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Top 10 Underrated Gems on Netflix

Got decision fatigue? Here’s a list of underrated movies and TVshows from your fellow Longhorns to alleviate that fatigue and introduce you to some new favorites.

Kim’s Convenience

In need of a heartwarming show that will make you laugh until your sides hurt? This show portrays a Korean-Canadian family’s struggle to assimilate with the world around them without compromising their culture. The show captures a wide range of emotions from estrangement, generational guilt, and toxic masculinity while conveying peak comedy.

Courtesy of Polina Kovaleva 

A Simple Favor

Five words: Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively. A Simple Favor is a psychological thriller that will keep you on your toes and have you hooked with its sarcastic humor and effortless storytelling. Lively and Kendrick perfectly fit the roles of Emily and Stephanie. While Henry Golding’s Sean Townsend somehow seems like the manipulator and the victim simultaneously. This movie will have you question every single detail about the case and all I can say is Gone Girl, who?

Young Royals

Looking for a more dramatic teen show? Young Royals may be the show for you. The show portrays the complexities of a young LGBTQIA person’s life with picturesque scenes and dark undertones. Through all the royal scandal, the show makes an important point about the last vestiges of royalty desperately clinging onto heterosexual views rather than the reality of the society they rule over.

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Sex Education

Moordale Secondary School seems like a fever dream with its rambunctious students, questionable teachers, and on-campus sex therapist. But Sex Education is truly one of the best Netflix original shows you will come across. Characters like Otis and Maeve are flawed yet fully fleshed out and seem real. Eric’s coming-out story is genuine and not forced or cheesy. Mr. Groff finding happiness after a lifetime of upholding societal expectations is truly inspiring. Most importantly the show de-stigmatizes sex and its activities without hyper-sexualizing its characters.


Our worst nightmares are the product of our own imagination. This psychological thriller makes you question who is telling the truth, and you find yourself sympathizing with the protagonist, Ray, or is he the villain? The movie makes you go back and forth between the two versions of reality until the horrifying truth is made evident. A thriller truly worth watching that will keep you at the edge of your seat the whole time.

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Get ready to step into the world of fashion with this beautiful and Get ready to step into the world of fashion with this beautiful and entertaining show. Atelier is the story of Mayuko Tokita finding her way into the fashion scene of Tokyo’s infamous Ginza district. If you loved The Devil Wears Prada and enjoyed watching glamour and style, this is the show for you.

Derry Girls

The Northern Ireland conflict of the 1990s is the last place you think of when looking for the setting of a feel-good coming of age story. Derry Girls captures the trials and tribulations of school dances, no-good tattletales, and boy troubles. The show is able to avoid cliches and captures its audience’s heart with its authenticity and humor.

She’s Gotta Have It 

This comedy is a fresh take on the struggling artist by replacing the whining pseudo-intellect with a young woman full of life. Furthermore, the show depicts sexuality without bias and portrays a pansexual without judgment or value-calls.

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AlRawabi School for Girls

Standing up to your high-school bully can be a pinnacle moment and the shifting point in your journey to find your confidence, but what happens when it goes wrong? This show examines the fine line between a victim and a bully. In the words of the director Tima Shomali, the female-led cast gives a “female perception on their issues.” The show carefully avoids the usual tropes of mean high school girls but rather goes deeper and questions the motivations behind being a bully and how your circumstances can turn you into a monster without realizing it.

To the Bone

Eating disorders are often mocked and used for cheap laughs in entertainment. To the Bone is raw in its depiction of how pervasive an eating disorder can be and how the disorder is not superficial or for attention. While To the Bone is not perfect in its depiction of mental illness it is a step in the right direction.

Featured Image Courtesy of cottonbro

A Love Letter to Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

As the fall semester wraps up and final exam season approaches, times are stressful. Deadlines for assignments and projects have become top priorities consuming hours of the day to complete. Sometimes you just need an escape from everything, and a comfort movie could be the perfect little getaway. 

Comfort movies are ones you could watch multiple times for their lovable characters, straightforward plot, hilarious dialogue and more. These movies can range from romantic comedies to award-winning dramas, even animated classics. 

Even though I have various comfort movies, one of my favorites will always be Edgar Wright’s 2010 romantic action comedy, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World. The movie is based on the graphic novel series of the same name by Bryan Lee O’Malley.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World follows a lanky, idler bass guitarist named Scott Pilgrim (Michael Cera) who must vanquish an army of evil exes to date the girl of his dreams, Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead).

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While the plot primarily focuses on Scott’s vicious conquest of Ramona’s seven evil exes, the movie also features notable actors and actresses before they landed their big break in Hollywood. Before winning an Academy Award and becoming Captain Marvel in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Brie Larson was only 20 years old when she played Envy Adam, Scott’s crooner ex-girlfriend.

Larson’s performance as Envy remains an iconic role in her filmography who makes her entrance by standing in front of a poster promoting her band, the Clash at Demonhead. A few scenes later, Envy performs Metric’s “Black Sheep” as Scott and Ramona stare in utter shock. Larson’s cover of the song became available to stream on Spotify in June 2021 — a wonderful surprise for all the LGBTs.

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Another beloved actress who starred in this movie before gaining success in later projects was Aubrey Plaza, who played April Ludgate on the NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation. In Scott Pilgrim, Plaza plays Julie Powers, a 22-year-old who has issues. When Scott starts to develop feelings for Ramona, she calls him a “total lady-killer wannabe, jerky-jerk.” She also points out his relationship with 17-year-old Knives Chau as “the mourning period” after Envy dumped him over a year ago.

Besides its lovable characters, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World has a myriad of hilarious lines and dialogue between the characters. Throughout the movie, the drummer and ex-girlfriend of Scott, Kim Pine (Alison Pill) never fail to express her disdain for his relationship with Knives. In an early scene, Kim tells Scott that if his life had a life, she would punch it. 

Scott’s gay roommate, Wallace Wells (Kieran Culkin) also disagrees with him dating Knives; with particular sympathy for the high schooler. At one point, he grabs her wrists and tells her, “You’re too good for him. Run.”

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However, Scott’s troubles worsen after he develops a strong interest in Ramona. In an attempt to learn more about her, he asks people at a party: “What do you know about Ramona Flowers?” If you have never watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, the scene is reminiscent of Regina George in Mean Girls.

Another element I love about this movie is the transitions between scenes. Wright particularly uses frame wipes, in which one shot replaces another by traveling from one side of the frame into the next shot. These transitions are seamless and well-paced; sometimes emphasized with sound effects to match the comic book theme.

Even though I have seen this movie a million times, it always warms my cold dead heart. It’s a timeless classic that I could never get enough off. Long story short, if Scott Pilgrim vs. the World was a blanket, I would wrap it around my shoulders on my worst days.

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If you also feel like these last few weeks have been killing you slowly, put on this movie or any comfort movies of yours for a moment of peace. Along the way, cheer on your favorite characters and laugh at those jokes that never get old. Take a moment to yourself by getting lost in another world, even if it’s fictional.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is available to stream on Hulu, Showtime and Amazon Prime Video.

Featured image by Morgan Scruggs