SLAYC is Back: A Review of STAYC’s Comeback YOUNG-LUV.COM

The STAYC girls have marked their third comeback since debuting in November 2020 with the release of their new EP, YOUNG last month. 

After their previous title tracks “ASAP” and “STEREOTYPE” gained popularity through TikTok, the group garnered more fans (including myself).his comeback was highly anticipated, as many fans were excited to see if the group would continue to release fun music.

YOUNG-LUV.COM has six songs, starting with the title track “RUN2U”. The music video currently has over thirty million views on YouTube. 

Simply put, “RUN2U” is a bop. The song starts with a bit of a darker sound compared to their previous songs but soon transitions into a lighter, pop-ier sound. The electronic-pop track is very catchy like previous title tracks, with the chorus going “So I’ll run to you / a little bit, little bit / a little bit, little bit.” The repeated phrase “a little bit, a little bit” will get stuck in your head quickly, but it’s also the part I look forward to the most when listening to the song. Sadly, the track missed their signature “STAYC girls, it’s going down!” that was featured in their earlier title tracks. Other than that, this is definitely the song you’d want to listen to if you need some pumping up, especially if you’re going out for a run. 

“SAME SAME” is a more simple track, contrasting the first track “RUN2U” with a lighter, calmer beat. I always get the image of a ballerina whenever I listen to this song, with light little jumps, and snappy movements. The song’s specialty is its lightness, despite its hard-hitting bass beats. It’s definitely a fun, cute track. The song is about two people sharing the same feelings for each other, but one is waiting for the other to act on it as the chorus says, “Same same / our feelings are the same / nothing between us will change / even though you try to drag the time/baby I don’t wanna waste my time.” The song ends with a neat little run and the anticipated “STAYC girls, it’s going down!”

“247” (pronounced as 24/7) has an R&B feel to it, and it’s about wanting to stay by a person’s side 24/7. The refrain, “Even as time passes / no matter where you are / I’ll always be by your side, with you.” is sung sweetly, adding to the cute lyrics. A romantic song, it holds true to the theme of the EP: young love. Overall, the song is groovy and would pair perfectly with a long drive during a sunset or sunrise. 

“YOUNG LUV” is not my favorite track, which is unfortunate considering it’s referenced in the mini album’s title. The song continues the trend of calmer songs and sounds like something you’d hear at the beginning of a coming-of-age movie. The opening lyrics, “My love’s so young / I’m young, a sweet age,” are reminiscent of youthful romances lacking structure and stability. The message is driven by later lyrics like, “You come to me awkwardly and pretend to be in love.”  There is no big drop in the song, but as the song progresses, the guitar and beats feel a little heavier. Overall, this is sort of a sadder yet slightly empowering song.

Second to last, “BUTTERFLY” is my favorite b-side from the EP. The beat resembles songs from K-R&B artists and is very smooth. The lyrics for this song are super cute, starting with “Butterfly / you who shines brighter than any star/butterfly / the small light that brightens my little love, it’s you.” This song is about loving a person who makes you feel better, existing as “the light in the dark universe.” With its sweet melody and lyrics, this is the perfect song to listen to when you just need to relax.

The last song on the EP is “I WANT U BABY” and reminds me of Ariana Grande’s “just like magic” because of its melodic parts. The song has a darker sound, and is about really wanting to be with someone: “I want you, baby, / a night of stars / I want you to pick out the stars for me.” This song ties together the running theme of a young love.

The STAYC girls live up to their nickname of SLAYC, and this comeback did not disappoint overall. Their vocals prove their talent, and I look forward to their future comebacks.

Featured Image By Francessca Conde