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I Tried to Recreate TikTok’s Infamous Egg Sandwich

Imagine this: it is 1:00 am and I am mindlessly scrolling through a plethora of TikToks that have become the bane of my existence and the primary reason for why I cannot seem to shut off at night and go to sleep. It is detrimental to my sleep schedule, but yet I can’t seem to stop watching TikTok dance challenges, pranks, hair tutorials, and skits. After falling down the TikTok rabbit hole, I came across this intriguing and deliciously seeming egg sandwich recipe. As a breakfast connoisseur and a cheese enthusiast, this viral TikTok Egg Sandwich recipe caught my attention and I knew I had to give it a go and try it out for myself. With over 17 million views and over a million likes, this recipe from the Food Network is causing chaos on TikTok among foodies like myself. Now, I know what you’re probably thinking, what makes this egg sandwich so special? It’s just an egg sandwich, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, this egg sandwich consists of all the yummy essential egg sandwich ingredients such as eggs, cheese, and bread. However, this egg sandwich provides you with a clever hack that results in a perfect one-pan traditional egg sandwich. 

To start,  the ingredients needed for this egg sandwich are pretty straightforward: eggs, sliced bread, cheese, and oil or butter. Any extra ingredients such as bacon, ham, avocado, etc to spice up your sandwich are completely optional. Since I wanted to recreate this popular TikTok recipe and it has been recreated countless times, I decided to put a little twist in it and make it my own, but adding turkey ham, tomato & basil hummus, and yellow mustard to my sandwich and using my favorite rosemary sourdough bread.

Step 1: Heat up some oil or melt some butter on a medium-sized, preferably non-stick, pan on medium to low heat. 

Step 2: While the pan is heating up, crack two eggs into a bowl and whisk with a fork to break up the yolk. 

Step 3: Pour the eggs into the pan and place two slices of bread on top of the egg mixture in the pan, then flip the slices over to soak the other sides as well.

Step 4: Once the eggs are becoming more solid, flip both slices of bread along with the eggs onto the other side. Add cheese and ham, bacon, or your choice of protein. 

Step 5: Fold over the overlapping sides of the egg in towards the bread and flip one of the slices of bread on top of the over to create a sandwich. 

Photos by Amy Perez

This TikTok egg sandwich was soooo good and although I did have a semi-fail with flipping the eggs, it was still really quick and easy. The taste test was, of course, my favorite part and it did not disappoint. The softness of the sourdough and cheesiness of the sandwich made for a heavenly combo. The eggs were perfect as always and the addition of the turkey ham really elevated the flavor. I added a few extras to my sandwich by smothering some trader joe’s tomato basil hummus and yellow mustard to really tailor it to my liking. Overall, the egg sandwich was warm, hearty, and delightful. This sandwich is going to definitely be one of my new go-to’s for breakfast, lunch, or dinner because of easy and tasty it is. I urge you to try it and understand why this life-changing food hack has gone viral on TikTok.

A Beginner’s Guide to Espresso Drinks

An espresso machine hums behind the sounds of chatter and clicking keyboards. The smell of coffee lies heavy in the air, while people sip beverages and twirl spoons. People mutter words like “macchiato,” “americano” and “cappuccino” to cashiers behind counters. 

Coffee shops can be the ideal location for many events. Maybe you have a big test that you need to study for, or you’re meeting up with a new friend for the first time. A coffee shop is the perfect place to go, because it can be casual, cozy and relaxing. However, if you have only ever consumed coffee at Starbucks, local coffee shop’s menus can seem confusing. 

Although coffee jargon might seem advanced, coffee orders are simpler than they sound. Here are some basic espresso drinks that will help you find your dream caffeine.

1. Lattes

Photo by Jesus Angel

A latte is a deliciously common drink because it is customizable to your likings. At its core, a latte is 1 part espresso and 3 parts steamed milk with milk foam on top. 

 Beyond that, a latte can take many forms. You can order an artistic hot latte with a poured design, or a refreshing latte over ice. You can also alter your milk preference. Most lattes are made with whole milk, but feel free to ask for a non-dairy substitute like almond or soy milk.

 If you prefer your coffee sweet, add pumps of flavored syrup to your drink. Some flavors include, vanilla, caramel and hazelnut, but be sure to ask the barista what syrups they keep in their store.

2. Mocha

Photo by Jesus Angel

A mocha is very similar to a latte, because they share the same milk to espresso ratio. However, mochas are much richer. A mocha has an added chocolate powder or syrup, blending together hot chocolate and coffee for a cozy drink of your dreams. 

Mochas can also be altered in their milk contents, temperature and  sweetness. If you are already a fan of mochas, try making your order a little more festive with a pump of peppermint, cinnamon dolce, or pumpkin spice.

3. Cappuccino

Photo by Jesus Angel

Cappuccinos are great for people who enjoy the natural taste of espresso, but still want the richness of cream inside of  their coffee. A cappuccino is 1 part espresso and 2 parts milk with foam at the top, making it a little lighter than a latte. 

It is not very common to add syrup to cappuccinos, but mixing the drink with a cube of brown sugar makes the perfect blend of sweet to bitter, and thin to creamy. 

4. Macchiato

Photo by Jesus Angel

Unlike a latte or a cappuccino, macchiatos don’t have any milk foam. A macchiato is 2 parts espresso and 1 part steamed milk. This drink is perfect for people who want a drink even lighter than a cappuccino but richer than an americano. 

This is a great drink to pair with a slightly sweeter cookie, danish or scone, for the perfect afternoon snack.

5. Americano

Photo by Jesus Angel

An americano is a drink for the brave and bold. An americano doesn’t bother with cream or sugar, but rather relies on the rich flavor profile of the espresso itself. An americano is composed of espresso and hot water only, and the ratio is dependent on your order. Some people prefer a stronger coffee taste and will order a double shot of espresso, while others will order a single shot. 

This guide to espresso drinks is just a start to the endless amounts of coffee combinations available to you. Don’t be afraid to ask your barista for recommendations or try something new on a whim.

The next time you’re ordering at a coffee shop, remember to stay calm, stay creative and most importantly, stay caffeinated.

Featured image by Jesus Angel.