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Costume Party Ideas for the Halloween Season

Halloween is just around the corner, so costume parties are in season. To help you start planning your costumes, I put together different party theme ideas to get into the Halloween spirit.


Image created by Sofia Trevino

As a Texan school, a western-themed party could double up as a Halloween and post-football game event. A gingham patterned top, jean shorts or flared pants, bandana, boots and a cowboy hat is all that’s needed to pull this look together. Most students probably have cowboy boots already, but if not, pairs can be found at thrift stores. Cowboy hats — the staple piece of this costume — are available for under $15 at Party City in an array of colors. To make costumes more unique, turn this idea into a girly cowgirl party, adding in glittery pieces.

Top Spotify Artists


this is your sign to do this with your friends

♬ Chiquitita – The Dancing Queens & Various Artists

As seen recently on TikTok, dressing up as your top Spotify artist allows you to show your love for the artist and recreate popular music videos all at the same time. From Taylor Swift to Doja Cat, there’s a different artist out there for everyone to share their taste in music. If multiple people jam out to the same top artist, a fun twist could be dressing up as the same musician in their different eras. For example, Taylor Swift could have her own themed party, with everyone recreating different albums, such as “Reputation” or “Lover.”

Favorite Disney Villains


Reply to @meglilliann this was so hard i did my best 🥸

♬ American Boy – Estelle

A more unique angle on a costume party could be dressing up as a Disney villain. Often overlooked, these characters have their own outfits and demeanors to pull off. Though a Disney princesses party would also be cute, taking inspiration from villains would create an exciting challenge. Another idea is pairing up with a friend to feature a princess/villain duo.

First Letter of Your Name

The most flexible costume idea so far, this party would allow for a lot of brainstorming and surprises when you arrive in another costume others didn’t think of. Partygoers would only need to think of people, characters or objects that start with the first letter of their first name and show up dressed up and ready to see people’s reactions. For example, since my name starts with an S, I could show up as a skeleton, Snow White or even Shrek. Similar to the video above, this party would make for a fun TikTok to include everyone in.

Iconic Groups

Image created by Sofia Trevino

This party idea also offers a vast range of options to choose from. Iconic group ideas include the Victorious friend group, Friends, the Kardashian family, Mean Girls, the Powerpuff Girls and Marvel superheroes. The only foreseeable problem could be fighting over who gets to dress up as who, but this costume could build communication between friends and would be fun to see come together.

Whether or not you love celebrating Halloween, costumes are always a great way to spice up regular parties and add excitement for those attending. Start planning outfits and get in the Spooky Season mood!