Bring Holiday Cheer into your apartment this year

A lot of things have been canceled this year, movie releases, Coachella, ACL, Harry Styles’ tour, vacations, weddings, Ellen DeGeneres, but you cannot cancel Christmas. Although it may be difficult to feel the holiday joy without the normal gatherings and celebrations, there is no reason to not bring the cheer into your apartment (especially if you have barely left since the start of 2020). We all deserve some joy after the year we have endured. Here are a few ways to bring Santa’s spirit into your apartment this December without breaking the bank.

Want the cozy feeling of a warm fireplace? A quick youtube search can solve all your problems. Yule log videos are one of the best things to come out of the internet. Scroll through Youtube and you will find countless versions of a warm fireplace, some feature music, decor, sleeping puppies, anything you may need is provided. Play the video on your laptop or TV and the mood is instantly set. Here is a link to a few of my favorites:

Now that you have a warm (fake) fireplace, you must pair it with a cozy cup of holiday cheer. Another quick way to feel the winter vibes is to drink a cup of hot chocolate. Make a cup at home with cheap chocolate packets, marshmallows and whipped cream or stop by a local coffee shop. Feeling extra spirited, throw in some peppermint flavoring or maybe a candy cane.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Holiday decor will bring your apartment to the next level. Take a trip to the dollar store or browse Target’s dollar bins to find cheap decorations. Look out for tinsel or garland that you can hang around door frames or in empty wall space. Any felt character cut-outs are usually common and make great fridge magnets or coasters. My top target finds this year were a small Charlie Brown Christmas tree ($3) and a small wreath ($7). 

To satisfy all the senses, we can’t forget about holiday smells. Winter candles can be found almost anywhere and are reasonably priced. Pick any scent that fills you with the nostalgia of childhood holiday celebrations. My favorite candle of the season is Trader Joe’s cedar balsam candle ($3). Wood wick candles give off the sound of a crackling fire and add to the ambiance. If you want a more natural holiday scent, bake cookies. Nothing screams Christmas time more than the smell of freshly baked cookies. 

Another low budget decor option is to create a Christmas wall collage. Look through Pinterest for winter and holiday-themed images that fit the aesthetic goal. Print out the pictures on printer paper or order the pictures to be printed at Walgreens, they always run promotions on photos. Then arrange the pictures in a cluster on your wall or bulletin board.

If there is no room for a Christmas tree in your apartment here is a DIY from Hallstrom Home on how to make a small tabletop tree to add to your coffee table or kitchen counter. For this project you will need:

  • Glue (Mod Podge or hot glue will probably work best)
  • Styrofoam craft cone
  • Crochet yarn

This may be the simplest project you will ever do. First, use the craft cone as a base and apply the glue over the cone. It might be easiest to apply the glue in sections as you go if it is quick drying. Then, starting from the bottom wrap the warn around the cone and cut at the top. Add on twinkle lights or pom pom ornaments to spice it up! 

Don’t let covid crash your holidays. With just a few items it is easy to transform your apartment into a winter wonderland. Pop on your favorite cheesy Netflix Christmas movie or the Charlie Brown Christmas album and you are guaranteed to feel the holiday joy.