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Spring 2021 Fashion: Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into Spring

Spring is upon us and now is the perfect time to get caught up on spring fashion trends! Check out our list of the six hottest fashion trends of Spring 2021 and take your pick of what stylish pieces you’ll be strutting around campus in.

1. Statement Sunglasses
First on the list is statement glasses! Spring is all about enjoying the sun and Austin’s warm weather before the summer heat makes it unbearable. Grab a pair of cool shades, maybe even color coordinate them with your outfit, and head out for a picnic with friends or to one of your in-person classes.

2. Silk Scarves
These stunning scarfs can be found all over TikTok, especially in the super popular “Please Don’t Go” headscarf trend. There are so many ways to style them and unique prints you’re bound to find something that works for you. For a summery look, tie a scarf around your ponytail or fold it into a triangle and wear it like a bandana. To add a little extra something to your outfit, tie a scarf around your neck or tie one to the straps of your favorite purse. Looking for somewhere local to pick one up? Visit Flamingo’s Vintage located just north of campus.

3. Print Button Downs
Looking to transition your wardrobe from winter to spring? Bring back some of your favorite button downs! Rather than wear them buttoned up, pull them over your favorite cami and your all set! Not only are you protected from the sun, you also have something to keep you warm at sunset.

4. Lingerie
Lingerie is no longer just for the bedroom! Some of your favorite pieces might be your new favorite going out outfit. Consider wearing a lacey slip dress or tucking a dainty cami into a pair of jeans. If you’re looking to go a step further, consider also incorporating an underbust corset.

5. Long, Flowy Skirts
This spring is all about statement pieces. Printed long skirts offer modesty and are just flowy enough to keep you cool as temperatures rev up. For an edgier look, pair them with a classic pair of docs. For a softer vibe, throw on your favorite pair of sandals!

6. Anything Vintage
Wearing vintage is all the rage. Not to mention, you’ll never have to worry about showing up in the same outfit as someone else ever again. Wondering what to get? Vintage dresses are a great option if you’re looking for a retro take on a sundress. You can also never go wrong with a bright 80s windbreaker paired with your favorite t-shirt and denim shorts.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and start rocking your favorite spring trends. And perhaps, bring a friend and a mask and check out local thrift and vintage stores for a new piece or two to spice up your wardrobe.

Photos by Ren Breach

Styling Your Unconventional Clothing Items

Go take a look at your closet. Now, push aside your everyday t-shirts and jeans. What do you have back there? An old, billowy white shirt from your Halloween costume three years ago? A pair of green overalls you found at the thrift store and just couldn’t pass up? 

We all have these little items and accessories that find their way into our lives. Be it a costume piece or just something a little bolder than what you typically go for, it can be pretty hard to seamlessly fit these styles into your wardrobe. We asked several of you to share with us the most unconventional pieces in your closet, and how you style them for everyday wear. 

“My mom gave me this shawl (I think it’s called a shawl?) to wear with dresses for mass and stuff. I was drawn to it because this is the type of clothing my grandma would make me but I never thought it looked good on me, especially around dresses so I decided to style it completely differently. I made it into a shirt by adding string to tie it together, but I would suggest sewing on buttons instead, I was just rushing. But I have never worn this just because I literally came up with it right now. I’m thinking I would wear it to hang out with friends at like a fair or a festival. It’s perfect for the summer because it’s super breathable.” – Karla Zamarripa

“I got this Halloween sweater through eBay this past winter. I had recently gotten really into fashion and wanted to lean more into wearing quirky clothing. One brand I really love is Talbots and their themed sweaters from the early 2000s. I’ve always been obsessed with Halloween and when I saw this Halloween themed sweater after scrolling through all the Talbots pieces on eBay I couldn’t turn it down. Even though it’s one of my favorite pieces, it doesn’t get a ton of use. Part of this is because Austin is hot and because this piece is a bit hard to style. I would say it’s a pretty wearable piece for me now that I own more clothing, although I think that its wearability depends largely on how you feel about wearing statement pieces. I’m hoping to get more use out of this sweater in the fall when things cool down a bit.” – Ren Breach

“This denim vest with little embroidered flowers was a thrift find I got for about a dollar. It’s a bit big on me, so I find it difficult to style, but I thought it was too cute to pass up! The fit is made a bit more awkward by the straps on each side– they make the silhouette kind of unflattering from the back when tied. I think I’m gonna try to alter it into something a bit more wearable when I have more free time. For now, I like to pair it with a solid colored skirt or pair of pants and add some cute spring-themed accessories.” – Kunika Trehan

“I made this top after seeing a lot of corset tops on Depop [a digital marketplace app] and Instagram, and I bought all the materials from Etsy! My mom taught me to sew and how to make some patterns because she went to grad school for fashion, she was a huge help whenever I got stuck. I don’t wear it super often– it’s truly not the most comfortable piece and requires you to keep really straight posture the entire time you wear it. But when I do, I like pairing it with a solid pair of pants with a fun texture or silhouette (either flare or bootcut). Overall, it’s not something I find easy to wear every day, but I think it makes me feel more excited for the occasions where I do get to wear it!” – Ira Gulati

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to pull a neglected piece from the back of your closet and look at it with new eyes. You never know what a big difference some creative styling and a dash of confidence can make!

The Harry Styles era of fashion

Beginning his journey on the X Factor UK in 2010, Harry Styles, former One Direction member, has stolen the hearts of many. Ten years later and he has single-handedly influenced a new era of style. 

Harry’s individual style started to really shine when he began his solo career. Without the boyband stereotype branding him, his personality seemed to show through his clothing. Towards the end of One Direction’s time in the spotlight, Harry stepped out of his comfort zone more and more when it came to press releases, red carpets and touring. His signature look of skinny jeans, Chelsea boots and a t-shirt quickly turned into polka dot dress shirts, flare pants and heeled boots. The bags started to become designer and then everything began to change. 

The change was gradual. He didn’t immediately switch to the style we now know him for today. Starting in early 2017, he began wearing more colorful suits, printed shirts and finally ditched the ankle boots. Once he kicked off the tour for his debut album, a trend started to develop and fans quickly began to catch on. In almost every performance, he was sporting an extravagant suit or a kilt (yes, he did that). It was a sort of game amongst the fandom of what he would wear next and we all looked forward to when he walked out on stage– not only for the music, but the style.

Behind all the great outfits or streetwear Harry has sported, there is a mastermind of style. Harry Lambert, a British stylist, began working with Styles towards the end of Harry’s time in One Direction. Although Lambert usually does editorial pieces, Harry has been one of the very few celebrities he has worked with. An introduction with gender-fluid designer Reed Harris by Lambert really unlocked Harry’s full fashion style. Shocking the world with his ensemble at the Met Gala, it is as if Styles carried the camp theme with him proceeding the event. This trio has crafted truly unique outfits and it will be interesting to see what they come up with next.

With his new look, fans and other celebrities all over the country have followed suit in creating more feminine and fresh approaches to their wardrobe. Inspiration outfit videos are almost every other scroll on TikTok and the red carpets are starting to get more and more interesting when it comes to the looks that the men show up in. The boundaries of fashion are expanding and I would directly attribute it to the influence of the 26-year-old curly-headed superstar.

Top “Off-Duty” Look: Rehearsal at The TODAY Show- February 26, 2020

The JW Anderson chunky, colorful cardigan paired with a vintage t-shirt, Gucci denim jeans with a unique cuff and white Vans made me a bit nostalgic. Styles went back to his roots in a way that still allowed for his new style to stand out. His mature yet youthful approach to a rehearsal fit had fans going crazy on Twitter. Also, can you remember the last time Styles walked out in denim jeans? With his hand painted guitar and neck draped in pearls, Styles had everyone googling where to get this cardigan- and by everyone, I mean me.

Top Suit from Live on Tour- April 2, 2018

 Photo by Helene Pambrun

Purple is Harry’s color. There, I said it. This custom-made Gucci glitter suit with the gold glitter accents was a dream during his show in Milan. Giving him a bit more structure than a normal suit, this piece perfectly embodies a major theme in most of Harry’s outfits– glitter.

Top Music Video Outfit- Lights Up

Another trend that Harry has seemed to bring back is the use of suspenders. Dressed in Gucci, this sheer, glittery dress shirt allows for his tattoos to be the star of the scene. Who doesn’t love a good tattoo moment? 

It’s safe to say that Harry’s outfits for the Fine Line tour are much anticipated. I can only predict that his feminine edge will only grow stronger and the desire to come up with greater, more glittery pieces will be a challenge for his stylists.

Featured image illustration by Serena Rodriguez

Saving Money and Looking Great

The temperatures are rising, the sun is out longer, it’s almost spring and that means a new wardrobe is needed.

It’s time for new spring outfits, but these days it’s hard to find great clothes without breaking your bank – unless you’re looking in the right places. Here is a list of some great places in Austin to find cheap and cute clothes.


5222 Burnet Rd #600, Austin, TX 78756

Thrift stores have been on the rise for years now. The clothes are vintage and allow for creative outfits to help standout. Savers sells a variety of good quality, cheap second hand clothing and shoppers can donate to help their community.

Photo by Lauren Breach

Blue Elephant

4001 N Lamar Blvd #510, Austin, TX 78756

A high-end boutique for women’s apparel, they have cute graphic t-shirts of Austin and other designs. Their prices are around the medium range with most of their shirts priced at around $30. A great stop for lovers of graphic tees.

Photo by Lauren Breach

Uptown Cheapskate

3005 S Lamar Blvd #110-A, Austin, TX 78704

Another thrift style store with great clothes and low prices. Shoppers can donate their clothes and receive to potentially go buy more clothes. The store features brands like Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters and Nike.


The Domain

This clothing chain has been popular for their affordable clothing for both women and men. Shoppers can find tops at prices as low as $10 with fun and simple designs. They also have business attire at comparably low prices.

Photo by Lauren Breach


5621 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78723

Everyone knows that Target is a good place to buy groceries, but did you know they also have cute cheap clothes? Their clothes are chic, great quality and inexpensive. They also have nice purses for women and sunglasses for women and men. Don’t just get your groceries at Target, get some clothes as well.

6 Ways To Reduce Waste that are Actually Useful

As Climate Change takes to the political stage in the upcoming 2020 elections, it becomes clear that the issue is something everyone should be paying attention to. Whether they’re sold on the science or not, everyone can — hopefully — agree that it’s better to do things that will help our planet than hurt it.

And while big corporations are certainly the main contributors, the everyday consumer in the United States accounts for 8% of greenhouse gas emissions. So even individually, we would be significantly helping the planet by changing some parts of our daily habits to better it.

As a busy student on a budget, though, it can often be harder to stay green than it is for most people. Here are some tips that are useful, fashionable and frugal.

1. Refill Those Water Bottles

Photo by Tara Phipps

While carrying around the standard VSCO girl Hydro Flask seems to be the norm for college students, watching them carry 12-packs of plastic water bottles into their dorms is also common. Sometimes, it’s unavoidable — sometimes it’s just more convenient. Either way, for every student swinging around their metal water bottle there’s another crunching a plastic one as they drink their last sip and toss it in the trash. Instead of tossing away those plastic water bottles: refill them. It offers the same convenience of having 12 water bottles at a time to share and cuts out the physical trauma of continuously lugging a huge pack of them from the store to the dorm. The plastic bottles are easy to wash out and your fridge will always be stocked, making it convenient for when you wake up five minutes before class.

2. Save The Plastic Store Bags

Photo by Tara Phipps

If you’re an avid H.E.B-goer, then you probably already have your reusable bags on hand and ready to go, and you should be using them at every store you go to. But, if you don’t have them and inevitably get those plastic Walmart or Target bags, you can save them instead of throwing them away. From using them as bathroom trash can liners to a cutting board — or the occasional barf bag at a frat party you’ll forget by the morning — they have a lot more uses in them than carrying snacks around. The more uses you can come up with for them, the less they will get thrown away, and the happier the planet will be.

3. Enjoy Some Meatless Meals

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Photo by Ben Leal

One of the best ways to help reduce waste in the world is to go vegan, which means you stop eating animal by-products entirely — but we live in Texas and there’s a steakhouse on every corner (don’t look, Bevo). So the next best thing is to limit your meat and animal by-product intake. Some great ways to do this are to have three or four designated vegan or vegetarian days throughout the week and to start looking into milk alternatives, like soy or coconut milk. People often report better health when they reduce the amount of animal products they’re consuming. So your skin will be looking clear and so will the planet’s.

4. Turn Old Clothes Into Something New

Photo by Tara Phipps

Paper towels and napkins are an infamous single-use product, and while they’re more degradable, it’s always better to reuse old things than keep going out and buying something new – especially when it’s wrapped in plastic. Taking old clothes you’re not wearing anymore and cutting them into rags not only cleans out your wardrobe but also gives you something nice and absorbent next time there’s a spill at your house party. Then wash, rinse, and repeat. 

5. Get on The Metal Staw Trend

Photo by Tara Phipps

Come on, you know you want to save the turtles. Restaurants and coffee shops notoriously fling plastic straws around like nobody’s business, and plenty of people often buy plastic straws for their homes. Instead of opening up a plastic bag to use a plastic straw, buy some metal ones. They usually come in a four-pack with their own cleaner and in an array of fun designs and colors. So not only are you looking a little more stylish while you’re sipping on your latte but also the e-boy you’ve been eying is bound to take notice.

6. Thrift it Up

Photo Courtesy of “thrift store sidewalk” by vistavision is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

If you’re in Austin then you have to go thrift shopping. There are thrift shops all over the place, and a gold mine of clothes just waiting to be tried on. This helps reduce waste because the more thrifting you do, the less corporations need to manufacture new clothes through industrial processes. It’s a fun way to save some bank and save the planet. And if you have any leftover fits from the rag metamorphosis you could take them and sell them to Buffalo Exchange, or trade them for a different outfit entirely to be a money-saving icon.

So, as the new year starts to settle in, resolve to adopt these tips to help our planet (and this time, actually go through with it). If we all worked to follow these tips then we could have a massive impact. Or we could move to Mars — that’s cool, too.