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5 Questions you WILL get Asked during Thanksgiving Break and How to Talk Your Way Out of Them

  1. Can you believe the election results?

How to escape: Avoid political conversations during Thanksgiving at all costs. Even if your entire family magically happens to have the same political opinions (which they definitely won’t), nothing good can come out of bringing out such a controversial topic during what is supposed to be a peaceful time. Make a vague comment then use that comment to transition away from politics, like “Yeah, the whole election season was crazy. My friends and I all went out for Starbucks after voting to relax. Did you see Starbucks put out its holiday menu? We should go try it sometime. I heard the toasted white chocolate mocha is super good!” Politics get avoided and you might get you a free coffee, courtesy of your family members.

Photo by Lauren Breach

2. “Do you have a boyfriend/girlfriend yet?”

How to escape: If you do, that’s great! Take the opportunity to brag about your SO. If not, that’s okay! Don’t rush just to please your family. Pivot to something you do want to brag about. For example, “Nah, right now I’m trying to focus on this incredible organization/internship program/class I got into.” Then, flex away. Remember: You do NOT need a significant other to be impressive. You are more than impressive enough on your own.

3. “What are you going to do after college?”

How to escape: No one can see into the future so why does it seem like every relative keeps asking this? Just keep it vague and let your family interpret your response in the way they want to. Try something like “After I graduate, I want to work as a (insert general term for your major like nurse/videographer/advertising team member). Eventually, I want to work my way up to (insert dream job).” This shows you have a plan (even if it’s a loose one) and the ambition to go through with it. That’s all your family really wants to know.

Photo via pxfuel

4. “How’s (insert your ex’s name)?”

How to escape: Ouch! Being asked about the ex is never fun. It’s going to be stressful but just try to answer this like you are being asked about a friend. Give an honest but brief reply and don’t let the conversation dwell on the ex.

5. “Can you help me with my phone/IPad/other electronic?”

How to escape: You can’t. As one of the “young ones” in the family, you will never stop getting asked this question. Just know it doesn’t come from wanting you to be annoyed or trying to get you to spend half an hour arguing with Grandma about why you can’t block every spam call. Your older relatives didn’t grow up as digital natives and you’re helping them a lot. View it as an opportunity to help and teach someone you love instead of an irritation.