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10 Crazy Things Customers Have Said To Me As A Barista

Anyone who has worked in the service industry knows dealing with people can be … rough. Over summers, and when I go home for breaks, I work as a barista at a famed coffee shop in my hometown. Below are just some of the things the more unconventional customers have said to me or my coworkers. 

  1. “I want something that’s brown. Do you have brown drinks?”

  1. *Stares at menu aggressively during a rush for a solid three minutes* 

“Do you have smoothies? Why not?”

  1. Customer: “Which one of these two is the matcha?”

Coworker: “The green one.”

Customer: “Then which one is the coffee one?”

Coworker: “The brown one.”

  1. “Aaaaaaaaand no tip for you.”

  1. “It’s 6 a.m. on the DOT — time to serve me.”

  1. “Excuse me, but not all of the employees greeted me when I walked in. I’m going to need your CEO’s personal phone number.”

  1. “Why doesn’t my matcha have espresso in it?”

  1. Customer: “Can I have some water?”

Me: “Our water pitcher is at the end of the bar with cups.”

Customer: “I have to get it myself?”

  1. “I NEED my latte to be steamed at 180 degrees. I want it to burn my hand.”

  1. “Which one is the hot drink and which one is the iced?”

To the baristas, wait staff, hosts, hostesses and everyone else out there just remind yourself at the end of a hard day, the customer is not always right.

Featured Image by Dorian Villalba

Best Coffee roasters in austin

Austin is home to a plethora of great coffee shops, but only a select few roast their own coffee beans. Whether you like to brew your own at home or let the baristas do what they do best, using the best quality beans can make a world of difference. That said, let’s break down some of the best coffee roasters in Austin.

Trippy Buck

Trippy Buck is a little food truck located on the UT campus. It may seem unsuspecting but there is more to their service than meets the eye. They market themselves as a ‘farm-to-cup’ experience, sourcing their own coffee beans from their farm in Ecuador. They offer a variety of different roasts including green coffee, light, and dark roasts, but our personal favorite is the classic ‘Hacienda Roast.’

Summermoon Coffee Co.

Summermoon Coffee is a chain of coffee shops based in Texas. They have multiple locations near and in Austin where you can pick up a bag of their coffee beans. They offer multiple roasts but the ‘Velvet Blaze’ roast is what they use for their drinks in-house.

Wild Gift

As a five-person run coffee roaster, Wild Gift pumps out an impressive array of nine different roasts. You can find hints of honey, chocolate, lime, and jasmine in their selection. Their bags are adorned with a quaint drawing of a budding coffee plant. They can be picked up at Epoch Coffee and at Austin-area Central Market locations.

Austin Java

Austin Java has been brewing coffee since 1995. They follow the tenet of “people over product” and this can very easily be seen at their Manchaca location. They have numerous signature blends like ‘Fog Cutter’ which is a darker roast, along with ‘Morning Glory’ which is more of a sweet, light roast. Their coffee beans can be picked up at Austin Central Market locations as well as at Austin Java’s own locations.

This listicle is only a sip of what Austin has to offer but thankfully it is very easy to pick up local roasts. The best option would be to buy directly from local roasters through their roast houses, coffee shops, or online stores. This option is better than grocery stores because they are often closer to their roast date at the point of sale. 

Featured image by Ren Breach

Is it a Rip-Off?: SoCo Edition

South Congress district, usually referred to as SoCo, is one of Austin’s most popular attractions for tourists and locals alike. It’s full of unique shops and funky restaurants — and half of them are complete rip-offs. So I’m here to tell you what’s best and what’s a mess. This week’s subject: SoCo.

  1. Jo’s Coffee 
Photo courtesy of: The Austin Chronicle 

Verdict: Worth it!

Why: You may say there are better places for coffee in Austin and you’re probably right, but Jo’s isn’t just selling specialized coffee, they’re also selling an experience. You can get a one-of-a-kind cup of jo (pun intended), the feeling of supporting a local business and an Instagram-worthy picture in front of the iconic “I love you so much” mural.  Seems worth it to me!

  1. Hopdoddy’s Burger Bar
Image courtesy of: Flickr and Thomas Hawk

Verdict: Rip-Off!

Why: The burgers are good but are they worth $10? I don’t think so. Combine this with having to pay an extra $5 for some fries and brutal wait times, and you have all the makings of a total rip-off. 

  1. TOMS
Photo Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Verdict: Rip-Off

Why: Honestly, this feels like a given. $50-$150 for mediocre shoes according to Vox reporting. Not to mention, having a huge company on SoCo feels wrong. The space is supposed to be for off-beat local— or at least semi-local businesses— not national giants. 

  1. Home Slice Pizza
Photo courtesy of: The Business Journals

Verdict: Worth It

Why: I have two words for you: Garlic Knots. When paired with a slice or two of Home Slice’s mouth-watering pizza, complimentary post-dinner candy and the electric decor, you can’t deny this is the place to be on a Friday night. 

  1. Amy’s Ice Creams 
Photo Courtesy of: Flickr and Jim Nix 

Verdict: Rip-Off AND Worth It

Why: I’ll be real. This place is pricey! One pint of ice cream costs almost $15. In that way, it’s a huge rip-off, but it’s also so worth it. All of the ice creams have a delicious sweet cream base and the menu is constantly full of one-of-a-kind flavors like Zilker Mint Chip. After snacking at Amy’s, your wallet may hurt but your taste buds will be singing. 

Now go forward and strut down SoCo with a Jo’s latte in one hand and your Home Slice leftovers in the other. You’re ready for this! You won’t be scammed today.

Featured image by Morgan Scruggs

The Best Fall Drinks Around Campus

Let me set the scene: you’re walking around campus, the temperature is finally cool enough so you can wear a sweater without dying of heat exhaustion and you’re listening to that fall playlist you’ve been curating for months. It’s a perfect fall day at UT, yet you still feel that you’re missing something…

Of course! How could you forget the perfect fall drink? Fall is all about 2 things: cute outfits and cozying up with the best fall drink. Luckily, Austin has a large variety of coffee shops to choose from. Here are some of my top picks for the best fall drinks that you can get near UT:  

Medici Roasting

Photo by Yinuo Chen

Cinnamon Sugar Freddo 

Espresso with brown sugar and cinnamon. If cinnamon and sugar isn’t a fall pairing, then what is? 

Autumn Leaves

Cold brew mixed with Earl Grey tea and lavender, sweetened with honey. I know this doesn’t sound like your typical fall drink, but hear me out— it’s a surprisingly well-made blend of citrus, sweetness, and caffeine!  

Lucky Lab Coffee Co.

Photo by Tara Phipps

Thai Brew 

Fan of Thai tea, but also need a pick-me-up before your 8 a.m. class? This drink is a perfect mix of warm spices and caffeine to get you through the day.

Maple Cinnamon Oat Cold Brew

If you could pour the spirit of fall into a cup, it would taste exactly like this drink. Maple, cinnamon and oat milk work so well together! 


Photo by S.Ratanak on Unsplash

Starbucks  Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato 

A golden trio of apple, cinnamon and caramel drizzle. At first I was worried this drink would be too sweet, like most Starbucks drinks, but don’t worry— it’s a perfect blend of coffee with a crisp apple taste! 

Pumpkin Cream Cold Brew

It’s basic, I know, but how could I leave it off this list? Pumpkin spice is the epitome of fall flavors. Instead of getting a usual pumpkin spiced latte, though, try this cold brew for an extra boost of caffeine. 

Whether it’s a spicy and warm espresso or an ice-cold apple macchiato, there’s a drink for everyone. Soon, when the leaves change and the temperature drops, you’ll be craving the perfect fall drink to match the mood. Now that I’ve given you the knowledge of the best fall drinks, go out and take on the season!

Lucky Lab Hosts Tailgate Celebration For Eighth Birthday

Photo by Jessica Garcia

“Let’s meet at Lucky Lab” is a common phrase heard among UT students. Located across the street from the UT campus, Lucky Lab Coffee Co. is a place where students can meet up with friends or finish some homework while enjoying their favorite drinks. 

On September 18, Lucky Lab hosted a tailgate to celebrate its eighth birthday, with $1 cold brew, rescue pups, live music and more. Here’s a recap of the event.

The Drinks

Photo by Jessica Garcia

To celebrate, Lucky Lab offered $1 cold brew from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. — an offer that sounded almost too good to be true. A long line formed inside and outside, with people excited to enjoy the promotion and the event. While a $1 cold brew sounded great, I bought an iced chai latte instead with a strawberry hand-pie. There’s no wrong purchase at Lucky Lab.

The Pups

Photo by Jessica Garcia

The tailgate raised money for Austin Pets Alive, an animal shelter that helps keep Austin a no-kill city. Patrons had the option to add a donation to APA! when they ordered. By donating, they got access to yard games where they could win raffle prizes. APA! also brought dogs to pet and take pictures with — what better way to spend a Saturday morning than drinking an ice-cold cold brew surrounded by dogs?  

The Music

Photo by Jessica Garcia

Local singer-songwriter Sidney Scott also performed at the event. There is something about hearing live music at a coffee shop that puts people in a good mood, and that is precisely what Scott did. While people drank their beverages and enjoyed the celebration, Scott performed various songs, sharing her talent and passion for music with everyone in attendance.    

And More

Photo by Jessica Garcia

The fun did not stop there! With face painting and a cute background to take pictures, Lucky Lab presented guests with many ways to celebrate its eighth birthday and support Austin Pets Alive. Lucky Lab has united people through coffee and furry friends for eight years, and the tailgate showed Lucky Lab’s love and appreciation for its customers. 

Check out @luckylabatx on Instagram and plan your next visit soon!

Featured Image by Lauren Breach