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5 reasons To Never Download A Dating App

There is no shame in the game, but as someone who used Bumble and Hinge for several weeks, I can assure you that it’s not worth the phone storage. Dating apps are the epitome of why people have trust issues and why people don’t believe in love anymore. Therefore, to protect everyone’s virtuous hearts, here are five reasons to stop you from downloading a dating app. 

1. You’re seen as a Hook Up 

Honesty is important in a relationship, and this is why I am telling you that the majority of the time people just want to hook up. Somewhere along the way, dating apps became the modern-age version of going to find someone at a bar to take home. The problem with dating apps is that people don’t use them for the right reasons— so please don’t fall for those romantic pick-up lines. And if someone says “let’s go out at night,”  run for the hills! 

2. You Don’t Need Validation From Strangers 

Dating apps mess with your mindset, because instead of trying to find love, you just want to feel validated. According to The New York Times article, “Trying to Feel Love-Worthy (While Working for a Dating App),” women specifically would question if they are pretty and smart enough. You put yourself on this platform with thousands of users, and the expectation is to be praised to fulfill the love you want. Sometimes it’s discouraging to not get the attention you imagined you would get and it often lowers your self-esteem. Logging in to a dating app is just a toxic cycle, because you’re not looking for love but rather validation for your appearance. 

3. Stay Optimistic, Love Exists But Not Online 

The concept of a dating app is clever, but it demolishes the idea of “Old Fashion Love.” There may be a few lucky people who found their soulmates online, but love is not a swipe right or left— it’s the physical and emotional action of going out of your way to talk to that person. When love strikes, we should be appreciated for who we are, and not for being arm candy. 

4. Just Run Away, You Are Looking for Trouble

As a retired user of Bumble and Hinge, I can assure you that at least a quarter of the people have the audacity to cheat on their beautiful partner. Therefore, beware of all the red flags, because we filter our profile to attract the attention of the thousands of users. Ladies and gentlemen, if you see someone who should not be on the site, do everyone a favor and report them.

5. You will get bored and realize everyone is the same 

I’m not going to lie, dating apps are fun for about one or two weeks then they become boring. Many people, especially guys, use the same pick-up lines or just don’t know how to keep the connection going. You soon start to realize that there is no point in having a dating app. Also, you don’t always end up meeting them, and they are probably bored too trying to procrastinate their responsibilities. 

Although the majority of y’all are adults, take it from an ex-user, dating apps are not the place to find love. Instead, wear a mask and go on the streets to find your happily ever after. 

Dating Profile Dos and Don’ts For Guys to Get the Girl

With Hot Girl Summer— or rather, Hot Boy Summer— about to be in full swing, it’s time to get those dating profiles updated. This is the summer to get vaccinated and finally get out of the house to meet some new people and have some honest fun. I’m sure you’ve been swiping left and right all pandemic out of boredom, but it’s time to get rid of the fish pics and smile a little to get a girl to swipe right and start a conversation.

So, here are some dos and don’ts for the guys to make the ultimate Tinder profile and find true love (or whatever else you’re looking for, I don’t judge.)

1. DO Smile

Photo by Wyron A on Unsplash

The amount of guys who glare back at me from mine and my friend’s Tinders is a little unnerving. Use the muscles on the side of your face and smile— just a little. It won’t hurt your masculinity, I promise, but it will make you look like you’re not dead inside, and will definitely increase your chances of getting a match.

2. DON’T Use The Fish Pic

We get it. You fish and hunt and think displaying dead animals is a sign of your machoness. But it’s really just a verified way to get the majority of girls swiping left. While some girls might be into hunting too, the majority are probably just going to be really upset that you killed Nemo, or Bambi and move on.

3. DO Fill Out Your Bio

The amount of men who post three photos and no bio and wonder why they never get a match is astonishing. If you have a cute face but nothing in your bio, it’s more likely to get a left swipe. Yeah, some girls will swipe right due to the initial attraction, but unless you’re both just looking for a hookup it’s more than likely you won’t be getting that match notification very often.

Use this place to put some interests, hobbies, work, school— anything that could spark a conversation. Maybe fun facts, or even just putting your intentions out there so when you get a match you both can start off on the same page.

4. DON’T Be Rude In Your Bio

Photo by AKirk on Getty Images

Saying things like “no fatties” is actually going to get you no one. If you have preferences that’s fine, use them when you are judging and swiping, but don’t list your perfect dream girl in your bio and tell specific girls not to swipe right. It looks rude and just keeps everyone away.

5. DO Get Those Good Angles

Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

While photos aren’t everything, they are the first thing girls see. And that first photo is going to decide whether she stays and checks you out, or swipes left. At the bare minimum, it should give off “High School Picture Day” vibes, framed with your head and shoulders in view. Good lighting is also a must so we can actually see what you look like. 

Don’t forget to use photos that show your whole self, not just your face. Add some goofy pics, photos with friends, or even pets! Just be sure to lead with one of just you, especially if you and your friends all look alike (I’m talking to you, blonde-haired, blue-eyed Alpha beta Sigma Phi boys).

6. DON’T Get Those Bad Angles

I’m not sure why so many guys think flipping off the camera is a cute photo to put on a dating app, but I can promise you it’s not. Don’t make every photo half your face, don’t use Snapchat filters in all of them, and definitely don’t put your middle finger up. It doesn’t look too good. I guess if you’re trying to be a “bad boy” it gets the message across, but I promise the majority of women are not looking for Mr. Bad Boy.

7. DO Post Several Photos

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels

The amount of times I have clicked for another photo to get a better look at a guy only to realize they only have one is extremely disappointing. I would recommend at the very least have three different angles in your photos, but try to go for five or six. This helps girls get a better idea of who they’re swiping right on, and most of the time if there’s only one photo girls will just swipe left.

8. DON’T Post The Photo With Your Ex

Photo by Pressmaster

Again, not sure what you guys are thinking here. Seeing a photo of you with your arms around another girl does not give off a great vibe on a dating app. And it just looks shallow to cross her face out with an X or put an emoji over it. Take some good photos on your own and with your friends. don’t rely on the pics with your ex.

9. DO Be Yourself

It might seem cliche or cheesy, but too many people overthink the dating game and try way too hard. More than anything, dating apps are a place to get to know people in hopes you will be spending time with them in real life (with any luck, more than once). It’s important to be yourself when you’re creating your profile instead of trying to come up with some persona you think will reel in the ladies. I promise, if they swipe right, they want to get to know you.

10. DON’T Be Arrogant

Photo by SIPhotography on Getty Images

The shirtless pictures and acknowledgment that you’re super cool actually isn’t cool at all. Don’t spend all your photos posing in front of a mirror flexing your muscles, and don’t write in your bio about how amazing you’d be. I promise we won’t think you’re amazing, and you will get a swift left swipe. If you just be yourself, there’s a much better chance girls will like you.

So, as summer starts and the CDC begins to loosen their COVID guidelines, go ahead and get those profiles polished and ready. I guarantee if you follow these tips it’ll help your dating game, and hopefully get you those matches you’re looking for. Happy swiping.