Five Ways to Style Platform Sandals

By Myah Taylor

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One of the hottest trends from the 90s has been lighting up the street styles of today and making everyone just a little bit taller. Enter platform sandals: the shoes you need in your life to elevate any outfit. Platform sandals come in all shapes and sizes, so the perfect pair is out there for you. But once you get you hands on some, you’ll need to know how to style them. Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these five ways to style this classic sandal:
1. Keep it casual

Photo courtesy of Pinterest

Want to beef up your favorite denim and t-shirt combo? Add a nice pair of platforms if you really want to look like you tried. This style is perfect for looking cute on the go.

2. Get Edgy With It

Photo courtesy of Who What Wear

Pair some nice statement sandals with unusual ensembles. Add in a pair of shades and some other accessories and you’ll be golden.

3. Go the Flirty Route

Photo courtesy of Who What Wear

Platform sandals are perfect for a girly aesthetic. Pair them with your favorite dresses, skirts, rompers or blouses and you’ll have yourself a ‘fit.

4. Take athleisure to the next level

Photo courtesy of Urban Outfitters

Ugly chunky sneaks have officially met their match. Want the comfort of a tennis shoe but the aeration of a sandal? Check these out. Pair some sporty platforms with sweats or leggings to reach new athleisure heights.

5. Make a Statement

Photo courtesy of Where To Get It

Make bold fashion choices. Take the metallic route with your sandals or rock some crazy prints to breathe signs of life into your simpler looks.