About Us

Burnt X is an online student-run magazine that also produces content for the Daily Texan’s monthly Longhorn Life issue. We are a fun group of passionate writers, photographers, videographers, and pop culture enthusiasts dedicated to creating the Buzzfeed of UT.

Burnt X got its start in 2013 and was rebooted in the Spring of 2019. We’re still a rather small publication for the University of Texas, but through hard work, dedication, and lots of memes, we hope to become a well recognized student media outlet. Contact us via Twitter or Instagram if you’re interested in submitting your work or would like to join the Burnt X fam!

Meet the Staff

Kara Fields

Special Editions Editor

Originally from Trinidad and Tobago, Kara is a Journalism and Asian Cultures and Languages (Chinese) major. Growing up in seven different countries, her expat background has inspired her to pursue the career of foreign correspondent.

Courtney Smith

Social Media Editor

Courtney is a North Carolina native who is happy to call Texas home. She is a lover of all things writing, weddings, yoga, and coffee.

Anysa Hernandez

Staff Writer

Anysa is a Journalism major who loves astrology, animals and fashion.

Emily Hyatt

Staff Writer

Emily is a Radio-Television-Film and Journalism major stumbling her way through UT. She likes to write about film, horror, drag queens (sometimes all combined), and mental health. Pugs are her favorite dog; send her all the pug memes.

Branch Archer

Staff Writer

Branch is an Environmental Engineering major with a flair for satirical writing.

Myah Taylor

Staff Writer

Myah Taylor is a first-year journalism student from Colorado Springs, CO. In her free time, she enjoys updating her personal blog (couturelysound.wordpress.com), running, getting lost in books, appreciating fashion and culture, and having solo dance parties to her favorite songs.

Skyler King

Staff Writer

Originally from Orlando, Florida, Skyler is a young woman with a passion for Entertainment news. She started out wanting to be an actress, but realized she was too shy. She might also have a slight obsession over Harry Potter and Marvel Studios, but she’s got it under control!

Sara Johnson

Staff Writer

Sara is a journalism major at UT who doesn’t know the definition of leisure time. She likes writing on film, TV, and pop culture. She just has a lot of feelings.

Blaine Young

Staff Writer

Blaine is a Journalism and Philosophy double major who is also on the photo department for The Daily Texan.

Adriana Rezal

Staff Writer

Adriana is an International Relations and Global Studies major. In addition to writing, she loves screwing up food recipes and binge-watching Japanese reality TV shows.

Dylan Rasbridge

Staff Writer

Dylan is a journalism major and hopes to minor in Latin American Studies. His passions include traveling, writing and photography. He strongly believes that good journalism provides change-makers the information they need to challenge the status quo.

Destinee Norman

Staff Writer

Destinee is an English Major who enjoys food, travel, and dogs. She has a love for Journalism and is always looking for new projects.