Gift guide for the memes of 2018

Tis’ the season to be jolly, and what better way is there really to bring holiday cheer than to celebrate the memes of 2018?

Trying to find low budget, memeingful gifts for loved ones can be a challenge for many people come the holiday season. Let’s face it; the fabric of millennial society is made of memes. These funny, nonsensical images and references to popular culture solidify friendships and bring people together – and that’s what the holiday season is all about.

In the spirit of the holidays I have taken the time to compile a gift guide of 2018 meme themed gifts so that your friends can nostalgically gaze upon the memes of Christmas past. Perhaps they will one day pass these gifts along to their children as relics of a great age. You’ll thank me later.

Kylo Ren Pants

This iconic scene from “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” had audiences shook when villain Kylo Ren (played by Adam Driver) hops up on the scene with these incredibly high-waisted pants that were not at all villainous. Although the movie was released at the end of 2017, the look soon became a meme shortly after in 2018 with the Kylo Ren challenge.

Get your friend the stretchiest black jogging pants you can find and sew in an extra strip of fabric for a more emphasized Ren effect. Who knows, they may be the perfect pants to walk around campus in come laundry day.

Tide Pod Ornaments

Okay so I’ll admit that the Tide Pod challenge was a dark time for us all, but nevertheless it was an iconic meme of 2018. Tide Pods have a “keep out of reach of children” label because their alluring scent and texture may prompt toddlers to consume the poisonous detergent product. At some point college students, the children of the adult world, began to post videos devouring the product. In 2017, two hundred and twenty-seven teenagers were rushed to the emergency room after eating the forbidden fruit.

Attach a paper clip and some string to a few tide pods and voila! A scrumptious holiday hanging decoration for your friends.

Matching Moth-Lightbulb Friendship Pins

Somewhere towards the end of 2018 the Internet decreed that she loved moths. We relate to everything now, chanting “same” when we see a trashcan, an overturned Lime, or a campus squirrel ravenously devouring some Chick-Fila-a. That same “same” principle was applied to moths and their love of lamps, because let’s face it, we all want someone to look at us the way a moth looks at a lamp.

Get your person a cute moth enamel pin and yourself a light bulb pin to commemorate your love and a fantastic meme.

A reminder of their “BDE”

When Ariana Grande revealed some – ahem – intimate information about her then fiancé Pete Davidson’s anatomy, the Internet went wild, spawning the term “Big D**k Energy” into existence. Determining whether someone had BDE became the next big thing. (Pun intended)

Everyone wants to feel like as if they have that BDE silent confidence, so go grab your bomb af friend a laptop sticker to remind them of it.

Motivational Gym Kardashian Water Bottle

Gym Kardashian took Twitter by storm when someone with too much time on their hands released photoshopped images of Kardashians with killer biceps.

Slap a few gym Kardashian stickers on a water bottle and you have the perfect motivational gift for those New Year’s fitness resolutions that we only keep for the first two weeks of the year.

A Spicy Walmart Yodel Kid Mixtape

I’m still shook that Mason Ramsey was here for a UT football game. This 12 year old boy became an Internet sensation after a video of him yodeling in a Walmart went viral. He is now signed to a record label and hit the charts with his debut single “famous.” Memes really can take you places in life.

Compile your sweet daAaAaddy a hot mixtape of all the Walmart Yodel Kid remixes you can find. Trust me, the possibilities are endless.

Yanny or Laurel Friendship Bracelets

Yanny or Laurel, an important world issue much like the what color was the dress controversy, left people questioning their sanity. Some heard the word “Yanny” in the recording while others clearly heard “Laurel.”

As a reminder of this event, you can gift your friend a set of Yanny/Laurel friendship bracelets.

4 things to do at ut before the fall semester ends

With so many new adventures and opportunities available at the beginning of the semester, deciding how to spend your free time can be an incredibly overwhelming decision. From balancing midterms, extracurriculars and a part-time job, you may not have gotten the chance to experience everything else UT has to offer. But it’s not too late. Here are four of the things you should do this semester while you’re at student at UT:


1) Visit a Campus Museum

Not only does the University offer a great experience for sports fans, but it also has a huge collection of on-campus artwork and exhibits available for all students to enjoy for free. Some of the many museums on campus include the Harry Ransom Center, the Lyndon B. Johnson Library and Museum, the Blanton Museum and the Texas Memorial Museum; all of which have curated an incredible collection for you to admire for hours.


2) See a Movie at the Texan Union

If you’re feeling like sitting down and just taking a breather before your next exam or big project, University of Texas Campus Events + Entertainment hosts a different popular movie at the Texas Union Theater every week for free. With movies such as “Mission Impossible: Fallout” and “The Incredibles,” they’ve probably got a movie playing that’s perfect for you, whether you’re a fan of horror, action, or any other genre of film.


3) Spend an all-nighter at the PCL

While it may not be as fun as screaming your heart out at DKR or chomping down on some popcorn with all of your friends, spending long nights at the PCL is basically a rite of passage among UT students. Even if you don’t have a big test to study for or hours of homework on your plate, you’ll definitely bond with the hundreds of the other students as you all try to stay awake (especially if you’re not on a quiet floor).


4) Attend Other Longhorn Sports Games

It’s definitely tempting to think that football is the only sport at UT. But along with visiting Bevo Boulevard and Longhorn City Limits on Saturdays, watching one of the many other sports teams at UT is also an incredible experience. Head to Gregory Gym to see the volleyball team win another game on their quest for another Big 12 championship, to Mike A. Myers Stadium to see the soccer team, or to any of the other sports arenas to observe any of the other great sports team at UT.

10 Fall Fashion Staples You Need This Year

Many new trends have merged this fashion season. However, in the words of Yves Saint Laurent, it’s important to remember that while “fashions fade, style is eternal”.

So, here’s list of 10 things you need in your closet this fall to stay both classic and trendy, including some outfits curated by me!.

1. Plaid

Plaid is a fall favorite. Recently, it’s made a resurgence on the runway. If you’re trying to go for a more festive look this holiday season, plaid is definitely the way to go.

2. Velvet

Texture is important! Especially with the muted color schemes that dominate fall fashion. Add a velvet piece to any look and instantly amplify the complexity of your outfit.

3. Sparkling piece

Another holiday favorite! Go glam this season and turns heads in an outfit that’s bound to draw attention.

4. Boots

Though this recommendation isn’t exclusive to fall, wearing boots – especially statement boots – will make it seem like you put a lot of effort into your look. This comes in handy on the days where getting out of bed on time is made difficult due to the weather.

5. Bold animal print

Animal prints, specifically patterns like zebra and leopard, have made a return to this year’s runways. Wear them best as a statement layer in a monochromatic look.

6. Statement red piece

Dark and neutral colors tend to be popular during autumn, but sometimes it can get a little boring and monotonous. By including a bright red piece, you demand to be seen.

7. Faux-fur coat

While wearing real fur can be problematic, faux-fur is an equally stylish alternative to dressing up an outfit. Throw on a coat and make a cute outfit “high fashion” in a heartbeat.

8. Glossy piece

This is another look that has gained popularity on the runway this season. High-shine or high-gloss pieces are “in” right now.

9. Leather and fringe

Many western and prairie inspired elements have been incorporated into clothing lines this fall. Channel your inner cowboy and make it fashion!

10. Tweed

Finally, tweed is a classic material that can quickly turn an outfit from casual to fashionable. Plus, it’ll keep you warm this season!

ut a cappella groups rock hogg auditorium

Nobody could contain their smiles or stop their toes from tapping along to the beats of UT’s best student a cappella groups on  Nov. 2nd at Acapalooza. Each group performed about three songs and left the audience completely enthralled by their choreography, contagious energy, and crazy vocal range. As someone with no previous exposure to a cappella (except for the Pitch Perfect series of course) I can say that I was left shook to my core. Below are some highlights of each of the seven premier groups of the night.

Beauties and the Beat

Established in 2013, Beauties is the only all-female competitive a cappella group on campus and strives to promote female empowerment through their music. After watching their performance, I can only say that these beauties really know how to rock the beat.

The Texas Songhorns

Boasting an extensive list of competitive awards, the Songhorns confidently stepped onto the stage in matching khakis, looking like the chillest bunch of frat boys about to lay down some sick beats. The group started as a purely social organization in 2011, but quickly transitioned to a competitive a cappella team after competing in the 2014 International Competition of Collegiate A Cappella (ICCA). Since then, the all-male group has been competing in various national competitions, often placing in the top three, and are recognized as one of UT’s leading a cappella groups.

Hum A Cappella

Hum A Cappella was the only group performing known to fuse Western music styles with South Asian style. The group came on stage wearing matching traditional garb and opened their performance with a powerful rendition of Christina Aguilera’s Fall in Line. Their last song brought down the house with the South Asian style they are so well known for. Their performance was exciting and energetic and was definitely one to remember.

One Note Stand

First of all, whoever came up with this name is acca-mazing. One Note Stand is a nationally recognized a cappella group that was originally founded as a service organization, often singing for free at fundraising events. The group seemed very close-knit on stage and opened with an upbeat rendition of What You Don’t Do by Lianne La Havas.

The Ransom Notes

Not much is said about Ransom Notes on Hornslink, but this group left a strong impression on the audience with spirited renditions of Death of a Bachelor by Panic! At the Disco, S&M by Rihanna, and a moving performance of Blessed by Daniel Caesar.

Fuse A Cappella

Fuse A Cappella is another of UT’s premier competitive a cappella groups and performs off and around campus at fundraisers and charity events. The group boasted some impressive vocalists and brought down the house with their version of God is a Woman by Ariana Grande.

Noteworthy A Cappella 

Noteworthy is another one of the leading competitive a cappella groups at UT Austin. The group lived up to their name at the showcase and delivered a stunning performance. Both Noteworthy A Cappella and Fuse A Cappella will be performing again for the holidays on December 9th, 7:00-8:30 pm at their Winter Concert in the Student Activities Center.

How to be Cute and Cruelty-Free In College

As college students, we tend to lose sight of shopping ethically in favor of buying what’s cheap and convenient – especially in terms of fashion. However, as much as we love saving money, it’s important to remember those affected by our purchases, and that’s not always limited to people. The animals we love can be hurt by major fashion brands, too. According to PETA, many animals that we hold dear to our hearts are being exploited by the international fur trade. This ranges from birds, cows, and rabbits, to snakes, cats, and dogs.

So, how does a broke college student go about buying clothes, makeup, and accessories even Bevo would approve of? By shopping vegan, of course! While the word vegan scares some people, it’s important to note that vegan just means something free of animal products.  However, not everyone has the time to research what they’re buying – so here’s a list of affordable brands to amp up your look while you’re here at the Forty Acres.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

H&M has made its mark as one of the few retailers to move towards sustainable fashion and beauty. None of their cosmetics are tested on animals, and they refuse to sell real fur. While the company does sell some leather products, they also have many faux leather alternatives that are just as cute. There isn’t an H&M near campus, but they offer free shipping for purchases over $40, and only charge $3.99 for anything below.

If you’re not interested in online shopping, the nearest H&M is located in The Domain at 11410 Century Oaks Terrace, Austin, TX 78758.

Forever 21

Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Like H&M, Forever 21 is another brand that has promised never to sell real fur. They offer an extensive variety of faux leather products; from jackets and skirts, to shoes, belts, and handbags. Forever 21 is one of the more affordable clothing brands on this list, but prices depend upon on the quality and complexity of the materials being purchased from this store.

Forever 21 is great for online shopping and offers delivery services, but it is also located in The Domain at 3409 Esperanza Crossing #110, Austin, TX 78758.


Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Unlike H&M and Forever 21, Target can be found on campus off of Guadalupe – also known as “the drag” in the longhorn community. They offer many leather and wool-alternatives, though the selection may be limited due to the small size of this location. Vegan fashions would be easily accessible here due to the proximity of this store to campus, eliminating extra shipping costs you might be met with during online shopping.

This Target is located at 2025 Guadalupe St. Ste 01-100, Austin, TX 78705.


Photo courtesy of Patagonia

There’s not a Patagonia store near campus, but Patagonia merchandise is sold in the Tyler’s store off of Guadalupe Street. This brand uses more conventional materials to create their products, such as hemp and recycled cotton, but they also have wool-alternatives such as PrimaLoft® to insulate their parkas.  They also reduce their consumption of wool materials by using recycled wool in many of their products. This is a great brand to help you keep warm this winter, but it is more costly than the other brands.

Patagonia products can be found at the Tyler’s store at 2338 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705.


Photo courtesy of Pacifica

Pacifica is a brand that specializes in skincare and makeup that prides itself on being 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Their products are formulated around natural ingredients and fragrances, as opposed to harsh chemicals, and the same can be said for their makeup. However, because of their ingredient choices and product formulation, some of their makeup is not as full-coverage as conventional brands.

Pacifica products can be purchased online, or in person at the Target on Guadalupe.

e.l.f. Cosmetics

Photo courtesy of e.l.f. Cosmetics

e.l.f.  specializes in makeup, and beyond that, they ensure their makeup brushes and tools are vegan. A lot of their makeup products not only benefit your look, but your skin, too; most formulations include vitamins meant to restore and refresh your skin, unlike other beauty products. Also, e.l.f. is a very affordable  for the college student on a budget.

e.l.f. products, like Pacifica, can also be purchased at Target on Guadalupe.

Photo courtesy of Helena Lopes from Pexels

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