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5 White Elephant Gag Gifts That Are (Kind of) Useful

White Elephant is a popular Christmas tradition among friends and acquaintances, other than Secret Santa of course. Unlike Secret Santa, however, the game offers participants a chance to give an anonymous gift suited for anyone. Gifts can be something nice like a Starbucks gift card or, if you’re feeling creative, it can be a gag gift.

Gag gifts are a huge hit in White Elephant, but no one wants to go home with something that has no real use. Instead, it’s time to get creative with these gag gifts that your friends will actually want.

Bob Ross Heat Changing Mug

Photo courtesy of Amazon

The man, the myth, the legend. Bob Ross is a meme to all for his inspiring quotes and DIY videos for intricate paintings. This heat changing mug reveals a painting behind Bob Ross whenever a warm drink fill the mug. This gift is perfect for coffee lovers. It can be snagged for $15.95 on Amazon.

Giant Pizza Blanket

Photo courtesy of Amazon

Know a pizza lover? Know a taco or burrito lover? Give the gift of a warm blanket for the winter season with this novelty blanket! This blanket comes in different patterns including, pepperoni pizza, supreme pizza, or even a tortilla! This giant pie can be bought for $18.00 on Amazon.

Cookie Spoon Pan

Photo courtesy of UncommonGoods

Save the environment and stop using plastic spoons. Instead, give your friends a reason to eat more cookies by gifting them this cookie spoon pan! Your friends don’t know it yet, but they need this cookie spoon pan. Save the environment and win White Elephant for only $18.00 on UncommonGoods.

DIY Taco Bell Survival Kit

Photo courtesy of GetYourHolidayOn.com

Looking to make something cheap and easy? Make a Taco Bell Survival Kit filled with toilet paper, a pack of wet wipes, hand soap, air freshener, and some hot sauce packets. It might seem silly, but this stuff can be pretty useful for someone’s bathroom even if they didn’t actually make a stop at Taco Bell. Stop by your local dollar store for the cheapest prices on these items! If you’re feeling a little generous, slip in a Taco Bell gift card.

Gift Card Wheel

Photo courtesy of Journal Henley Games

Got a few of your old gift cards lying around that you need to get rid of? Put them together to form a wheel and only put one with money on it. Your friends will love this gift, but get frustrated checking to see which gift card has money on it!

So what are you waiting for? Get creative and happy gift giving!

Featured image courtesy of Giftpundits.com from Pexels


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Every Saturday night is the SPIN House Party. Wild games of ping pong are center stage, and we have everything else you love about a party here. There’s music pumped through great speakers by a professional DJ, other communal games, drinking, laughter and a bunch of people having a great time.


Fridays are also a blast at SPIN because that’s when we have our Interactive Ping Pong Show. Ever challenge a ping pong professional to a match where they use their iPhone as a paddle? How about witnessing two top professionals battle it out for glory? SPIN’s signature Friday nights include this and everything else you’d expect from a SPIN party.


When you want to juice the last drops of fun out of the weekend you should check out Unlimited Sundays. Call it an extended study break, ping pong therapy or good-times basement nostalgia… whatever you like. For $8 on Sundays you get unlimited table activity. Every hour we rotate a new round of people, but you only have to pay once! Music, fantastic food and drinks are always available.

At SPIN, we come together to socialize and celebrate play. At our core is the drive to connect through ping pong—a game that transcends age, gender and boundaries. This is the original ping pong social club. Think of it as an offline social network… even a place to call home. We welcome diversity and embrace the unconventional.

Check out the SPIN events calendar, make a reservation or see other great perks of a social club at Austin’s SPIN website.