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Podcasts to Listen to When You’re Feeling Bleh

This is the first “normal” Spring semester UT has had since the start of the pandemic. It might feel overwhelming to be back, even after experiencing the fall semester, and some of us may feel burnt out after the additional toll of midterms. Now some of us are dreading the final exams and projects coming up. 

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t rely on motivation and instead develop the discipline to get things done. However, I am not feeling motivated to do that either, which is why I listen to podcasts when I need an extra boost of confidence. Here are some of my favorites (unranked):

Let’s Talk About Mental Health 

This podcast provides advice to help you better your well-being. Understanding how your brain thinks can help you figure out ways to push through the obstacles you may face during a stressful semester. 

The Mindful Kind

I love listening to these episodes while I’m waiting for the bus or riding the bus because they’re not long (most are under 10 minutes), so I don’t need to worry about pausing or not finishing the episode.

We Can Do Hard Things with Glennon Doyle

I seriously cannot tell you how many times I’ve told myself, “I can do hard things,” and then have been able to do them. It’s my favorite mantra especially when I feel overwhelmed or when imposter syndrome is affecting my schoolwork

These next ones are for my neurodivergent ADHD baddies:

ADHD for Smart Ass Women

In this podcast, Tracy Otsuka covers topics that are relatable to people with ADHD and brings on guests to share their experiences with ADHD and how it has affected their lives, and in turn how their lives have affected their ADHD.

Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest

Catie and Erik are a fun duo who get together to talk about the experiences that a neurodivergent person may relate to. They have over two million followers on TikTok put together, where they both advocate for ADHD. Catie’s TikTok is @catieosaurus and Erik’s is @heygude.

These podcasts have taught me to be mindful of the way my environment, the people I surround myself with, and the way I talk to myself affect the other areas of my life, namely my academic life because I over-identify with it, but at least I’m self-aware.

Featured Image By Brianna Martinez

Podcasts for Women by Women

Podcasts can be a great way to get advice and educate yourself on important issues. I’ve recently switched from listening to the entire One Direction discography, to listening to podcast episodes during my treks across campus to class. Here is a compiled list of podcasts for the girly pops all produced by women to empower, inspire and educate you. 

Anything Goes with Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain is a prominent youtuber and influencer. I believe one of the reasons she remains in the public eye is because of how relatable she portrays herself to be; and this podcast is no exception. Emma’s podcast doesn’t feel like a podcast at all. It feels like you’re sitting down chatting with a friend. She turns on the microphone and talks for an hour about what is plaguing her mind, her struggles and triumphs. Her podcast gives words to the strange emotions you may be feeling and actual advice on how to deal with them. Her words feel like a hug from a friend and every new episode is a delight.

My recommended episode: rock bottom

Good Influence by Gemma Styles

I’m going to be honest, I only started this podcast because it is hosted by Harry Styles’ sister. Make no mistake though, Gemma is just as spectacular as her younger brother. Each episode of this informative podcast spotlights important societal issues and features experts who talk about them. Past topics have included managing emotions, sustainable fashion, toxic masculinity and body acceptance. Through these open and relaxed conversations listeners can learn more about the world and themselves. 

My recommended episode: Michelle Ellman on Boundaries

Something Was Wrong

This award-winning podcast explores real stories from women who have survived abusive relationships and traumatic life events. This podcast brings light to just how common physical, mental and emotional abuse can be in relationships. Pay attention to the warnings at the beginning of each episode as topics discussed can be triggering. 

My recommended episode: [Ava] Showing Up Places

The Orange Tree by Drag Audio Productions

If you haven’t listened to this podcast yet it’s a must. Produced by the Moody College audio productions, and hosted by two former Moody students, the Orange Tree explores the murder of Jennifer Cave at the Orange Tree Condominiums in 2005. The newest season of the podcast currently airing, titled “Darkness”, explores the Austin serial bomber from spring of 2018. What I love about this podcast is the way they treated Jennifer, the victim. They focused on her character and life as a whole, and didn’t reduce her to the last few moments of her life. Her decisions that may have led to her death didn’t have a place in this story and the podcast made it apparent they didn’t matter. 

My recommended episode: All of them!

Podcasts are a great resource for quick information and guidance. Next time you’re cleaning your room or need something to listen to in the car, pop on one of these shows!

From a Podcast Novice: Here’s 5 Podcasts you Should be Listening to

From a Podcast Novice: Here’s 5 Podcasts you Should be Listening to

Over winter break, I really got into podcasts. Like, REALLY got into podcasts. Before that, I had a hard time getting into podcasts because I thought they were unnecessarily long or kind of boring. Plus, I had a bit of analysis paralysis because it seems like everyone is making podcasts these days, so it was an overwhelming endeavor to find the podcasts that I might really enjoy. If you’re new to podcasts or are a recurring podcast fanatic looking for something new, here are some of the podcasts that I’ve really enjoyed. 

  1. Dope Labs – Spotify Studios

Dope Labs is a podcast run by two female scientists who talk about trending topics from a scientific point of view. From veganism and fin-tech (financial technology) to Afro-futurism and skin-care, real-life besties Titi and Zakiya talk about the science behind some of our favorite trending topics in a way that is humorous and easy to understand regardless of your scientific knowledge. 

Average Episode Length: 35 minutes

  1. Dissect – Spotify Studios

If Genius was a podcast it would be Dissect. Dissect takes a deep dive into some of the most critically acclaimed hip hop albums in recent years. From Kendrick Lamar’s “To Pimp a Butterfly” to Beyonce’s “Lemonade”, Dissect takes one album a season and dedicates one episode per song to analyze the production, significance and reception of the musical body of work. For music heads like myself, this podcast is a great way to understand some of your favorite songs and albums on a deeper level which enriches the whole listening experience in general. 

Average Episode Length: 45 minutes

  1. Quality Queen Control by Asha Christina 

Asha Christina is like an older sister in her mid twenties giving you advice on dating, relationships, career, psychology, lifestyle and sophistication. When it comes to relationships especially, her podcast is eye-opening and motivating because she is straight forward about her advice by explaining the lessons she has learned in her past relationships. 

Average Episode Length: 30 minutes

  1. Recode Daily – Recode by Vox

This is a great podcast for people who are into tech and want a quick daily update of the latest tech news. I think this podcast is particularly interesting for UT students and anyone living in Austin right now because the Austin community, aka Silicon Hills, is heavily influenced by the tech industry, so keeping up with the latest developments in tech is of extra importance.

Average Episode Length: 9 minutes 

  1. Self Care and Chill with Maui – Amirah Morris

Amirah gives hilarious and hard-hitting dating, relationship, self-growth and life advice. This is a great podcast to listen to during any form of a self-care routine. She speaks to working towards your goals, self-care, spirituality and having healthy, fulfilling relationships. Amirah’s words are extremely motivating and she consistently encourages her audience to become better versions of themselves with each passing day.

Average Episode Length: 35 minutes