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Movies We’re Anticipating This Fall

For the past year and a half, I’ve eagerly anticipated going back to the theaters. Quarantine made me miss the overpriced popcorn and freezing temperatures that movie theaters had to offer. Although several theaters opened their doors again this past summer, I wanted to save my first experience back in the theater for a good movie. I mean, the last movie I watched in theaters was Little Women — what could top that? As more movies are being released in the upcoming months, here are some of my top picks for movies I can’t wait to see!  

Dune (in theaters)

Adapted from the 1965 sci-fi novel, Dune follows Paul Atreides, the son of a noble family, and his journey to protect the valuable planet Arrakis. Starring Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya and Oscar Isaac, Dune is full of your favorite Hollywood actors. Dune is currently out in theaters and available to watch on HBO Max. 

The French Dispatch (in theaters)

Set in a fictional French city, The French Dispatch follows an outpost of American journalists and the stories they publish in their newspaper. Like all other Wes Anderson movies, you can expect an interesting cast, offbeat characters and colorful sets — what’s not to love?

Last Night in Soho (in theaters)

After being transported into the body of a 1960s nightclub singer, Ellie realizes that her life isn’t all that it appears to be. Starring the beloved Anya Taylor-Joy, Last Night in Soho is the perfect psychological thriller for fall!

Eternals (in theaters)

As the newest Marvel movie, Eternals tells the story of immortal beings who have lived on Earth for thousands of years that reunite to fight the evil Deviants. Directed by Chloé Zhao, Eternals is expected to be an unconventional Marvel movie. Did I also mention it stars Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek and Gemma Chan? 

Passing (November 10) 

Based on the 1929 novel, Passing follows the lives of two mixed-race childhood friends as they struggle with race and identity in 1920s New York City. Although black-and-white movies have a reputation for being boring, I expect Tessa Thompson and Ruth Negga to give an incredible performance! 

King Richard (November 19)

Based on the true story of Serena and Venus Williams’ upbringing, King Richard follows Richard Williams and his unconventional methods for raising two star athletes. As a fan of the Williams sisters, I’m excited to see how the movie portrays their childhood.

House of Gucci (November 24)

House of Gucci tells the true story of Maurizio Gucci, head of the Gucci fashion house, and his murder. Starring Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino, I can’t wait to see the dazzling outfits and dramatic portrayal of the Gucci family. 

Licorice Pizza (November 26)

Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, Licorice Pizza follows a boy and girl as they fall in love in 1970s California. This coming-of-age comedy will be the actorial debut for Alana Haim, from the band HAIM! The movie will have a limited release on Nov. 26 before being distributed worldwide. 

With all of these movies coming out over the next month, I can’t decide which I want to watch first — Dune or The French Dispatch. Regardless of what I choose, all of these movies are guaranteed to be worth your while!

Featured image by Valerie Aldana

Why “Over the Garden Wall” Should Be On Your Fall Watchlist

As we ease into the fall season, there’s nothing better than cozying up on a chilly night to watch your favorite movie or television show. While most of us will watch Coraline, Harry Potter or Gilmore Girls, I think a new TV show should be added to your fall watchlist: Over the Garden Wall. Even though it came out in 2014, it is still relevant today to UT students looking for a fall go-to show. 

“Watching Over the Garden Wall felt like walking outside on a crisp fall day and stepping on crunchy leaves. The colors and music were perfect for the fall season,” said Melanie Chapman, freshman civil engineering student. 

If you’re still on the fence about watching the show, here are five reasons why Over the Garden Wall is a perfect fall watch: 

1. Soundtrack 

Reminiscent of pre-1950s jazz and folk, the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack is a mix of warm melodies and showtune-esque songs. Each song will have you singing along or running to add it to your fall playlist — or maybe both! 

2. Characters

The characters in Over the Garden Wall are easily the best part of the show. Overly anxious Wirt and his naive step brother, Greg, make a hilarious and heartwarming pair. The show is filled with so many memorable characters. Pumpkin people, frogs in 1920s attire and a heartbroken school teacher are just a few of the eccentric characters in the show. 

3. Length

Over the Garden Wall is the perfect length for binge watchers and casual watchers alike. Each episode is only 10 minutes long, so the total run time for the series is only an hour and forty minutes. Whether you binge the whole series at once or watch an episode in between classes, Over the Garden Wall does not disappoint! 

4. Plot

Set in a mysterious forest called the Unknown, Over the Garden Wall follows two brothers on their journey to escape the forest while avoiding the ominous beast that stalks the two on their adventure. The pair is accompanied by a talking bluebird who helps guide them to a woman who can help them get back home, but as they move through the forest things aren’t as they seem. 

5. Fall Themes 

Over the Garden Wall feels like a warm drink on a chilly night. The show is able to balance a very lighthearted, whimsical theme with mysterious and dark undertones. Beautiful colors and picturesque scenery also adorn the show— perfect for the fall season. 

Overall, Over the Garden Wall is a beautiful, heartwarming show that needs to be on your watchlist! The soundtrack, characters, length, plot and fall themes have earned the show its place amongst staple fall watches. Want some more fall show recommendations? Check out  our recent Instagram post!

Featured image courtesy of Over the Garden Wall, S1 E1 on Hulu

Spooky season go-to’s in Austin

As Halloween rolls around, spooky season is finally among us. This is a great time to celebrate with different activities in Austin that will only be open for a limited time. 

Haunted ATX

What better time to listen to ghost stories and visit paranormal locations than now? Haunted ATX is a mobile ghost tour in Austin that takes you in a van to haunted locations in Austin. Some of the spooky locations on the tours are the Tavern, Clay Pit and Littlefield House

Public tours cost $59 per person during October and private tours cost $99 per person. Most tours are available Tuesday through Sunday at 7:30 p.m. These tours are usually three hours long and allow everyone to explore the locations while learning about their paranormal history. 

House of Torment Haunted House

Haunted houses are the most iconic spooky season activity. Austin happens to have one of the best haunted houses in the country. With the “Travel channel” calling Austin’s House of Torment, “the scariest haunted house in America,” there is no better place to celebrate Halloween than this haunted house. 

There are three themed haunted houses that you can go through to get spooked. You can also participate in axe throwing, mini escape games and dine at their tavern. 

This haunted house is open almost every day in October, with the first two weekends of November being the last time for the year you can go. General admission ticket prices range $22.99 to $32.99, depending on the day you attend. 

Mama Mary’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch

Not everyone who wants to celebrate spooky season likes to be scared. One non-scary activity you can do is visit a pumpkin patch. Mama Mary’s Farm and Pumpkin Patch is open through Oct. 31. You can go Wednesday through Friday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. for only $5 plus tax. To go on Saturdays and Sundays, registration is required before and tickets go up to $10. 

If you go to the pumpkin patch on the weekend, you can enjoy a hay ride, outdoor bowling, pumpkin painting and other fall-themed activities. This is a great event for friends to take pictures together in the pumpkin patch and get in the spooky season mood. 

Pumpkin Nights at Pioneer Farms

Another non-scary activity to participate in this spooky season is going to Pumpkin Nights at Pioneer Farms. You can explore a trail that features carved pumpkins created by local artists that all have different themes. 

There are pumpkin lanterns that make great photo backgrounds for Instagram. Not only do you get to see elaborate, professionally carved pumpkins; there are also  live fire dancers and you can watch professionals carve pumpkins live. 

Friday through Saturday admission for adults is $23 and on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday it is $18.

There are plenty of events in Austin to celebrate the spooky season. Even if you aren’t a big fan of the creepy and scary things this time of season brings, there are plenty of other activities you can partake in to get into the spooky season mood. After a ton of events being cancelled the past year because of the pandemic, this is a great time to go out and celebrate the season. 

Feature image by Pexels

The Best Fall Drinks Around Campus

Let me set the scene: you’re walking around campus, the temperature is finally cool enough so you can wear a sweater without dying of heat exhaustion and you’re listening to that fall playlist you’ve been curating for months. It’s a perfect fall day at UT, yet you still feel that you’re missing something…

Of course! How could you forget the perfect fall drink? Fall is all about 2 things: cute outfits and cozying up with the best fall drink. Luckily, Austin has a large variety of coffee shops to choose from. Here are some of my top picks for the best fall drinks that you can get near UT:  

Medici Roasting

Photo by Yinuo Chen

Cinnamon Sugar Freddo 

Espresso with brown sugar and cinnamon. If cinnamon and sugar isn’t a fall pairing, then what is? 

Autumn Leaves

Cold brew mixed with Earl Grey tea and lavender, sweetened with honey. I know this doesn’t sound like your typical fall drink, but hear me out— it’s a surprisingly well-made blend of citrus, sweetness, and caffeine!  

Lucky Lab Coffee Co.

Photo by Tara Phipps

Thai Brew 

Fan of Thai tea, but also need a pick-me-up before your 8 a.m. class? This drink is a perfect mix of warm spices and caffeine to get you through the day.

Maple Cinnamon Oat Cold Brew

If you could pour the spirit of fall into a cup, it would taste exactly like this drink. Maple, cinnamon and oat milk work so well together! 


Photo by S.Ratanak on Unsplash

Starbucks  Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato 

A golden trio of apple, cinnamon and caramel drizzle. At first I was worried this drink would be too sweet, like most Starbucks drinks, but don’t worry— it’s a perfect blend of coffee with a crisp apple taste! 

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

It’s basic, I know, but how could I leave it off this list? Pumpkin spice is the epitome of fall flavors. Instead of getting a usual pumpkin spiced latte, though, try this cold brew for an extra boost of caffeine. 

Whether it’s a spicy and warm espresso or an ice-cold apple macchiato, there’s a drink for everyone. Soon, when the leaves change and the temperature drops, you’ll be craving the perfect fall drink to match the mood. Now that I’ve given you the knowledge of the best fall drinks, go out and take on the season!

Here’s Your Fall 2020 Playlist

It’s that time of year again where Texans are freezing in weather less than 70 degrees! After months of sweating just from stepping outside, it’s finally sweater weather. With cooler temperatures in Texas, daylight savings time, and dozens of 11:59pm assignment deadlines, here’s a playlist that’ll put you in the perfect fall mood. Even if cold weather and rainy days aren’t your thing, this playlist is sure to put you in a cozy mood.  When it’s 60 degrees and you see leaves falling on 24th street, grab your favorite coffee or tea, put on a warm sweater and relax with this playlist full of fall favorites.

A few notable songs on this playlist are:

Like Real People Do – Hozier

Something about this song is so cozy and nurturing to my soul. I would really do anything for that tall Irish man with amazing hair named Hozier. The soft guitar chords and tender singing really make me feel like this man is about to sing me to sleep. It’s beautiful, soft, and enchanting. Also any song from his self-titled album is a guaranteed autumn and woodsy hit, but I didn’t want to bombard the playlist with all of them!

Woodland – The Paper Kites

Alright for anyone who wants to have a fall “main character” montage moment, this is THEE song. Listening to this song makes me feel like I’m driving around town with friends, getting coffee, taking pictures and just going on adventures and making memories that’ll last me a lifetime. Granted, things are a little different now with the pandemic, but with this song, you can still live your best “y/n” life.

Rosyln – Bon Iver & St. Vincent

Is it really autumn weather without a little bit of the Twilight Saga. The Twilight soundtrack had no business being as good as it was, but here we are today, 10 years later and album after album of bangers. 

8 – Willow

Something about this song is so introspective. When you listen to it, it’s like you’re walking down the streets of downtown Austin, being a main character, and just realizing that you’re moving on to bigger and better things. It’s been a tough semester for a lot of us, and this song reminds you that you’re doing the best you can and that no matter what’s happened, you will move on and things will get better. 

Sometimes – Snoh Aalegra ft. Logic

This is a good song to listen to on a fall self-care sunday. Clean up your space, put on a face mask, do some journaling, and keep warm inside. Snoh Aelegra has many songs that make you feel luxurious and remind you how amazing you are. “Sometimes” is just one of the perfect fall pick me ups that she has.

Bloo – Zack Villere

There’s nothing inherently fall related about this song, but something about the vibe feels very fall semester-ish. Kinda like when you have that one person in your class you have a crush on and never had the courage to talk to them or make a move on. Or in this semester’s case, that one fine person who always has their camera on in class. You have a crush on them and start fantasizing about watching each other’s favorite shows and going on dates, but then next thing you know, the semesters over and you’re going back home for winter break and nothing happened with them and you’re probably never going to see them again.