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Spring Anime Film Recommendations

The flowers are blooming, the wind is breezy, and the days are longer. Surely enough, spring has crept upon us. What better way to take in the season than to watch beautifully crafted films that can immerse you in. 

The Garden of Words (Amazon Prime)

As depicted in the title, the film is centered around a garden, where Takao and Yukari often meet to stay dry during the rain. Underneath the rooftop, they bond and Takao, a shoemaker, offers to give Yukari new shoes. However, once the rainy season ends, it’s harder for them to see each other, with only the promise of new shoes to hold onto. Watching their relationship unravel, along with the beautiful graphics, makes the movie eye-catching and riveting. It’s as if you’re living in a spring romance novel (or manga).

Weathering With You (HBO Max)

After running away to Tokyo, Hokoda hopes for a better life compared to living in a small town. Except, it turns out Tokyo isn’t the perfect place after all. It’s constantly raining and flooding, with gray skies all around until he meets Hina, the ‘Sunshine girl,’ who makes the gray skies go away with her extraordinary power. Just like the falling rain, Hokoda and Hina can’t help but fall for each other, both things the forecast can easily pick up. The film is refreshing, as, during spring, we all wish for clearer skies and brighter days. 

The Secret World of Arrietty (HBO Max)

Basically, it’s Studio Ghibli’s version of Tinker Bell, except the characters aren’t fairies. However, they are indeed tiny and love handcrafting things. These so-called “borrowers” live beneath a home, taking items from the homeowners when they’re asleep, and creatively making them their own. Trying to live in secret backfires when young boy Sho notices and befriends tiny Arrietty. The two work together to protect the borrower’s way of living, hoping that both kinds can coexist. Additionally, the flowers and greenery throughout the film are very pretty, perfectly resembling spring. 

A Whisker Away (Netflix)

Miyo has a huge crush on her high school classmate Kento. Failing to get his attention, she resorts to turning herself into a cat, because who doesn’t love a cute furry animal. Also as a way to escape from her troublesome household, she goes out and wanders around in her cat form, which Kento grows fond of. However, the more she turns into a cat, the more permanent her cat form will be. Stuck between Kento’s admiration and her humanity, Miyo goes through a coming-of-age adventure. From kimonos, festivals, and vibrant trees, “A Whisker Away” is also a nice film to get lost in the season. 

The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (Amazon Prime or YouTube)

Makoto is almost done with high school but doesn’t want to face the future. Instead, she’s facing the past, as she’s given the ability to leap back in time. Little does she know that when she uses this power, there is a price to pay. Time travel is a complicated thing, but thankfully her friends are there when things go wrong. The clear skies and pretty sunsets are a nice reminder of spring, along with the fact that Makoto is sick of school, which is exactly how we all feel this semester. 

If you’d like some time to unwind, watching these spring anime films are great pick-me-ups. By the end of it, you’ll wish you were underneath the cherry blossom trees too. Unfortunately, we can’t all be the main character in a spring romance anime, but one can dream.

Featured Image by Francessca Conde

Top 10 Underrated Gems on Netflix

Got decision fatigue? Here’s a list of underrated movies and TVshows from your fellow Longhorns to alleviate that fatigue and introduce you to some new favorites.

Kim’s Convenience

In need of a heartwarming show that will make you laugh until your sides hurt? This show portrays a Korean-Canadian family’s struggle to assimilate with the world around them without compromising their culture. The show captures a wide range of emotions from estrangement, generational guilt, and toxic masculinity while conveying peak comedy.

Courtesy of Polina Kovaleva 

A Simple Favor

Five words: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. A Simple Favor is a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes and have you hooked with its sarcastic humor and effortless storytelling. Lively and Kendrick perfectly fit the roles of Emily and Stephanie. While Henry Golding’s Sean Townsend somehow seems like the manipulator and the victim simultaneously. This movie will have you question every single detail about the case and all I can say is Gone Girl, who?

Young Royals

Looking for a more dramatic teen show? Young Royals may be the show for you. The show portrays the complexities of a young LGBTQIA person’s life with picturesque scenes and dark undertones. Through all the royal scandal, the show makes an important point about the last vestiges of royalty desperately clinging onto heterosexual views rather than the reality of the society they rule over.

Courtesy of Steve Johnson 

Sex Education

Moordale Secondary School seems like a fever dream with its rambunctious students, questionable teachers, and on-campus sex therapist. But Sex Education is truly one of the best Netflix original shows you will come across. Characters like Otis and Maeve are flawed yet fully fleshed out and seem real. Eric’s coming-out story is genuine and not forced or cheesy. Mr. Groff finding happiness after a lifetime of upholding societal expectations is truly inspiring. Most importantly the show de-stigmatizes sex and its activities without hyper-sexualizing its characters.


Our worst nightmares are the product of our own imagination. This psychological thriller makes you question who is telling the truth, and you find yourself sympathizing with the protagonist, Ray, or is he the villain? The movie makes you go back and forth between the two versions of reality until the horrifying truth is made evident. A thriller truly worth watching that will keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time.

Courtesy of Michael Burrows 


Get ready to step into the world of fashion with this beautiful and Get ready to step into the world of fashion with this beautiful and entertaining show. Atelier is the story of Mayuko Tokita finding her way into the fashion scene of Tokyo’s infamous Ginza district. If you loved The Devil Wears Prada and enjoyed watching glamour and style, this is the show for you.

Derry Girls

The Northern Ireland conflict of the 1990s is the last place you think of when looking for the setting of a feel-good coming of age story. Derry Girls captures the trials and tribulations of school dances, no-good tattletales, and boy troubles. The show is able to avoid cliches and captures its audience’s heart with its authenticity and humor.

She’s Gotta Have It 

This comedy is a fresh take on the struggling artist by replacing the whining pseudo-intellect with a young woman full of life. Furthermore, the show depicts sexuality without bias and portrays a pansexual without judgment or value-calls.

Courtesy of Tamanna Rumee 

AlRawabi School for Girls

Standing up to your high-school bully can be a pinnacle moment and the shifting point in your journey to find your confidence, but what happens when it goes wrong? This show examines the fine line between a victim and a bully. In the words of the director Tima Shomali, the female-led cast gives a “female perception on their issues.” The show carefully avoids the usual tropes of mean high school girls but rather goes deeper and questions the motivations behind being a bully and how your circumstances can turn you into a monster without realizing it.

To the Bone

Eating disorders are often mocked and used for cheap laughs in entertainment. To the Bone is raw in its depiction of how pervasive an eating disorder can be and how the disorder is not superficial or for attention. While To the Bone is not perfect in its depiction of mental illness it is a step in the right direction.

Featured Image Courtesy of cottonbro