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Get Ready for Summer With These Clothing Trends

Summer is just around the corner. So put the long sleeves and jeans away and revamp your closet with some of these cute summer clothing trends. 

Corset Tops

Cosets have been in for a while, but summer is a great time to wear the strapless and bright-colored corset tops again. Floral-designed corsets are perfect for the season and make a plain outfit look a little more upscale. 

Photo by Joshua Rondeau on Unsplash

Bermuda Shorts

Baggy, long mom jeans have been the go-to pants for the fall and winter. However, bermuda shorts are making a comeback this summer. Baggy, long shorts go well with almost any tank top and especially look great paired with a shorter crop top. 

Button-Up Shirts

It is almost impossible to wear long sleeves during the summer in Texas, but button-up long sleeve shirts are worth a little bit of sweat. Putting a cropped tank top underneath a button-up and tying it up at the bottom makes a good outfit to easily throw on. 

Photo by Vitaliy Izonin on Pexel

Platform Sandals

Platforms have definitely been in this year, from platform sneakers to platform boots. Sandals can sometimes be a little boring, so adding one with a platform to an outfit can not only make you look taller, but also elevate what would be an otherwise boring sandal look. 


Even though high-rise barely came back into fashion– low-rise gets a lot of hate. However, low-rise pants and shorts are in for this summer and possibly for this upcoming fall and spring. There are definitely more low-rise denim and cargo shorts in-store than ever before.

Don’t be scared to try some of these trends because you may end up actually liking them! However, you don’t need to follow all the summer trends to have a great wardrobe. Wear what you want to wear no matter if it’s in or not.  

5 Markets in ATX to Check Out

Austin is a great place for a lot of activities such as kayaking, going to concerts, or checking out the nightlife. The next Austin staple you need to try is going to a market! Spring has sprung, and these nice warm temperatures won’t last for long until we cross over into the territory of unbearable heat. So soak up the sunshine and check out these upcoming markets in the area for trinkets, vintage fashion and more!

East Side Pop Up

Photo courtesy of @eastsidepopup on Instagram; Designed by @strangebirdtx on Instagram

Next Market – 4/23, 11-4 4/24, 12-5

Where: Long Play Lounge East (Saturday)

1910 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Central Machine Works (Sunday)

4824 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

This handcrafted pop-up puts on almost weekly markets year-round. Each market takes place at a different location around Austin and includes a different lineup of sellers and small businesses. You can find treasures such as pottery, original artwork, embroidered goods, and so much more! Keep up with their Instagram to find out where they’ll be next!

Photo courtesy of @eastsidepopup on Instagram; Designed by @eastsidepopup

Blue Genie Art Bazaar 

Next Market – 4/29, 10-8

Where: 6100 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

Blue Genie only opens up for in-person markets a few times a year, so take advantage while you can! Their May Market will run on weekends from April 29th to May 30th. This is a great place for a Mother’s Day gift or an end-of-semester treat to yourself! Check out their Instagram for what businesses and products they will be showcasing!

The Front Market

Photo from Instagram @thefront.market

Next Market – 4/23 11-5

Where: Distribution Hall

1500 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78702

This market exclusively showcases women and LGBTQ+-owned small businesses from Texas. Their Spring Showcase market will be on April 23 and 24. It features more than 150 vendors, food, DJs and more! Some vendors will only be there on either day, so attend both Saturday and Sunday if you can to support all the artists. Check out their Instagram for a full vendor lineup and sneak peeks at some of the products for sale!

Soco Makers Market

Next Market – Friday-Sunday, 10-6

Where: 1511 South Congress Ave.

This street market happens every weekend on the corner of Elizabeth and Monroe. The vendors regularly stay the same, with a few surprises here and there. Shop everything from engraved jewelry to crystals and CBD products. It’s a great place to kill time if you’re waiting for a table at any Soco restaurant!

Original Austin Flea

Photo courtesy of @originalaustinflea on Instagram

Next Market – 4/23, 12-6

Where: Zilker Brewing

1701 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

This market also includes all the Austin essentials, from hand-poured candles to upcycled goods. OAF is a weekly market that takes up residence in a different outdoor venue each weekend. Subscribe to their newsletter to see where they’ll be next!

In Austin, there is always a market going on. So next time you’re searching for weekend plans or a fun date idea, grab something to drink and head over to a market for some shopping and fun!

Featured Image Courtesy Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

Ratatouille, But Make It Fashion: A Paris Fashion Week Review

If you’re too poor to go to New York Fashion Week, welcome to Paris! Now you’re too poor, underdressed and your palette isn’t developed enough for fancy wines and cheeses — good luck, and welcome to Paris Fashion Week (PWF 2022).  

Behold the excellence of arts, design and fashion from one of the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the 21st century … brought to you by a girl who thinks she knows fashion.


PWF 2022 mesmerized the fashion world as we saw the most extraordinary clothing. Revitalized classics like 2-piece suits to elegant gowns took a new breath of life as we saw them transform into redesigned styles and outfits. The classics are here to stay, and we can influence the way it turns and sways.

A common trend of PWF 2022 was classic fashion. This includes neutral tones and timeless staple pieces, all combined with new accessories and additions that challenge our previous visions of the past fashion weeks.

Timeless Classics

Down the runway and on the street, we also saw a revival of classic pieces and styles. Neutral color palettes and capsule pieces.

Want to begin a classic wardrobe of your own? Start a capsule wardrobe! Find staple items that mix and match well together in a wardrobe, such as tops, bottoms and shoes. Add pizzazz to your outfits with accessories. Also, accessories are easier to interchange between outfits and play with through the trends, meanwhile, your outfits stay effortlessly stylish throughout the seasons.

Reinventing the Wheel

I suppose that’s what makes the classics so classic. You can do anything to them! How many times have we seen a white button-up shirt or a tailored black ensemble? What makes them different from the last 100 pieces I’ve seen prance the runway? Because they are reimagined! By playing with classic styles, we are introduced to new ways of fashion and art, while still maintaining the nature and beauty of timeless looks. 

Take the simple and make it yours by dressing up in basic outfits. Play with layers and silhouettes. Piece together gaudy accessories with poised fashion. Own your outfit. Even if it has been done countless times. Don’t forget, you’re the one wearing it! 

My Review

Paris Fashion Week is a reminder of why the classics have remained in the eye of the fashion world for so long. They are the perfect canvases, ready to be dressed up and down to your hearts’ content. Personal style shines through with eclectic combinations of vintage thrifts, bizarre accessories and micro styles from the depths of internet subculture.

So often we see classic fashion as stiff and unyielding. Most people are unwilling to change for the modern world and kept for the likes of grandmas and high society. But classic fashion is classic for this exact reason. It is timeless, beautiful and ready to be torn to shreds.

Featured Image By Talisa Trevino

High Fashion from a Low Life: A New York Fashion Week Review

I’m too poor to go to New York Fashion Week. And so are you! So what better way to live vicariously through your phone screen than to read an article written by an inept student writer (it’s me! I’m the incompetent student writer). 

So sit back, relax and let’s pretend we are at the peak of high society and fashion for 10 minutes today as we review New York Fashion Week 2022!


NYFW 2022 produced no shortage of show-stopping looks and hit pieces as over 70 designer collections dropped on the runway; from newcomers and staple designers alike. This season, we see an upswing for bold, bombastic fashion down the runway a sign for new trends to come. 

Common trends in the collections were busy textures and patterns, bold colors and big, billowing fabric: All while in layers and layers on top of each other. Fashion is taking a turn as we stray from the minimalist, capsule-classic looks of the late 2010s and turn into our maximalist dreams.

Trends: Patterns and Texture

Bold patterns and textures have made their mark on the NYFW runway. Whether as stand-alone pieces or layered with other patterns, our eyes can’t stray from their magnificence. Likewise, new unique fabrics across the runway grace us from feathers, to mesh, to denim… denim…denim… This runway is seeing fabrics and textured play in ways only dreamt of.

Layer basic patterns over more eye-catching or busy designs for an instant avant-garde look if you want to play with prints this season! 

Trends: Color!

If you want to look like a rainbow and feel like it too, I bring you a heaping tablespoon of bright, beautiful saturation! Bright colors rocked the runway as we saw new color combos. Neons, gem tones, and neutrals all had their time in the limelight, either as simple pops of color or whole sets decked from head to toe in saturation. 

Wanna try new colors this year, but you’re worried about looking like a highlighter? Don’t be! If you want to start simple, buy accessories in complementary colors to add bright pops to your wardrobe. Accessories are often cheaper and easier to swap out than whole outfits. If you want to be a little more ambitious, try monochromatic or complimentary colored outfits that invoke the energy you want to portray. Edgy, sweet, neutral? Add some color to your mix.


Fabric is big this season and in more ways than one! Fabric piles were high on the runway with large pleats, long maxi skirts, and layers upon layers of sweaters and jackets. These oversized items create new silhouettes that complement both the wearer’s body and clothing.

Don’t be shy to layer if you want to add more fabric to your looks! Start with basic, oversized pieces, such as pants or shirts, then add items that accent the colors and patterns of your core outfit. Sweaters, maxi skirts, and large accessories all fit the bill. Or, play with the weight balance of your outfits. Mix form-fitting outfits with oversized accessories and overwear to create something unique to your tastes.

My Review

Fashion is quickly headed in a new direction. Thanks to social media and shows such as Euphoria, the general public is knee-deep in editorial looks. As a result, the world of fashion is changing to be more experimental and avant-garde, playing with silhouettes and shapes that never stepped foot on the runway. Instead, the fashion currency is staple pieces: big, bright, ready to stand out from the crowd. And while many have their doubts about the future of couture, I, for one, am excited to see what the world of designer fashion has in store for us next.

Featured Image by Morgan Scruggs

The 2014 Tumblr Revival

Certain objects have the power to take us back to specific moments in our lives. Popsicles and grass stains may remind you of playing with your childhood friends in the summer, or the smell of chocolate chip cookies might remind you of your grandma. American Apparel tennis skirts, Doc Martens and Arctic Monkeys? 2014 Tumblr. 

It seems like every month, a new trend surfaces on the internet. Over the past year alone, there were countless internet trends like cottage-core or 2000’s style clothing. Although most trends are a repeat of previous styles from decades ago, like 80’s mom jeans becoming popular in 2016, many current trends have started to draw inspiration from the last few years. With TikTok as the main source for these trends, the time periods from which the inspiration is being drawn has gotten more recent and niche. TikTok’s latest victim? 2014 Tumblr aesthetics. 

If you ask anyone ages 18 to 28 what 2014 Tumblr culture reminds them of, you’ll probably get the same answers. Flannels, black and white album covers and nonsensical “deep” quotes were all pillars of this time period. Countless hours were spent endlessly scrolling through Tumblr, reblogging Lana Del Rey quotes or grainy photos of city skylines. Although many of us who were active in the 2014 Tumblr subculture reminisce fondly about it, no one can believe that seven years later it would become trendy again. Here are three ways that I believe 2014 Tumblr culture will make a comeback:  


Fashion is one of the biggest ways I believe we’ll see a revival in 2014 Tumblr aesthetics. When you look up “2014 tumblr outfits,” you are bombarded with tennis skirts, knee high socks and Doc Martens. Each of these items was a staple within the community, and can be seen making a comeback right now. If you sit along Speedway, almost every other person you see will be wearing one of these clothing items. 


Music was a large part of the 2014 Tumblr culture. Arctic Monkeys, Sky Ferreira, Marina and the Diamonds, The 1975, Lana Del Rey and Lorde were just a few of the coveted musicians/bands that were popular during that time. With the release of a new Lana del Rey album and rumored comeback of Sky Ferreira, it’s hard not to feel like there will be a revival of popular 2014 musicians.


For many pre-teens and teens, Tumblr was used as an act of self-expression. Communities were created within the platform that catered to all interests. In particular, a large portion of the 2014 Tumblr community found their niche in grunge clothing, indie music and black-and-white grid patterns. Now on platforms like Tiktok, teens are creating their own spaces for self-expression– similar to Tumblr. 

The 2014 Tumblr revival won’t be a carbon copy of what some of us remember from seven years ago, however, I think that there will be tons of parallels in clothing, music and attitudes. Newer generations will put their own spin on the aesthetics that so many of us grew up on. In the meantime, I think it’s safe to say that you can bring out your Doc Martens, American Apparel tennis skirt and press play on A.M. by the Arctic Monkeys!