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Best Boba Places Near UT

Gong Cha

Photo By Matilda Herrera Ramirez

Due to its proximity and fun flavors, Gong Cha is a UT campus fan favorite and one of the fastest-growing tea brands with over 1,000+ stores internationally. Visit the store on your birthday and get a free drink on them!

Flavor recommendations: Pearl milk tea, Thai tea, Earl gray milk tea with 3Js (pearls, pudding, and herbal jelly)

Kung Fu Tea

Photo by Matilda Herrera Ramirez

Another UT favorite on Guad is Kung Fu Tea. They specialize in made-to-order tea, milk and fruit-based beverages. There is no shortage of fun toppings to add to your drink, such as bubbles, beans, jellies, and puddings. They also have vegan bubble tea.

Flavor recommendations:  Kung Fu milk tea (signature beverage), Cocoa cream wow (WOW bubbles are freshly cooked in caramelized brown sugar with a creamy milk cap and dash of cocoa powder), Kung Fu green tea (jasmine green tea)

Coco’s Café

Photo By Matilda Herrera Ramirez

Cute and cozy, Coco’s Café is locally owned and serves  Taiwanese food and bubble tea! There is something for everyone with two size options (16 oz and 20 oz) and 20+ drink options.

Flavor recommendations: Milk tea + pearls, Taro smoothie + egg pudding, Jasmine green tea + lychee jelly

Tapioca House

Photo By Matilda Herrera Ramirez

Tapioca House, located on Guad is a great place to get cheap, high-quality boba and other drinks. They offer combo meal deals, and it’s next door to Coco’s Café, so you could do a boba tour of Austin if you’re in the mood!

Flavor recommendations: Taro root milk tea with tapioca, French vanilla milk tea with coffee jelly

Feng Cha

Photo By Matilda Ramirez

Feng Cha truly embodies their motto, “Bring People Together.”  Feng Cha is a place to socialize, hang out, study and drink good drinks. From a coffee series that is perfect for energizing yourself for the day to refreshing milk foam teas that offer over 10 different teas, five milk foam options, and five toppings, the possibilities are endless here.

Flavor recommendations: Dirty boba, Crème brulee dirty boba, Matcha latte

Visual Created By Matilda Herrera Ramirez

Is it a RIP-Off?: Drag Edition

Austin is full of things to see, do and experience— and half of them are total rip-offs. So I’m here to tell you what’s best and what’s a mess. This week’s subject: The Drag. 

  1. Torchy’s Tacos 
Courtesy of: Visit Austin

Verdict: Rip-Off

Why: Come on. You knew this was coming. We live in Texas. You can get better tacos for less money at pretty much any food truck. 

  1. Whataburger 
Courtesy of: Unsplash and Tendaishe Gwini

Verdict: Worth It

Why: Say what you want about Whataburger not being as good as it was five years ago, it’s still a Texan staple. From the fun orange color scheme to the iconic Dr.Pepper shake, this is the place to go at 2:00 a.m. with $5 in your pocket. 

  1. Coco’s Cafe 
Courtesy of: Fearless Captivations

Verdict: Rip-Off

Why: To be honest, I’ve never gotten the hype around Coco’s. It has okay drinks, long lines and an expensive price tag. I’d recommend getting your boba fix elsewhere.

  1. Caffe Medici 
Courtesy of: Flickr

Verdict: Worth It

Why: Caffe Medici is a prime study spot. There is something on the menu for everyone, including coffee, matcha and Italian sodas. Plus, the atmosphere is student-friendly and there’s plenty of seating.  

  1. Kerbey Lane
Courtesy of: Kerbey Lane

Verdict: Rip-Off AND Worth It

Why: The food is mediocre but no one really goes to Kerbey for the food. They go for the tradition and for saying they ate chocolate cake with friends at 4:00 a.m. after finishing a final paper (possibly based on a true story). So, yes, it is a rip-off, but I also highly recommend you go sometime in your college career. 

Now that you’re armed with knowledge, go forth and explore the drag with confidence! You are most certainly not getting ripped off today.