you can experience with a special someone.

Personalized music box

Check Etsy out for this gift.

Not into concerts but love music? Search online and you can find tons of store owners who specialize in making tiny, custom music boxes for reasonable prices. Make it special by getting one that plays your partner’s favorite song.

Something of yours

It’s hoodie stealing season!

If you want to keep it low-key this Christmas, give your significant other something of yours. This can include giving them the sweater of yours they keep trying to steal, or the necklace of yours that they seem to love.

Something engraved

You can buy a new ring if you want, but to save money you can ask to borrow their favorite.

Nothing is cuter than having an accessory to remind you that someone loves you. Whether it’s a compact mirror, a necklace, or a ring, get something special engraved – like a nickname or short phrase – onto an item your partner always carries with them.

12 Days of “I Love You”

This gift works for those “in like” too.

Lastly, like the 12 days of Christmas, minus the birds and dancing ladies. Woo your partner by writing them 12 love notes to open each day leading up to Christmas day.