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5 DIY Austin-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like most college students, you’re looking for a last-minute costume idea right about now. You could go basic— maybe a witch or a ghost? 

No! Austin is full of unique, fun inspirations that you can easily convert into an amazing costume. Here are five ideas you can make at home. 

1. Bat 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Irandelson Salgueiro andMonstrea

Why: Austin is famous for the 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. It’s the largest urban bat colony in the world. So, what better way is there to celebrate our winged friends than dressing up as them on Halloween night (and donating to help them)? 

What you need: An all-black outfit with a set of wings. If you can’t find any convincing bat wings at the store, you can make your own.  

2. Tourist 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Flickr and Diane Cordell

Why: More than 30 million tourists visit Austin every year and they aren’t hard to spot. You can use Halloween to connect with your inner tourist and have some fun.

What you need: A pair of too-hot-for-Texas jeans, a UT or “Keep Austin Weird” shirt and a fake sunburn. Bonus points if you show up on a Lime scooter or with an Austin map and Austin City Limits pass. 

3. Violet Crown 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Monstera and Jc Laurio

Why: Did you know the color of the west hills and sky during sunset have been called Austin’s “violet crown?” You can pay homage to this idealistic view and make a simple, punny halloween costume out of it. 

What you need: An all violet outfit and a crown or tiara. 

4. Domino

Images courtesy of: Canva, Pixels and Pixabay

Why: Domino is amongst the most loved felines in all of Austin. He freely roams the UT campus and has belly scratches and food galore at his paw-tips. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be him?

What you need: Some black and white clothes, drawn-on whiskers  and a pair of cat ears. 

5. Jo’s Coffee “I love you so much” mural

Images courtesy of: Canva, Vikas Mani and cottenbro

Why: This is an iconic SoCo spot. You see recreations of it on mugs, socks and ornaments throughout Austin. So, why not a Halloween costume?

What you need: A light green shirt, a red sharpie and the ability to write in cursive. 
No matter what you dress up as for Halloween, Austin is a great place to celebrate the holiday. So, go forward and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Campus Art You Ignore Every Day

With classes back in person, it’s likely that you pass by the many art installations here on campus. Many of us have seen these works, but never stop to learn their name or artists. This is your chance to appreciate the art you ignore every day.

Public art is something we often take for granted. The UT campus is littered with paintings, sculptures and digital pieces that we usually don’t give a second look. The art we ignore every day should be appreciated, so I hope that the small taste I was able to give here inspires you to look a little closer at the pieces you pass on your weekly commutes.

Austin Mural Crawl

Looking for a cool photo-op? A cheap date idea? A low budget outdoor adventure? Well look no further, BurntX has got you covered!

Austin is artsy to almost a fault. Everywhere you look there is color, vibrancy, and creativity. So what better way is there to explore Austin than through its street art? Here we have written a guide of just some of the murals and free public art sites close to campus so you can have fun and take some great photos while exploring your city.

CAVA Smile, Rainbow, Wasabi

Situated just a few steps off campus, the good ol’ Guadalupe Street is filled with colorful art murals to satiate all your aesthetic needs. Close to the Univeristy CO-OP lies the CAVA Smile, Rainbow, Wasabi mural that I am sure many a student has passed while walking to class. The solid bright colors make for a great photo op when there aren’t many cars in the parking spaces.

All photos by Kara Fields

Lo-Fi Vintage

Heading in the Southeast direction past the Whataburger that is pretty much exclusively used for a post-night out grease binge, you will stumble upon a quaint vintage clothing store. Though the price of vintage apparel is expensive, the art is entirely free, so take as many photos as your insta-hoe heart desires!

Spider House

Spider House, a hip performance venue, is situated across the street and is covered in murals. We thought it was udderly fantastic.

I Love Vintage

Just a little further down the road lies another one of Austin’s quirky vintage shops. The front of the building is painted to look like the sky and will make you feel like you are in a Kali Uchis music video. If you walk around to the side of the store, you will look up at the colorful wall and meet me – the walrus. Just kidding. I wish I could pull off a hat as well as that walrus.

Yum, Fresh!

Are your feet hurting yet? Nope! Stay strong from the ‘gram! A little further down the same road you will find Steel City Pops, the home of popsicles whose flavors sound like they will clash in cacophony, but actually are extremely delicious. A mural almost as fresh as their product is painted on their building and makes for a cute summery photo with your friends.

Hope Outdoor Gallery

Alright, alright, alright, so I know that this next stop is not along our Guadalupe route, but trust me you are going to be so happy for a walking break when you grab a seat on the 801 Metrobus.

It was approaching golden hour by the time we arrived and the park looked liked a city of glowing ruins. It was my first time going to the park, and perhaps the last as it is being demolished in January. At the very top of the hill there is a breathtaking view of Austin’s skyline and the Texas Capitol. After breathing in the art (literally), we sat and sadly gazed down at the park, drenched in history measured in layers of spray paint.

Love is the Question, Love is the Answer 

If you walk fifteen minutes past the park through a well-manicured neighborhood, you will come across a quaint looking pharmacy that looks straight out of the days of drive-in movies and jukeboxes.

Greetings From Austin 

Okay so the real mural is at the location stated above, but because we ran out of time this photo was taken behind the University CO-OP at the food truck court, near where we began our Austin Mural Crawl.


Alright kiddos so that is all the time we have for today, but as we end our Austin art adventure I want to remind you all that in a city like Austin, you can find artwork everywhere. So get off your computer, get off this blog post, and go explore! The city awaits!