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Why Only Murders in the Building Is the Perfect New Show for College Students

With midterms right around the corner, UT students are beginning to experience peak levels of the stress and exhaustion that come with hunching over their laptops until 1:00 a.m. in the PCL. After stressful weeks like this, many of us like to spend our weekends in bed, binge watching our favorite comfort show. Well, I’m here to give you three reasons why Hulu’s new show, Only Murders in the Building, is the perfect series for easing your nerves and boosting your spirits.


Only Murders in the Building’s starring cast includes renowned actors Steve Martin, Martin Short, and most importantly, Selena Gomez. Yes, Selena Gomez. Due to Gomez being busy producing hit shows like 13 Reasons Why, Only Murders In the Building is her first television role in a long time.

This is an extremely big deal for an undergraduate population of Gen-Z’ers who grew up watching her as the iconic character, Alex Russo, in The Wizards of Waverly Place. The Disney star’s presence in this lighthearted murder series will bring you childhood nostalgia and joy watching Gomez play the role of a struggling young woman that we can all better relate to, now that we are all grown up as well.


Although you might not recognize them by name, Steve Martin and Martin Short are most familiar to college students as the goofy father from the Cheaper By the Dozen film series and Jack Frost from The Santa Clause 3: The Escape Clause. The two comedians have come together on past film projects to create comedic genius and Only Murders in the Building is no different.

In the show, Steve Martin plays Charles-Haden Savage, a washed up television actor with dating issues. Martin Short plays Oliver Putnam, a former Broadway director who is struggling to pay his bills. Meanwhile, Selena Gomez’s character, Mabel, is a mysterious young woman whose residence at the Arconia, the expensive apartment building in which they all live, is puzzling to both Charles and Oliver. In true enemies to lovers fashion, these three characters hate each other at the beginning of the show. However, once they realize they share a love for a fictional true crime podcast and experience a death in their building, they become inseparable. As the unexpected trio works to solve the case of the dead man in their apartment building, the viewer watches their relationships evolve from humorous bickering to heartfelt companionship.


Finally, I believe the show’s soundtrack is the most fun element. The opening theme is an upbeat tune with a slight mysterious edge to it that reflects the show’s perfect mixture of comedy and thriller. Throughout the episodes, there is also a wide variety of songs played on the accordion that lift your spirits and contribute to the humor of the show.

I encourage you to take a break from studying, curl up in your softest blanket, and enjoy an episode of Only Murders in the Building.

Campus Art You Ignore Every Day

With classes back in person, it’s likely that you pass by the many art installations here on campus. Many of us have seen these works, but never stop to learn their name or artists. This is your chance to appreciate the art you ignore every day.

Public art is something we often take for granted. The UT campus is littered with paintings, sculptures and digital pieces that we usually don’t give a second look. The art we ignore every day should be appreciated, so I hope that the small taste I was able to give here inspires you to look a little closer at the pieces you pass on your weekly commutes.

5 DIY Austin-Inspired Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner and if you’re anything like most college students, you’re looking for a last-minute costume idea right about now. You could go basic— maybe a witch or a ghost? 

No! Austin is full of unique, fun inspirations that you can easily convert into an amazing costume. Here are five ideas you can make at home. 

1. Bat 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Irandelson Salgueiro andMonstrea

Why: Austin is famous for the 1.5 million Mexican free-tailed bats under the Ann W. Richards Congress Avenue Bridge. It’s the largest urban bat colony in the world. So, what better way is there to celebrate our winged friends than dressing up as them on Halloween night (and donating to help them)? 

What you need: An all-black outfit with a set of wings. If you can’t find any convincing bat wings at the store, you can make your own.  

2. Tourist 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Flickr and Diane Cordell

Why: More than 30 million tourists visit Austin every year and they aren’t hard to spot. You can use Halloween to connect with your inner tourist and have some fun.

What you need: A pair of too-hot-for-Texas jeans, a UT or “Keep Austin Weird” shirt and a fake sunburn. Bonus points if you show up on a Lime scooter or with an Austin map and Austin City Limits pass. 

3. Violet Crown 

Images courtesy of: Canva, Monstera and Jc Laurio

Why: Did you know the color of the west hills and sky during sunset have been called Austin’s “violet crown?” You can pay homage to this idealistic view and make a simple, punny halloween costume out of it. 

What you need: An all violet outfit and a crown or tiara. 

4. Domino

Images courtesy of: Canva, Pixels and Pixabay

Why: Domino is amongst the most loved felines in all of Austin. He freely roams the UT campus and has belly scratches and food galore at his paw-tips. Honestly, who wouldn’t want to be him?

What you need: Some black and white clothes, drawn-on whiskers  and a pair of cat ears. 

5. Jo’s Coffee “I love you so much” mural

Images courtesy of: Canva, Vikas Mani and cottenbro

Why: This is an iconic SoCo spot. You see recreations of it on mugs, socks and ornaments throughout Austin. So, why not a Halloween costume?

What you need: A light green shirt, a red sharpie and the ability to write in cursive. 
No matter what you dress up as for Halloween, Austin is a great place to celebrate the holiday. So, go forward and have a safe and fun Halloween!

Why “Over the Garden Wall” Should Be On Your Fall Watchlist

As we ease into the fall season, there’s nothing better than cozying up on a chilly night to watch your favorite movie or television show. While most of us will watch Coraline, Harry Potter or Gilmore Girls, I think a new TV show should be added to your fall watchlist: Over the Garden Wall. Even though it came out in 2014, it is still relevant today to UT students looking for a fall go-to show. 

“Watching Over the Garden Wall felt like walking outside on a crisp fall day and stepping on crunchy leaves. The colors and music were perfect for the fall season,” said Melanie Chapman, freshman civil engineering student. 

If you’re still on the fence about watching the show, here are five reasons why Over the Garden Wall is a perfect fall watch: 

1. Soundtrack 

Reminiscent of pre-1950s jazz and folk, the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack is a mix of warm melodies and showtune-esque songs. Each song will have you singing along or running to add it to your fall playlist — or maybe both! 

2. Characters

The characters in Over the Garden Wall are easily the best part of the show. Overly anxious Wirt and his naive step brother, Greg, make a hilarious and heartwarming pair. The show is filled with so many memorable characters. Pumpkin people, frogs in 1920s attire and a heartbroken school teacher are just a few of the eccentric characters in the show. 

3. Length

Over the Garden Wall is the perfect length for binge watchers and casual watchers alike. Each episode is only 10 minutes long, so the total run time for the series is only an hour and forty minutes. Whether you binge the whole series at once or watch an episode in between classes, Over the Garden Wall does not disappoint! 

4. Plot

Set in a mysterious forest called the Unknown, Over the Garden Wall follows two brothers on their journey to escape the forest while avoiding the ominous beast that stalks the two on their adventure. The pair is accompanied by a talking bluebird who helps guide them to a woman who can help them get back home, but as they move through the forest things aren’t as they seem. 

5. Fall Themes 

Over the Garden Wall feels like a warm drink on a chilly night. The show is able to balance a very lighthearted, whimsical theme with mysterious and dark undertones. Beautiful colors and picturesque scenery also adorn the show— perfect for the fall season. 

Overall, Over the Garden Wall is a beautiful, heartwarming show that needs to be on your watchlist! The soundtrack, characters, length, plot and fall themes have earned the show its place amongst staple fall watches. Want some more fall show recommendations? Check out  our recent Instagram post!

Featured image courtesy of Over the Garden Wall, S1 E1 on Hulu