Top 10 Places To Study Abroad

By Destinee Norman

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Most people dream of going abroad during their college career; whether they want to study, intern, or research abroad. Well, here are the top 10 places that UT students went to for Study Abroad in the 2017-2018 school year according to the University of Texas Impact Report.

Tokyo, Japan

10. Japan

Amount of Students Attended: 104

Why Go? With Japan’s rich culture and fun atmosphere, you can learn a lot studying abroad in Japan! If you are studying Japanese then this is the place for you since their language is integral into their curriculum, though they do offer classes in English for UT students as well. Japan’s study abroad program is relatively cheap and you’re allowed to get a part-time job.

Prague, Czech Republic


Amount of Students Attended:131

Why Go? This place is right in the middle of Europe and has many beautiful and historical sites for any type of major. It is a very unappreciated place that many students don’t think of when they are searching for study abroad, but it is definitely one to keep in mind!

Cape Town, South Africa by Romain Pontida


Amount of Students Attended:145

Why Go? South Africa is very far from the United States which could be seen as a good or a bad thing. Politics is a big part of South African culture and has beautiful views of the sea. Cape Town is a big spot for students who want to get a feel for their diverse society. Even if it is far away, sometimes the distance is worth it.

Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany


Amount of Students Attended:154

Why Go? History lovers will definitely love the thought of studying abroad in Germany! Germany has more than just history though. They have a diverse amount of classes and are big, not only in history, but business and international relations. Germany is the best place to learn German (duh) and have a great food and music scene. What more can you ask for?

Xitang, Zhejiang, China


Amount of Students Attended: 225

Why Go? China is the starting point of so many different opportunities. You can learn anything from international relations to business to technology to industry in China. Not only that, but China has one of the richest histories. Mandarin is one of the hardest languages to learn so what better place to do that then in China?

Campania, Italy


Amount of Students Attended: 228

Why Go? Italy is one of the most gorgeous countries in the world with rich history, culture, and food that could leave you satisfied for days. Architecture and Artistic vision is mainstream in places like Italy. Basically anything in the Liberal Arts college can be found among the old historic buildings in Italy.

Santa Maria Huatulco, Oaxaca, Mexico


Amount of Students Attended: 245

Why Go? Not only is Mexico the closest country you can get to being in Austin, but so many famous people have come from Mexico. The rich culture and history is the stuff we have been learning all through grade school so what better place to see it in real life than to travel there in college. Being in the United States, learning Spanish is very beneficial as a second language. Immersing yourself in the Mexican culture can give you an experience different, but very beneficial to our own understanding of what makes America America.

Aix-en-Provence, Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur, France


Amount of Students Attended: 249

Why Go? France has influenced America in many ways, whether you have been to Louisiana or the arts that we see in America today. A lot of these things came from France in the form of food, history, arts, and architecture. Paris is a huge spot for business having some of the best business schools in the world!

London, England by Pedro Szekely


Amount of Students Attended: 252

Why Go? You should think about going to England, not just because I am going there this Summer, but because it has such a rich and varied culture much like our own. You don’t have to learn another language, but you can still experience things just a bit different than what you’re used to. London is a great spot for various activity and is the second most visited place, not just at UT, but by study abroad students everywhere.

Cerro del Hierro, Andalusia, Spain


Amount of Students Attended: 427

Why Go? Spain is a place that has varied landscapes, culture, and language that makes you feel like you are experiencing something new every day. Being the most sought after country to travel to in UT, there are multiple programs for just about anything you can think of! This is a great way to learn Spanish and have a fun time at all the dance clubs or unique restaurants around Barcelona.