155: Lost Shakespeare sonnet discovered

By Blaine Young

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After a month of rigorous Google research and phone interviews, we here at BurntX have gotten access to little-known Sonnet 155, Shakespeare’s 155th lost sonnet. We are publishing it now so that the rest of the world may gaze upon Shakespeare’s never-before seen work.


“Sonnet 155”

Although there are many a wall I hit

By research, writing, editing and more,

‘Tis for you, dear reader, I do attempt

This noble art that, to my very core,


I do only to keep you really true.

This trade of words to truth and fact behold

Although hardship does always pass on through

To a better world we seek to unfold.


And more with this trade of truthful writer

Do principally hold the same as I,

That the spread of knowledge is the lighter

Of a flame much too strong to go awry.


And if the strife is too much to bear through,

All of the heartache was worth it for you.