The Evolution Of Harry Styles

Throughout his solo career, Harry Styles has arguably become more famous than he was in One Direction. The past two-ish years of the pandemic have been huge years of growth for the former boy band star. The world stood still for most during these months of quarantine and uncertainty, but Styles was nothing but productive and has made move after move to amplify his career.

First, following the band’s alleged 18-month hiatus in 2015, Styles immediately got to work on his debut self-titled album showcasing his new soft-rock sound. This led to a widely successful world tour in 2017 and 2018. In the same year, he starred in famed director Christopher Nolan’s World War ll film Dunkirk. Styles was off to a good start on his solo career with  a new album, world tour, and Academy Award-winning movie now on his resume.

With the release of his sophomore album Fine Line in December of 2019 and  his second world tour postponement, Styles kept busy by landing and filming two movies. The first is being in Olivia Wilde’s, no, we’re not talking about her, psychological thriller. Don’t Worry Darling, where he’ll act alongside household names like Florence Pugh and Chris Pine. The second is an adaptation of the book My Policeman where Styles plays a policeman having an affair with another man in 1950s England. Ending 2020 was the legendary Vogue photoshoot featuring Styles on the cover in a dress that had Candace Owens and shortsighted people alike up in arms. In 2021 Harry not only won his first Grammy and completed the sold-out North American leg of his postponed tour, but the role of ‘entrepreneur’ was added to his long list of credentials when his beauty brand ‘Pleasing’ was launched. With its $65 nail polish set and serums, this man really does have us paying his rent. 

The newest Marvel movie, Eternals, premiered in theaters on November 5th. As engaging as it was with its star-studded and diverse casting, immortal beings, and LGBTQ+ representation, the thing that had movie-goers screaming came during the post-credits scene. Following a climactic ending, the post-credits scene featured Harry Styles in tights and a cape that introduced himself as a fellow eternal from a rainbow portal. Harry Styles, the now brother of Thanos, joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Love On Tour made Styles $95 million, just the North American shows. He is one of the few solo artists to sell out Wembley Stadium in London completely , his cosmetic brand has sold out, and he has now joined forces with Disney’s $54 billion  company. Harry already owns a black Amex Card, at this rate soon he’ll buy the entire Earth; and I’m fine with that. 

Whether you’re a fan of him or not, Harry Styles is inescapable at this point. His fame and influence seem to grow larger by the day. A few weeks ago, he got permission to shut down the roads in front of Buckingham Palace to shoot a music video for his upcoming album. One cannot deny the power he holds across the board in society. The outfits and accessories control fashion trends he’s papped in and fan projects have raised and donated thousands of dollars to charities in his name. His confidence in his feminine side makes him that much more attractive to men, women and non-binaries alike and has opened up conversations over toxic masculinity and gender fluidity. Former One Direction fans have been growing up with this man for over ten years now, and he embodies so much more to people than kindness. He represents sentimentality, comfort, joy and hope. His career is a high-speed train and I think I speak for all of us when I say we can’t wait to see what he does next.