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Movie Musicals To Add To Your Watchlist Pt.2

Newsies (1992)

My favorite musical in existence, Newsies, holds a special place in my heart. This film, directed by Kenny Ortega, paved the way for the future Broadway musical of the same name and went on to win multiple awards like the Tony Award for Best Original Score and Best Choreography. The musical highlights the real events of the newsboys’ strike and union in the late 1800s. Every single cast member, both on-screen and on the stage, is a triple threat, and they’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of Newsies this year!

Hairspray (2007) 

Hairspray is so good. If you haven’t watched it, what are you doing? The film has a star-studded cast and so many iconic songs like “The New Girl in Town” and “Good Morning Baltimore.” The colors and costumes are so bright and fun, and while the movie has a lighthearted theme overall, the movie touches on important issues like segregation and racial injustices in the 50s. 

Mamma Mia! (2008)

Mamma Mia! is every ABBA fan’s dream movie musical. Starring so many of the greats, this musical and romcom also has a star-studded cast. You’re transported to the Greek Mediterranean islands, and you can’t help but dance along to hits like “Dancing Queen,” “Mamma Mia,” and “Waterloo.” The soundtrack is so catchy and perfect for the upcoming summer. The only question: who is Sophie’s father?

Les Miserables (2012) 

Oh, Les Mis, how you cause me so much pain. Who would have thought a nearly three-hour movie about 19th-century France would be so beautiful? The messages of love, compassion, selflessness, and more are shown in the movie by characters played by the likes of Hugh Jackman, Aaron Tveit, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Eddie Redmayne and so many more. Looking for a pump-up song or a song to overthrow the government? Try “Do You Hear The People Sing?”

Sing (2016) 

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. So why is a silly animated movie about singing animals on this list? Well, first off we have to point out that UT’s very own Matthew McConaughey stars in this. The movie has great songs and an overall message about dreaming big and going after what you want no matter how hard! While many of the songs are covers of popular songs that are already well-known, Sing also has originals like “Faith” sung by Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande and “Set It All Free” by Scarlett Johansson. 

La La Land (2016)

When I tell you I am obsessed with this movie… La La Land is a great look into the behind-the-scenes of Hollywood and the hard process it takes to get there as an artist. Starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, we see dazzling dance numbers and colors. I can’t say enough good things about this musical romance.

The Greatest Showman (2017) 

Me adding another movie to the list where Hugh Jackman sings? It’s more likely than you think. Showing the story of how PT Barnum started his circus legacy, we’re able to see the birth of show business in the 1800s. Of couse, the music was done by the same people who did Dear Evan Hansen’s music too! Songs like “A Million Dreams,” “This Is Me,” and my personal favorite, “Never Enough,” are such good songs; no wonder the film won big that year.

Hamilton (2020)

Would this movie-musical list be complete without mentioning the musical that took the world by storm and made people history lovers? Lin-Manuel Miranda is the genius behind the story, showcasing Alexander Hamilton with hip-hop, jazz, and R&B twist. Every single cast member is so talented and created one of the best show-going experiences in a long time. 

Tick, tick… BOOM! (2021)

Rounding out the list is Andrew Garfield’s hit movie tick, tick… BOOM! While we’re crying because he didn’t win at the Oscars, he is #1 in our hearts. Based on the life of Jonathan Larson, creator of the musical Rent, we see the ups and downs of a struggling composer wanting to get his work on Broadway. Lin Manuel Miranda directs this song, and this song has so many bops like “90/30” and “Boho Days” that I have definitely heard students humming around campus.

5 Markets in ATX to Check Out

Austin is a great place for a lot of activities such as kayaking, going to concerts, or checking out the nightlife. The next Austin staple you need to try is going to a market! Spring has sprung, and these nice warm temperatures won’t last for long until we cross over into the territory of unbearable heat. So soak up the sunshine and check out these upcoming markets in the area for trinkets, vintage fashion and more!

East Side Pop Up

Photo courtesy of @eastsidepopup on Instagram; Designed by @strangebirdtx on Instagram

Next Market – 4/23, 11-4 4/24, 12-5

Where: Long Play Lounge East (Saturday)

1910 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

Central Machine Works (Sunday)

4824 E Cesar Chavez St, Austin, TX 78702

This handcrafted pop-up puts on almost weekly markets year-round. Each market takes place at a different location around Austin and includes a different lineup of sellers and small businesses. You can find treasures such as pottery, original artwork, embroidered goods, and so much more! Keep up with their Instagram to find out where they’ll be next!

Photo courtesy of @eastsidepopup on Instagram; Designed by @eastsidepopup

Blue Genie Art Bazaar 

Next Market – 4/29, 10-8

Where: 6100 Airport Blvd, Austin, TX 78752

Blue Genie only opens up for in-person markets a few times a year, so take advantage while you can! Their May Market will run on weekends from April 29th to May 30th. This is a great place for a Mother’s Day gift or an end-of-semester treat to yourself! Check out their Instagram for what businesses and products they will be showcasing!

The Front Market

Photo from Instagram

Next Market – 4/23 11-5

Where: Distribution Hall

1500 E 4th St, Austin, TX 78702

This market exclusively showcases women and LGBTQ+-owned small businesses from Texas. Their Spring Showcase market will be on April 23 and 24. It features more than 150 vendors, food, DJs and more! Some vendors will only be there on either day, so attend both Saturday and Sunday if you can to support all the artists. Check out their Instagram for a full vendor lineup and sneak peeks at some of the products for sale!

Soco Makers Market

Next Market – Friday-Sunday, 10-6

Where: 1511 South Congress Ave.

This street market happens every weekend on the corner of Elizabeth and Monroe. The vendors regularly stay the same, with a few surprises here and there. Shop everything from engraved jewelry to crystals and CBD products. It’s a great place to kill time if you’re waiting for a table at any Soco restaurant!

Original Austin Flea

Photo courtesy of @originalaustinflea on Instagram

Next Market – 4/23, 12-6

Where: Zilker Brewing

1701 E 6th St, Austin, TX 78702

This market also includes all the Austin essentials, from hand-poured candles to upcycled goods. OAF is a weekly market that takes up residence in a different outdoor venue each weekend. Subscribe to their newsletter to see where they’ll be next!

In Austin, there is always a market going on. So next time you’re searching for weekend plans or a fun date idea, grab something to drink and head over to a market for some shopping and fun!

Featured Image Courtesy Photo by MJ Tangonan on Unsplash

K-Drama Review: The Business Proposal

Imagine you’re forced to go on a blind date. Your rich best friend pays you hundreds of dollars to fill in for her. Maybe it won’t be so bad, and at least you’re getting paid unless your blind date turns out to be your company’s CEO. In that case, you should run. 

However, before Shin Hari had the chance to run, her company’s CEO, Kang Tae-Moo, asked for her hand in marriage. It comes to be quite shocking because after acting like the most terrible woman as her best friend instructed her to get rid of him, he still takes an interest in Hari. Tae-Moo later tells her that it’s a fake proposal and needs Hari to pretend to be his fiance, offering twice the cash her best friend gave. Hari accepts. After all, she needs the money.

Thankfully, Hari has gone under the fake name “Shin Geum-Hui” and has altered her appearance, so she’s almost unrecognizable to her CEO at work. But, on the other hand, it might be hard to play two people at once. 

It’s part of what makes the show so funny. Watching Hari struggle to hide from Tae-Moo at work while also keeping up with his fiance Geum-Hui, is entertaining but also hard to watch from the suspense. Nevertheless, the show keeps you on your toes, and certainly Hari as well after all the running from her CEO. 

Although the main couple is great, you also can’t help but love the side couple, Cha Sung-hoon and Jin Young-seo. What makes it ironic is that Young-seo is Hari’s best friend, and Sung-hoon is Tae-moo’s assistant. So instead of her father’s wishes, she falls in love at first sight with Sung-hoon, and not Tae-moo. But, of course, who can blame her when Sung-hoon is so attractive (seriously, he’s hot).

If you’re in the mood to watch a feel-good show, then Business Proposal is a k-drama to add to your list. It’s funny and cheesy, and the plot stirs as you watch. There turns out to be a love triangle, simmering the plot further. Also, even though it’s a romantic comedy, it definitely isn’t a slow burn where the story drags on. 

Working at a food company, who knows if Hari and Tae-Moo are cooking a recipe for love or disaster as they navigate their fake relationship. Watch Business Proposal, the k-drama based on a WebToon, to find out!

Featured Image by Allison Geddie


A tour de force actor capable of portraying both the zany and the conventional. An inventive performer with impeccable grace and gravitas in any scene they’re in –an artist sporting a pure soul with a passion for love. There are only two people in the world that fit the bill, and they’re both named Andrew. Today, I’m taking a break from professing my love for Andrew Scott, and instead, I’m penning a love letter to the one and only Andrew Garfield.

I love you. I’m so sorry; I had to get it out of the way, I couldn’t play it cool. I fold immediately under any pressure. I’ll try to remain more composed for the rest of this article. Anyways, I loved you before any of these fakers (Burnt X’s beloved readers) ever did.  I watched the 2017 Hollywood Reporter Roundtable Interview during the pandemic, and I fell in love with Andrew Russell Garfield. The real Andrew Garfield fans and I had to pull the bandwagon over to let the dilatory lot on after they saw you in Spider-Man: No Way Home and discovered what we (stans) already knew, that Andrew Garfield is a shot of espresso bathed in sunlight. 

If you were to cut Andrew Garfield’s chest open, you would find the biggest heart in the world. Seriously, have you heard this guy talk about anything at all, ever? Every time he opens his mouth, floating stars and hearts begin to swirl around him as he generously gives a piece of his infinite heart to this cold and dark rock. Whether it is examining his romantic relationships or speaking about the relationship between him and his mother, he serves as a shining example of fulfilled and unconditional love. Speaking about a bully who picked on him when he was a child, Garfield explains to Stephen Colbert (linked below) that he used to defend the bully, believing “hurt people, hurt people”. He learned to love others unconditionally from his mother, much to the chagrin of the bully. His love for others is also found in the unconfirmed fan theory that Garfield built a handmade chair for his former partner, Emma Stone. The dual-citizen actor continually proves he is as loving as he is talented.

Every character with the gift of being imbued by this talent has their truth expressed beautifully with a vulnerability to all of the senses. Whether it’s playing a Jesuit priest in Martin Scorsese’s religious epic or losing himself Under the Silver Lake, this cat cannot miss. Then, of course, his performance as Eduardo Saverin back in 2010 thrust him into the spotlight, serving as the audience’s anchor to Eisenberg’s arrogant and cold Mark Zuckerburg and Justin Timberlake’s narcissistic, eccentric portrayal of Sean Parker. Proving himself to be a talent capable of keeping up with director David Fincher’s exhausting number of takes and finding the rhythm of infamous screenwriter Aaron Sorkin’s sped-up script, he then went to bigger and New York-ier skies. 

His next big role was as Peter Parker in Sony’s reboot of Spider-Man in 2012. In a role that he was cut from too soon, Andrew’s Peter Parker finds himself haunted by his relationship with his father and grounded by his love for Emma Stone’s Gwen Stacy. While their love on-screen was also real off-screen (as is the case for all three live-screen depictions of Spider-Man and their love interests), TASM’s love story remains the best part of his portrayal. While the two films rank lower with critics than other takes on the web-slinger, I maintain that Garfield’s nuanced performance allows the audience to more deeply connect with the character as compared to Tobey Maguire’s campy 2000’s films and Tom Holland’s contemporary take, which is constantly drowned out by other characters in the MCU franchise. And who can disagree with his ideological take on the character: “What I believe about Spider-Man is that he does stand for everybody: Black, white, Chinese, Malaysian, gay, straight, lesbian, bisexual, transgender. He will put himself in harm’s way for anyone. He is colourblind. He’s blind to sexual orientation, and that is what he has always represented to me. He represents the everyman, but he represents the underdog and those marginalised who come up against great prejudice which I, as a middle-class straight, white man, don’t really understand so much.”

Recently, Andrew Garfield held a nomination for an Oscar for his role in tick, tick… BOOM!. Training with a vocal coach for over a year, Garfield was snubbed when the Academy did not recognize his powerful and complex capture of playwright Jonathan Larson. However, I can assure you, he is a future Oscar winner, having already won a Tony, BAFTA, Golden Globe award, and previously been nominated for the Oscar in 2017.

A laugh-filled with innocence and intelligence. A smile too big for his face. A voice so full of passion, it could make this entire article sound good. But, at the end of the day, perhaps there is nothing more alluring than Andrew Garfield’s spirit. The comfort and trust one can feel when watching him in interviews or on the big screen– it’s a feeling. You can feel his flaws, his restricting idealistic tendencies, and his overanalysis of the little things. You can feel his pain, his joy, and his truth, but you know it’s only a fraction of the whole picture. When you hear his voice come through the IMAX speakers for your fourth viewing of Spider-Man: No Way Home, you know what to expect, but you can’t prepare for the palpable passion he has for his art form. He can express anything he feels, and he frees those listening with the truth. Nothing sums up the loveliness of the “agnostic pantheist” more than Stephen Colbert going in for a second kiss with him. 

Thus concludes my love letter both to and about the singular Andrew Garfield. May he serve as a beacon of light and truth during these trying times. Moreover, note that Andrew Garfield’s personality type is INFP, as according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, and guess who also happens to be an INFP… me. I. I..saac. Author Isaac Hermosillo. So, scientifically speaking, if you now love Andrew Garfield or were already loving him before reading this, you are now welcome to love a shorter, fully-American INFP, should you be prone to any impulses that arise in you at any time.

Featured Image By Francessca Conde

How mysterious doors lead to a new Harry Styles album

 A mysterious Instagram and Twitter page called “youarehome” appeared out of nowhere a few weeks ago. Harry Styles fans immediately took it upon themselves to uncover the meaning of this account and if it was possibly related to Harry himself. 

The accounts had a link to a website that was a door, yes, just a door. Once you clicked on it, an image appeared, and it would be something new every day. 

Fans were going crazy to uncover what the images were and what they meant, but they knew that this had to do with Harry one way or another.

After a week filled with suspense, the answer was finally revealed as Harry posted on all platforms his new album cover with the caption “Harry’s House. May 20th.”

Just in Harry Styles’ fashion, giving a heart attack to everyone with no prior warning, he announced his new album just like that. 

Everyone’s wish came true– well, for sure mine. So, after a long two years, we’re finally getting new Harry music. 

I remember being at work and literally gasping for excitement when I saw the post. 

Since then, we knew soon after a song would be released, and, of course, one week later, we got the “As It Was” song and music video on April 1st.

In a short part of the video, Harry is dancing around in a sparkly one-piece, and then, later on, is only his underwear for the rest. Yes, you read that right, just his underwear, allowing fans to see it all. 

If you are much like me, “As It Was ” is all you have been listening to since it came out. How could we not? The song is simply amazing, just like everything else Harry does. 

From now until May 20, when the rest of the album is released, I’ll be listening to “As It Was ” nonstop in anticipation of what’s to come. 

Featured Image by Talisa Trevino