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The UT Colleges as Adele songs

The season of Fall is synonymous with perfectly winged eyeliner, classic black silhouettes, and ballads that make you want to pour your heart out; that’s right, it’s Adele season. In preparation for this period of heartbreak and deep interpersonal questioning, soothe your troubled soul and enjoy this light take on the UT colleges as Adele songs based on the majors within them.

Moody College of Communication- Hello

Moody School of Communication; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

Hello is possibly one of the most well-known Adele songs of all time. The exhilarating song focuses on the failure of communication between two lovers. Moody intends on changing the world by rectifying miscommunication and enhancing current communication. The song embodies what Moody is trying to rectify in the world– miscommunication.

School of Architecture- Skyfall

School of Architecture; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

The uplifting tune, the drama, and the intrigue of mystery that surround Bond movies; these elements all paint a picture of artistry depicted in the tallest skyscrapers you can imagine. Bringing creativity to life and building the impossible are two traits that the School of Architecture and this Adele song have in common.

College of Liberal Arts – Chasing Pavements

Robert L. Patton Building; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

From governance to psychology, the College of Liberal Arts focuses on the pursuit of excellence through taking risks emphasized by its competitive majors. Chasing Pavements is a song about a woman taking a risk by confessing her feelings despite knowing how unlikely her chances for happiness are within that relationship. CoLA encourages its majors to hope and take risks within the humanities to discover the one true truth about what it is to be human within society at large.

College of Fine Arts- Sweetest Devotion

In order to have a successful career in the arts, one must be dedicated to the point where they are devoted to their craft. This Adele song harps on the triumphs and failures of giving all of your heart and soul in the form of purest devotion, something that is personified by the College of Fine Arts.

College of Natural Sciences- Set Fire to the Rain

College of Natural Sciences; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

Only the College of Natural Sciences could set fire to the rain with their intellect and ingenuity. Students within the college are able to achieve the impossible and indeed give meaning to a mad genius and in that making, this metaphor come true.

College of Education- First Love

First love ,with its idyllic and nursery rhyme elements, reminds one of happier days on the school playground. The cheerful tune is similar to the genuine and kind nature that is a hallmark of the College of Education.

McCombs School of Business- Send my Love to your New Lover

McCombs School of Business; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

It’s common knowledge that McCombs’ students enjoy the thrill of the chase and rarely pursue stability. It’s that attitude which ensures success in business. As a result, they harbor no ill intent to those they have woed in the past and are more than willing to send their love to your new lover after they have ended things with you.

Steve Hicks School of Social Work- Make you feel my love

Showcasing your loving nature and social work go hand in hand and so does this college and Adele song.

Cockrell School of Engineering- Easy on Me

Cockerell School of Engineering; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

It’s not easy being a Cockrell major, as they will let you know, and I can say with utmost confidence they would greatly appreciate it if their professors and the world at large took it easy on them. This new song by Adele not only allows them to drown their misery, but also fulfills their pleas with artistry and grace.

School of Information- Rumour has it

Rumors are the basis of all human interaction and this school looks to facilitate and enhance that interaction. They focus on user experience and design which rumor has it will be the most useful tool in the future of technology.

College of Pharmacy- Remedy

College of Pharmacy; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

Remedy is a song about healing and overcoming difficulties, something which we all accomplish with the help of our friends at the School of Pharmacy.

School of Nursing- Tired

Both the majors in this school and Adele find their true state in this song as they like to remind us after excessive all-nighters that they are, indeed, tired.

Jackson School of Geosciences- Rolling in the Deep

Jackson School of Geosciences; Picture by Nicholas Muniz

Rolling in  the deep is a song that not only references the hard work that students of this school have to put in, but also vaguely reminds you of a boulder rolling down a hill. Something which is not only poetic about the song but is similar to the plight of many of the majors in this school.

Featured image by Nicholas Muniz

Here’s Your Fall 2020 Playlist

It’s that time of year again where Texans are freezing in weather less than 70 degrees! After months of sweating just from stepping outside, it’s finally sweater weather. With cooler temperatures in Texas, daylight savings time, and dozens of 11:59pm assignment deadlines, here’s a playlist that’ll put you in the perfect fall mood. Even if cold weather and rainy days aren’t your thing, this playlist is sure to put you in a cozy mood.  When it’s 60 degrees and you see leaves falling on 24th street, grab your favorite coffee or tea, put on a warm sweater and relax with this playlist full of fall favorites.

A few notable songs on this playlist are:

Like Real People Do – Hozier

Something about this song is so cozy and nurturing to my soul. I would really do anything for that tall Irish man with amazing hair named Hozier. The soft guitar chords and tender singing really make me feel like this man is about to sing me to sleep. It’s beautiful, soft, and enchanting. Also any song from his self-titled album is a guaranteed autumn and woodsy hit, but I didn’t want to bombard the playlist with all of them!

Woodland – The Paper Kites

Alright for anyone who wants to have a fall “main character” montage moment, this is THEE song. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m driving around town with friends, getting coffee, taking pictures and just going on adventures and making memories that’ll last me a lifetime. Granted, things are a little different now with the pandemic, but with this song, you can still live your best “y/n” life.

Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Is it really autumn weather without a little bit of the Twilight Saga. The Twilight soundtrack had no business being as good as it was, but here we are today, 10 years later and album after album of bangers. 

8 – Willow

Something about this song is so introspective. When you listen to it, it’s like you’re walking down the streets of downtown Austin, being a main character, and just realizing that you’re moving on to bigger and better things. It’s been a tough semester for a lot of us, and this song reminds you that you’re doing the best you can and that no matter what’s happened, you will move on and things will get better. 

Sometimes – Snoh Aalegra ft. Logic

This is a good song to listen to on a fall self-care sunday. Clean up your space, put on a face mask, do some journaling, and keep warm inside. Snoh Aelegra has many songs that make you feel luxurious and remind you how amazing you are. “Sometimes” is just one of the perfect fall pick me ups that she has.

Bloo – Zack Villere

There’s nothing inherently fall related about this song, but something about the vibe feels very fall semester-ish. Kinda like when you have that one person in your class you have a crush on and never had the courage to talk to them or make a move on. Or in this semester’s case, that one fine person who always has their camera on in class. You have a crush on them and start fantasizing about watching each other’s favorite shows and going on dates, but then next thing you know, the semesters over and you’re going back home for winter break and nothing happened with them and you’re probably never going to see them again.