How to: Spooky Baskets

By Olivia Beene

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The holiday season is the perfect time to spoil the ones you love, and Halloween is no exception. 

Over the past few years, spooky baskets have become a popular gift to give during the Halloween Season. These baskets are full of sweet treats, and cozy items that celebrate fall and all of its festivities. They make for thoughtful and customizable gifts that show your love and appreciation for the people in your life.

Here are some ideas about what to include in your spooky basket to treat your boo this Halloween. 

  1. Pick your Basket

The first step in building a spooky basket is to find a basket you like. The basket doesn’t have to be Halloween themed, or a basket at all. Maybe place the goodies in a witch’s hat, or a wicker basket that can be used after the holiday season, too. There are a lot of options to find a simple or unique container for your spooky basket. 

  1. Sweets

It wouldn’t be Halloween without sweets. Treats are an essential part of a spooky basket and they are totally customizable. Fill the basket with packaged candies, homemade sweets, or other spooky snacks. 

  1. Warm and Cozy items

Winter is approaching and keeping warm is essential. Socks, hats, and blankets are perfect to include in your loved one’s spooky baskets. Other cozy gifts to include are movies for a relaxing night in, hot chocolate mixes, and luxurious candles. These gifts will be sure to melt your loved one’s hearts. 

  1. Self-care items

There is nothing more relaxing than a self-care day during the holiday season. Spa items are perfect to include in your spooky basket, especially for individuals who don’t enjoy the fright of Halloween. Bubble baths, a loofah, body scrubs, seasonal lotions, and facemasks are great gifts to remind the people in your lives to treat themselves during the holidays. 

  1. Home Decor

Decorating for the holiday’s is a sacred tradition. Halloween themed home decor will fill your loved one’s hearts and homes with joy. Some great examples are decorative pumpkins, string lights, festive kitchen towels, mugs, and welcome mats. 

  1. Craft projects

Crafts are a creative way to spend more time bonding with the ones you love. Include some craft options in your spooky baskets such as pumpkin carving kits, and festive coloring books. 

To find these items and to get more inspiration check out your local Halloween shops, home decor stores, Walmart, and Target.