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Ratatouille, But Make It Fashion: A Paris Fashion Week Review

If you’re too poor to go to New York Fashion Week, welcome to Paris! Now you’re too poor, underdressed and your palette isn’t developed enough for fancy wines and cheeses — good luck, and welcome to Paris Fashion Week (PWF 2022).  

Behold the excellence of arts, design and fashion from one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the 21st century … brought to you by a girl who thinks she knows fashion.


PWF 2022 mesmerized the fashion world as we saw the most extraordinary clothing. Revitalized classics like 2-piece suits to elegant gowns took a new breath of life as we saw them transform into redesigned styles and outfits. The classics are here to stay, and we can influence the way it turns and sways.

A common trend of PWF 2022 was classic fashion. This includes neutral tones and timeless staple pieces, all combined with new accessories and additions that challenge our previous visions of the past fashion weeks.

Timeless Classics

Down the runway and on the street, we also saw a revival of classic pieces and styles. Neutral color palettes and capsule pieces.

Want to begin a classic wardrobe of your own? Start a capsule wardrobe! Find staple items that mix and match well together in a wardrobe, such as tops, bottoms and shoes. Add pizzazz to your outfits with accessories. Also, accessories are easier to interchange between outfits and play with through the trends, meanwhile, your outfits stay effortlessly stylish throughout the seasons.

Reinventing the Wheel

I suppose that’s what makes the classics so classic. You can do anything to them! How many times have we seen a white button-up shirt or a tailored black ensemble? What makes them different from the last 100 pieces I’ve seen prance the runway? Because they are reimagined! By playing with classic styles, we are introduced to new ways of fashion and art, while still maintaining the nature and beauty of timeless looks. 

Take the simple and make it yours by dressing up in basic outfits. Play with layers and silhouettes. Piece together gaudy accessories with poised fashion. Own your outfit. Even if it has been done countless times. Don’t forget, you’re the one wearing it! 

My Review

Paris Fashion Week is a reminder of why the classics have remained in the eye of the fashion world for so long. They are the perfect canvases, ready to be dressed up and down to your hearts’ content. Personal style shines through with eclectic combinations of vintage thrifts, bizarre accessories and micro styles from the depths of internet subculture.

So often we see classic fashion as stiff and unyielding. Most people are unwilling to change for the modern world and kept for the likes of grandmas and high society. But classic fashion is classic for this exact reason. It is timeless, beautiful and ready to be torn to shreds.

Featured Image By Talisa Trevino

Spring Anime Film Recommendations

The flowers are blooming, the wind is breezy, and the days are longer. Surely enough, spring has crept upon us. What better way to take in the season than to watch beautifully crafted films that can immerse you in. 

The Garden of Words (Amazon Prime)

As depicted in the title, the film is centered around a garden, where Takao and Yukari often meet to stay dry during the rain. Underneath the rooftop, they bond and Takao, a shoemaker, offers to give Yukari new shoes. However, once the rainy season ends, it’s harder for them to see each other, with only the promise of new shoes to hold onto. Watching their relationship unravel, along with the beautiful graphics, makes the movie eye-catching and riveting. It’s as if you’re living in a spring romance novel (or manga).

Weathering With You (HBO Max)

After running away to Tokyo, Hokoda hopes for a better life compared to living in a small town. Except, it turns out Tokyo isn’t the perfect place after all. It’s constantly raining and flooding, with gray skies all around until he meets Hina, the ‘Sunshine girl,’ who makes the gray skies go away with her extraordinary power. Just like the falling rain, Hokoda and Hina can’t help but fall for each other, both things the forecast can easily pick up. The film is refreshing, as, during spring, we all wish for clearer skies and brighter days. 

The Secret World of Arrietty (HBO Max)

Basically, it’s Studio Ghibli’s version of Tinker Bell, except the characters aren’t fairies. However, they are indeed tiny and love handcrafting things. These so-called “borrowers” live beneath a home, taking items from the homeowners when they’re asleep, and creatively making them their own. Trying to live in secret backfires when young boy Sho notices and befriends tiny Arrietty. The two work together to protect the borrower’s way of living, hoping that both kinds can coexist. Additionally, the flowers and greenery throughout the film are very pretty, perfectly resembling spring. 

A Whisker Away (Netflix)

Miyo has a huge crush on her high school classmate Kento. Failing to get his attention, she resorts to turning herself into a cat, because who doesn’t love a cute furry animal. Also as a way to escape from her troublesome household, she goes out and wanders around in her cat form, which Kento grows fond of. However, the more she turns into a cat, the more permanent her cat form will be. Stuck between Kento’s admiration and her humanity, Miyo goes through a coming-of-age adventure. From kimonos, festivals, and vibrant trees, “A Whisker Away” is also a nice film to get lost in the season. 

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Amazon Prime or YouTube)

Makoto is almost done with high school but doesn’t want to face the future. Instead, she’s facing the past, as she’s given the ability to leap back in time. Little does she know that when she uses this power, there is a price to pay. Time travel is a complicated thing, but thankfully her friends are there when things go wrong. The clear skies and pretty sunsets are a nice reminder of spring, along with the fact that Makoto is sick of school, which is exactly how we all feel this semester. 

If you’d like some time to unwind, watching these spring anime films are great pick-me-ups. By the end of it, you’ll wish you were underneath the cherry blossom trees too. Unfortunately, we can’t all be the main character in a spring romance anime, but one can dream.

Featured Image by Francessca Conde

ASMR Videos to Help Reset Your Sleep Schedule

If I’m having difficulty falling asleep, I’ll go onto YouTube and look through my subscriptions list of all the ASMRtists I follow. There are so many different types of ASMR videos to choose from, but many people have misconceptions about ASMR. ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response,” which is the term for that tingling or relaxing sensation you feel when you listen to or watch these types of videos.

If you’ve been having a hard time getting some proper sleep for the new semester, here are different types of ASMR videos you can look into to help reset your sleep schedule:

  1. Whispered

Typical ASMR videos will be whispered, accompanied by other tingling triggers. The whispering can be too much for some, but there are ASMRtists out there who have mastered the skill of whispering. One of my favorite whispered videos is by Latte ASMR. This video, in particular, also includes some unique (ASMR) triggers, these triggers being “face touching” and repeated words/sounds. Relaxing Face Touching & Whispers For Your Sleep⭐️ ASMR

  1. Inaudible/Unintelligible Whispers

Sometimes audible whispering will be too distracting for me to fall asleep to. That’s where inaudible whispering comes in. Inaudible whispered videos are like your typical whispered videos, minus the ability to understand what the whisperer is saying. It’s the soothing sounds of whispered syllables without the distraction of listening to what the person is saying. One of my favorite inaudible whispered videos is visual ASMR, where most of the tingles are focused on the visuals. It’s by SouthernASMR Sounds (her Southern accent is also a factor in the tingles). Visual ASMR ~ Making Sandwiches / Rain Background Noise / Inaudible Whisper

  1. Soft Spoken

If whispering isn’t your thing, but you still want to enjoy some talking, then soft-spoken ASMRs may be for you! They’re everything you can get in whispered videos, but instead of those breathy sounds, it’s just quiet speaking. These videos can feel more gentle and more personal. Occasionally, some ASMRtists will fall into a whisper, but they’re very quick, and you won’t have to deal with them too much! A few of my favorite soft-spoken ASMRs are by Gibi ASMR, and this one, in particular, includes scratching, tapping, and some of her signature finger fluttering! [ASMR] Scratching, Tracing, Tapping Trigger Assortment (Soft Spoken Ramble)

  1. No talking

Not everyone likes whispers or soft-spoken videos. Maybe the idea of someone speaking too closely to your ear or even listening to someone speak at all doesn’t help you sleep, and you just need certain sounds. There is a whole sector of ASMR videos where people just make sounds and don’t talk. There are many different sounds to explore, but this one label handling by SouthernASMR Sounds sends tingles down my back.

ASMR ~ Handling Name Label Sheets (No Talking) 

  1. Foreign Language

There are some nights where I need talking videos, but English just won’t do it for me— that’s when foreign language videos come in. Since English isn’t my only language, I started off with Korean ASMRs. Maybe it’s because it’s the language spoken by my parents, so there is some familial comfort with it, but those knock me out so fast. One of my favorite Korean ASMRtists is Soy ASMR. She also makes videos in English and Tagalog, but this one video in Korean where she gives her Dummy Head a makeover is my all-time favorite. [한국어 ASMR] Dummyhead Makeover! 더미헤드 “김덤희” 화장 시키기!! ※무서움 주의※

Another foreign language ASMRtist I really want to highlight is ASMR Twix. If you’re into hair videos, facials, or other massages, then her channel is perfect. ASMR Twix will go out to different salons or spas in Japan, and record videos with the sounds and the introduction of the appointment, and the conversation in Japanese is always soothing. There is something about the syllables and tonal sounds from foreign languages that I particularly enjoy. This video is one of my favorites, as Watanabe’s soft speaking voice is incredibly soothing, and the content in the rest of the video is one of my favorite kinds of sounds. 

I got the Most Aesthetic Relaxation Therapy by Japanese Pro (ASMR)

  1. Binaural/surround sound

The area I get the most tingles from is behind my head/my back. I found that by listening to videos with binaural sound, the sound of a person making certain trigger sounds or speaking behind me gives me the best relaxing tingles. When videos are with binaural audio, it basically just means that the sound can be isolated to both ears, rather than the sounds coming out from the microphone recording sound only. These videos work best with headphones. One of the best binaural videos I play to help me fall asleep is by Ephemeral Rift. This video is also a no-talking video, and it’s 46 minutes of a variety of different sounds.

Experimenting On Your Ears | No Speaking | Binaural ASMR

  1. Eating/mouth sounds

This category of ASMR videos can be quite hit or miss, as eating or mouth sounds can gross some people out. Sometimes I watch eating videos for the sake of watching people eat yummy foods (I use these videos to satiate my hunger at one or two A.M.). Still, when it comes to mouth sounds, I prefer videos where the ASMRtist applies lipgloss or lipstick and lightly smacks their lips together. This video by Chynaunique ASMR is an old fav of mine. She whispers, taps, and applies a variety of lipsticks in this one. 

ASMR | Lipstick Application | Slight Inaudible | Tapping | Mouth Sounds

  1. Reiki ASMR

Reiki is a form of energy healing from Japan. Obviously, these types of videos are not for everyone, but for those who believe in the concept of healing through energy forces, some of my favorite Reiki ASMRtists are The Lune INNATE, Ediyasmr, Reiki Healing Hope, and Silver Hare. In particular, this video by The Lune INNATE  gives me lots of tingles, as hand movements and spraying sounds are amongst the top of my list of best triggers. In the first five minutes of the video, she speaks normally, but as the main content of the video kicks in she begins speaking softly and in whispers.

Plucking | Sprays | Hand Movements | Energy Work ASMR

  1.  Lo-fi

I don’t typically listen to Lo-fi ASMRs, but my friend really enjoys them. Basically, rather than high-quality audio/video, Lo-fi videos will be done from a cheap or basic microphone and filmed on a lower quality camera to provide a certain atmosphere of comfort and relaxation that doesn’t seem overly produced. Melanin ASMR Ari has a lovely Lo-fi video with snipping sounds (another one of my favorite triggers). https://youtu.be/tbnv8Akseb4

I could go on and on about how many different types of ASMR videos there are and how much watching ASMR videos has helped me with my sleep, relaxation, and anxiety, but I’ll leave that up to you to explore! There are more than just the types I listed here today, so there are endless possibilities if you ever decide to look. 

Visual Created by Talisa Trevino

Thirty Years of Cartoons: A Fan’s Recommendations

When was the last time you watched a cartoon? Was it SpongeBob? Ed, Edd, n’ Eddy? South Park? When was the last time you even turned on Cartoon Network? Not recently, I’m guessing.

Or maybe you think you’ve seen everything already! Well, it can’t possibly be that bad. So what? Have you rewatched Avatar the Last Airbender enough to quote every scene? Or maybe you’ve rewatched “Simon and Marcy” from Adventure Time enough that it doesn’t make you cry anymore? Yeah, maybe it’s that bad…

What if I told you that there was a cartoon just for you? Really! There are hundreds of cartoons waiting for new viewers just like you. Fantasy, drama, niche internet dark comedy, there’s a little bit of everything in the world of western animation. It can be difficult to sift through it all with so much variety. But don’t worry. I’ve likely seen more cartoons than I can count and with more planned on the way. So, with me as your guide, here are three cartoon recommendations that you might not have heard of from almost three decades of cartoons.

2000’s – Teen Titans

Starting off easy, we’ve got Teen Titans. Aired in 2003 on Cartoon Network, Teen Titans follow five teenage superheroes from the DC Comic Universe as they fight crime and protect the world from evil while going through their own teenage problems like love, friendship, and their future. Every character has their own unique personality and powers. As they grow in the series, we grow with them, getting attached to their lives and stories.

I recommend the show if you love action, comedy, or need a good pick me up from time to time. Teen Titans hits the same today as it did almost 20 years ago. Each season has a well-developed storyline that shows the growth of every character and their relationships with one another. It also has intriguing villains, interesting side characters, and enough history and lore to leave you wanting more. Available on HBO Max, the characters and stories of Teen Titans prepare the viewer for hours of fun and content.

2000’S Runner Up: W.I.T.C.H

2010’s – Helluva Boss

With only one season and six episodes, Helluva Boss has definitely made its mark on adult animation. Aired in 2019 on YouTube, Helluva Boss follows the company I.M.P. (Immediate Murder Professionals), hitmen from hell who can kill the living on Earth. With an arrangement of gory tactics and weapons, I.M.P. gets the job done. The team deals with their silly antics and gushy romance (among other things).

I recommend this show if you love raunchy humor, a good story, and big, heart-wrenching cliffhangers that lead to bigger and better plot arcs. While there is only a limited amount of content, the series is still in development with creator Vivienne Medrano on YouTube and is free to watch. I can recommend this show if you’re willing to wait and watch history-in-the-making for adult animated content.

2010’s Runner Up: Young Justice

2020’s – Arcane

I know, I know. So when we saw the words “League of Legends,” we all ran for the covers. Rest assured, though, because this show is nothing short of perfection. Aired in 2021 on Netflix, Arcane follows the twin cities of Piltover and Zaun. One is a utopia, the pedestal of riches and beauty. The other lives in the shadows of ruin from their sister city. We follow a cast of colorful characters as we are torn between a story of sisters, lovers, and enemies, all along the border of light and dark.

I recommend this show if you love fantasy worlds filled with rich lore and world-building, love rooting for the underdog, and love intense stories that leave you on the edge of your seat. While only one season is out, another season is in the works and aimed for a post-2022 release. Available on Netflix, I can’t recommend the show enough for someone willing to immerse themself in a world of magic, tech, and plenty of twists and turns.

2020’s Runner Up –Inside Job

Visual Created By Talisa Trevino

High Fashion from a Low Life: A New York Fashion Week Review

I’m too poor to go to New York Fashion Week. And so are you! So what better way to live vicariously through your phone screen than to read an article written by an inept student writer (it’s me! I’m the incompetent student writer). 

So sit back, relax and let’s pretend we are at the peak of high society and fashion for 10 minutes today as we review New York Fashion Week 2022!


NYFW 2022 produced no shortage of show-stopping looks and hit pieces as over 70 designer collections dropped on the runway; from newcomers and staple designers alike. This season, we see an upswing for bold, bombastic fashion down the runway a sign for new trends to come. 

Common trends in the collections were busy textures and patterns, bold colors and big, billowing fabric: All while in layers and layers on top of each other. Fashion is taking a turn as we stray from the minimalist, capsule-classic looks of the late 2010s and turn into our maximalist dreams.

Trends: Patterns and Texture

Bold patterns and textures have made their mark on the NYFW runway. Whether as stand-alone pieces or layered with other patterns, our eyes can’t stray from their magnificence. Likewise, new unique fabrics across the runway grace us from feathers, to mesh, to denim… denim…denim… This runway is seeing fabrics and textured play in ways only dreamt of.

Layer basic patterns over more eye-catching or busy designs for an instant avant-garde look if you want to play with prints this season! 

Trends: Color!

If you want to look like a rainbow and feel like it too, I bring you a heaping tablespoon of bright, beautiful saturation! Bright colors rocked the runway as we saw new color combos. Neons, gem tones, and neutrals all had their time in the limelight, either as simple pops of color or whole sets decked from head to toe in saturation. 

Wanna try new colors this year, but you’re worried about looking like a highlighter? Don’t be! If you want to start simple, buy accessories in complementary colors to add bright pops to your wardrobe. Accessories are often cheaper and easier to swap out than whole outfits. If you want to be a little more ambitious, try monochromatic or complimentary colored outfits that invoke the energy you want to portray. Edgy, sweet, neutral? Add some color to your mix.


Fabric is big this season and in more ways than one! Fabric piles were high on the runway with large pleats, long maxi skirts, and layers upon layers of sweaters and jackets. These oversized items create new silhouettes that complement both the wearer’s body and clothing.

Don’t be shy to layer if you want to add more fabric to your looks! Start with basic, oversized pieces, such as pants or shirts, then add items that accent the colors and patterns of your core outfit. Sweaters, maxi skirts, and large accessories all fit the bill. Or, play with the weight balance of your outfits. Mix form-fitting outfits with oversized accessories and overwear to create something unique to your tastes.

My Review

Fashion is quickly headed in a new direction. Thanks to social media and shows such as Euphoria, the general public is knee-deep in editorial looks. As a result, the world of fashion is changing to be more experimental and avant-garde, playing with silhouettes and shapes that never stepped foot on the runway. Instead, the fashion currency is staple pieces: big, bright, ready to stand out from the crowd. And while many have their doubts about the future of couture, I, for one, am excited to see what the world of designer fashion has in store for us next.

Featured Image by Morgan Scruggs