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Coachella has come and gone, and the most talked-about artist this year is the one and only Harry Styles. After headlining his first Coachella ever, the world was left speechless. Here is everything you need to know from both his performances. 

As weekend one began, Harry performed opening night on Friday and was the last performer of the night. Harry’s outfit was none other than a jaw-dropper. 

He first appeared in a long black feather coat, which after his First song came off to reveal his sparkly jumpsuit. He opened his set with his Newly released single “As It Was” from his upcoming album Harry’s House, which will release on May 20. But that wasn’t the only new song he sang. He also surprised the crowd by singing two new song’s never before heard called “Boyfriends” and “Late Night Talking.” And if you’re much like me, you haven’t stopped singing them since.  

Those two new songs weren’t the only surprises of the night. Harry brought out the one and only Shania Twain, who he has been a long fan of, to perform on stage with him. They sang “Man! I Feel Like A Woman” and “You’re Still the One.” I would like to say this performance was simply iconic. 

For weekend two, Harry found a way to upstage his last outfit by wearing a pink leather jacket vest and pants, including rhinestones, cherries and the initials HS on the back of his pants. After taking off the jacket, he revealed a matching pink leather vest. This outfit should definitely be in a museum, in my opinion. 

For the setlist, Harry sang the same songs as weekend one but added in a fan favorite, his song Medicine, which to this day he has never released. 

And of course, there had to be a surprise guest, and this time it was none other than Harry’s close friend Lizzo. They performed “I Will Survive” and “ What Makes You Beautiful” together. Anyone watching this performance would see the fun these two have performing together. 

Overall, Harry’s performances were simply unforgettable. The stage presence Harry has on stage is like none other. Singing and dancing the whole time he performed and never forgot to stop and interact with the crowd. 

Hopefully, we will see Harry Styles on the Coachella stage again in the future.

A Return to Timeless Classics: Love For Sale

Love for Sale is the second and final collaborative album by Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett, as Bennett decided to step away from music in 2021 owing to his struggle with Alzheimer’s. As a big fan of their first album, Cheek to Cheek, and in light of Bennett’s retirement and the album’s acclaim, I thought that it was only fitting to listen to it and assess it myself. After giving it a listen, I can say that I was far from disappointed.

Love for Sale is a tribute album to the great American composer Cole Porter, who’s jazz standards were defining pieces of the early and mid-20th century and have been covered by the likes of Frank Sinatra and Barbara Streisand. In Love for Sale, Bennett and Gaga bring a new flair to Porter’s work, altering their renditions with just the slightest lyrical and musical changes without losing each song’s genre-defining wit and charm. With bolstering swing in “I’ve Got You Under My Skin,” smooth melodic runs in “I Concentrate On You,” and masterful instrumental solos in “Love for Sale,” Love for Sale truly has all the spunk and charisma necessary for a great jazz album.

The most enticing thing about Love for Sale is the chemistry between Gaga and Bennett. Whether it’s in their back and forth complimenting one another in “You’re the Top” or their cheeky remarks in “I Get a Kick Out of You,” the two seasoned singers masterfully play off each other and do justice to the savvy and endearing character of Porter’s songwriting style and Jazz Age music in general. Gaga and Bennett also hold their own in their solos on the album. Between their four solos Gaga’s rendition of “Do I Love You” stood out the most to me for its pensive and melancholy tone as well as her incredible vocal performance. Alongside “I’ve Got You Under My Skin” and “I Concentrate On You” made the biggest impression on me while listening to the album.

While individually, the songs on Love for Sale are all spectacular, I found that it is in its composite that the album matters the most. The renditions of Porter’s songs are done masterfully and with careful consideration for maintaining each song’s classic flair and personality, but it isn’t individual songs that stuck out to me so much as the album itself. Love for Sale is, above all things, an ode to the music of the past and a love letter to the genre that established Bennett’s career and influenced Gaga’s. While listening to the album, I felt transported to the time of jazz and swing and the suave and elegant atmosphere that defined the music of the 30s, 40s, and 50s, and in doing so, Love for Sale helped me push the bounds of my musical appreciation. In a modern musical environment defined by ever-changing genres and new technological advancements, Love for Sale carves out a space for a popular revitalization of jazz and allows us to still find appreciation for the classics that have set American music down the path that it is on today. I’m a bit of an old soul, especially when it comes to music, so I was taken by Love for Sale almost immediately. However, even if jazz or traditional pop isn’t generally your thing, I still strongly recommend that you challenge yourself and listen to the album. Doing so may open up a whole new musical world to fall in love with.

Student’s in Class

Created by Francessca Conde

Student B who took notes on her iPad

Student A – a TA who was usually working on her other assignments during class

Student D- sat in the very last row

Student F – the other TA– she would online shop during the class LOL

Student E – he always had a mask on so shoutout to him.

A professor who was very stylish.

Student G – She was super nice and always had something pink-colored on her body.

Student C – Who I only ever saw once

Bridgerton: Is It Representation or Aesthetics?

Dear readers, now that the latest season has come to a close, it is now time to analyze Bridgerton’s beautiful families beyond Lady Whistledown’s juicy gossip and sordid details. Ultimately, It is up to us to see whether the beloved Netflix show is true as representative as it claims to be. The Sharma family were the talk of the ton (forgive my puns), but they are not the first instance of Shonda Rhimes’ unique incorporation of representation in her period drama; for that, we have to go back to season one.

While the popular rom-com never truly addresses if there was an equitable society in the British Regency era where people of color (POCs) were Lords and Dukes, there is a brief mention of a darker past in the first season. Especially, when Lady Danbury speaks about the King’s love for the Queen, it seemingly ends all the racism and hatred of the past without any consequences. While it is a loose premise to build a fictional world on, one can forgive the show for this as it leads to more diverse casting. But, that brings us to the first issue with Bridgerton—race-baiting.


When the first promotional material for the show was released, it heavily emphasized that the show would address racial issues with its unique storytelling. However, aside from the singular conversation mentioned before, the show fails to even mention race let alone incorporate it into its storyline. Some fans of the show claim that it was good that the show was race-blind. Including that giving POC’s different storylines that address their racial heritage or past would negate the message that all races are equal. But, failing to address racial differences is not equal or fair. It is erasing the complexity and nuances of the world we live in, enabling us to tell good stories.

The first season of Bridgerton also failed to include any of its POC cast in important storylines, with the exception of the Duke of Hastings, played by Regé-Jean Page. When POC characters have significant screen times, their stories are often clouded or infiltrated by their low socioeconomic status. For instance, Marina Thompson, played by Ruby Barker, is desperately searching for a husband to cover up her out-of-wedlock pregnancy. Colin Bridgerton, played by Luke Newton, eventually falls for her and proposes but on finding out about the truth of her deceptions. Unfortunately, he leaves her high and dry, which brings me to the second issue with the popular Netflix drama, its problematic association of skin color with purity.

Value Calls

If we look at all the POC characters in the show, each of them has either engaged in conversation with a non-POC character where they have played the role of the corrupter or experienced friend. Whether it’s the Duke’s conversation with Daphne about self-pleasure or Marina begrudgingly answering Penelope’s questions about sex, it may seem insignificant. Still, the show’s repeated instances of associating purity of thought and spirit with only their non-POC characters perpetuate negative stereotypes that believe or not exist in society even today and strengthen people’s implicit biases.

A New Era

 Finally, let’s dissect season two. When I heard that season two of Bridgerton would have an Indian female lead, I was definitely wary of the idea, especially given India’s colonial past with the British and the period in which Bridgerton takes place. However, Miss Kate Sharma, played by the brilliant Simone Ashley, captured my heart along with those of audiences around the world. While her accent could do with some work, she could incorporate her Indian identity into her character without making her Indianness all that her character was. Edwina called Kate didi, the Haldi ceremony, and Kate’s snide remarks about British tea (which she is completely right about!) all pay homage to Indian culture without forcefully and awkwardly introducing it into the storyline.

Season two of Bridgerton does make up for some of the issues of the first season, for example, the lower socioeconomic association with POC characters. The Sharma family’s dire socioeconomic situation is unnecessary, and the season once again fails to mention any actual race issues or bring it up at all. That being said it is unnecessary for a show with a multi-racial cast to discuss race, but Bridgerton displays race-baiting because it promises to discuss race but fails to do the same. That being said, season two of this show does paint a more promising picture, and while people have complained that the Sharma’s are not truly Indian, I don’t particularly share their sentiment. The Sharma’s may not display every aspect of their Indian culture. Still, if they did, it would distract from the show’s storyline,  which isn’t really the positive representation anyone needs. Kathani Sharma may be slightly controversial, but her sarcastic, dry humor, wit, competitive spirit, and independence do embody the desi nature that I, as an Indian, am particularly proud of. So for this singular instance of representation, I will begrudgingly give Bridgerton my nod of approval.

Featured Image By Francessca Conde

SLAYC is Back: A Review of STAYC’s Comeback YOUNG-LUV.COM

The STAYC girls have marked their third comeback since debuting in November 2020 with the release of their new EP, YOUNG last month. 

After their previous title tracks “ASAP” and “STEREOTYPE” gained popularity through TikTok, the group garnered more fans (including myself).his comeback was highly anticipated, as many fans were excited to see if the group would continue to release fun music.

YOUNG-LUV.COM has six songs, starting with the title track “RUN2U”. The music video currently has over thirty million views on YouTube. 

Simply put, “RUN2U” is a bop. The song starts with a bit of a darker sound compared to their previous songs but soon transitions into a lighter, pop-ier sound. The electronic-pop track is very catchy like previous title tracks, with the chorus going “So I’ll run to you / a little bit, little bit / a little bit, little bit.” The repeated phrase “a little bit, a little bit” will get stuck in your head quickly, but it’s also the part I look forward to the most when listening to the song. Sadly, the track missed their signature “STAYC girls, it’s going down!” that was featured in their earlier title tracks. Other than that, this is definitely the song you’d want to listen to if you need some pumping up, especially if you’re going out for a run. 

“SAME SAME” is a more simple track, contrasting the first track “RUN2U” with a lighter, calmer beat. I always get the image of a ballerina whenever I listen to this song, with light little jumps, and snappy movements. The song’s specialty is its lightness, despite its hard-hitting bass beats. It’s definitely a fun, cute track. The song is about two people sharing the same feelings for each other, but one is waiting for the other to act on it as the chorus says, “Same same / our feelings are the same / nothing between us will change / even though you try to drag the time/baby I don’t wanna waste my time.” The song ends with a neat little run and the anticipated “STAYC girls, it’s going down!”

“247” (pronounced as 24/7) has an R&B feel to it, and it’s about wanting to stay by a person’s side 24/7. The refrain, “Even as time passes / no matter where you are / I’ll always be by your side, with you.” is sung sweetly, adding to the cute lyrics. A romantic song, it holds true to the theme of the EP: young love. Overall, the song is groovy and would pair perfectly with a long drive during a sunset or sunrise. 

“YOUNG LUV” is not my favorite track, which is unfortunate considering it’s referenced in the mini album’s title. The song continues the trend of calmer songs and sounds like something you’d hear at the beginning of a coming-of-age movie. The opening lyrics, “My love’s so young / I’m young, a sweet age,” are reminiscent of youthful romances lacking structure and stability. The message is driven by later lyrics like, “You come to me awkwardly and pretend to be in love.”  There is no big drop in the song, but as the song progresses, the guitar and beats feel a little heavier. Overall, this is sort of a sadder yet slightly empowering song.

Second to last, “BUTTERFLY” is my favorite b-side from the EP. The beat resembles songs from K-R&B artists and is very smooth. The lyrics for this song are super cute, starting with “Butterfly / you who shines brighter than any star/butterfly / the small light that brightens my little love, it’s you.” This song is about loving a person who makes you feel better, existing as “the light in the dark universe.” With its sweet melody and lyrics, this is the perfect song to listen to when you just need to relax.

The last song on the EP is “I WANT U BABY” and reminds me of Ariana Grande’s “just like magic” because of its melodic parts. The song has a darker sound, and is about really wanting to be with someone: “I want you, baby, / a night of stars / I want you to pick out the stars for me.” This song ties together the running theme of a young love.

The STAYC girls live up to their nickname of SLAYC, and this comeback did not disappoint overall. Their vocals prove their talent, and I look forward to their future comebacks.

Featured Image By Francessca Conde