Your FOMO is valid if you’re missing out on KVRX Fest

By Kara Fields

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ATTENTION MUSIC LOVERS! UT Austin’s very own radio station is hosting a music festival from May 10th-11th featuring an array of fresh talent from all around Texas. There are roughly 40 artists performing during the two-day festival held at Cheer Up Charlie’s and Symphony Square, two Austin-iconic music venues within a 3-minute walk of each other.

If you’re a penny pinching college student like I am, you’d have to be pretty convinced that if you’re spending your money on festival tickets, you sure better have a damn good time at the festival, which means there better be some kickass entertainment.

Lucky for you, Burnt X has got your back. After listening to hours upon hours of electronic indie pop and new age rap, I invited my friends to the fest. Seriously. I’ve even added several albums to my own personal Spotify playlists. These artists are amazing and their musical palate is so broad that anyone is practically guaranteed to find their new beat. To put it in simpler terms, KVRX is somewhat of a hipster’s wet dream: a compilation of innovative, underrated artists. A true homage to “I liked them before they were cool.”

If you’re interested in a fun night out with your friends to end the school year, a chill date night (trust me, you’ll earn mad points), or a break from finals, you can find general admissions tickets on KVRX’s website along with Local Live Lounge passes which includes access to a private bar, private bathrooms, food, a merch bundle, and meet and greets with the pioneers of these amazing sounds.