Planning for 4.0 Season

By Olivia Beene

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School is in session once again for The University of Texas at Austin. Many of us are approaching our first exams and first major projects. Not to mention the many assignments, papers, and quizzes that fall in between them. There are so many tasks to complete it can feel hard to be on top of your game. Organization is key to crushing those deadlines while still making time for your social life and keeping your mental health in check. It’s 4.0 season and here’s what will help. 

Start a Planner

“2019 Planner” by Aya Alaa. Creative Commons

Planners are a popular way to organize for many students because they provide a lot of structure while still catering to your specific needs. 

Most every planner will have a week by week layout and then a large layout of the entire month. There will most likely be a place to take free notes and a place to document important yearly dates. However, planners have become more customizable and better suited for different lifestyles. For example, some planners have a goals section where you can focus on improvements and good habits while others are centered around tasks and to-do lists.

A great example of veritility are the Recollections Creative Year planners. These planners are catered to different topics such as goals, spirituality, to-do, fitness, and even seasonal holiday planners. 

Planner accessories have also become increasingly popular. Now you color code classes, washi tape your pages, and decorate with stickers all while organized. Your perfect planner exists whether you want it big and colorful, or small and monochrome.

Erin Condren is a popular brand that sells planners and planner accessories. Their unique designs of zipper pouches, pens, bookmarks, and washi tapes make planning fun and creative.

Get Creative with Bullet Journaling

By Courtney Smith

If you have ever found yourself on Pinterest, then bullet journaling probably isn’t a new concept to you. Bullet journaling is perfect for individuals who like the organization elements of a planner but don’t love how structured the layout is and wish for more creativity. 

Bullet journals are completely blank to begin. You can choose a notebook with dot lined pages, regular lined pages, or unlined pages. Bullet journals are completely customizable and every week or month can look different.

By Courtney Smith

There are also many artists who are beautifully talented at bullet journaling and will create templates for beginners. If you love craft projects, give bullet journaling a search on Youtube and you will find yourself entertained for hours.

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most practical and efficient way to stay organized this semester. The main appeal of this calendar is that it can be accessed anywhere on your phone or laptop. If you find out you have an assignment due while at the grocery store, you don’t have to wait to add it to your calendar, you can do it immediately no matter where you are. 

Google calendar also has a reminder feature that is helpful for people who tend to be more forgetful. If you have an assignment due in the evening, you can schedule yourself a reminder that morning to turn the work in. It is also helpful to remind yourself of test dates and project deadlines a week prior so you can prepare in advance. 

No matter what option is best suited for your needs, organization skills will save you the headache of falling behind and missing important deadlines. Organizing the big stuff will make it easier for you to carve out time for lunch with a friend, a day spent doing your favorite activity, or even some simple self-care and destressing. 

It’s time to reach for your goals, put your best foot forward and make your dreams a reality.