Coffee Addict’s Guide to West Campus

By Emma Bittner

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We all want to have a coffee house like the one in Friends, and west campus may actually make that a reality for us. Being a regular and having a barista know you and your order has a certain vibe to it and has an unspoken friendship between it. Living in West Campus, there is no doubt that this can become a reality for you and me and we can finally find our long lost Friends hang out.

Before you look any further on yelp, try these unbeatable coffee shops that are just blocks from your doorstep.

Spider House

Coffee shops that never close, could there be anything better?  The answer is no.

Not only does spider house have the best outside dog-friendly patio, but it also has an inside with booths and a bar. In addition to their coffee menu, they also have a full bar inside, function as a restaurant and have Arlo’s vegan food truck outside the ballroom entrance.

Whether its 3 pm or 3 am, Spider House is the place to be for late night pick me ups, events, concerts or a night out with friends.

Lucky Lab

I may be biased because I spend most of my time here… but it’s just that good. Being in the name, Lucky Lab is dog-friendly and even offers treats for your pup when you order. How cute.

All of their pastries and food are made in house and the inside always smells of their latest treats. Open early enough to stop in before your 8 a.m.s, Lucky Lab has coffee to hit the spot every time of the day. In addition to the best-iced chai I’ve ever had, they have a rotating seasonal menu that will always have you stepping out of your comfort zone to try something new.

Mozart’s Coffee

Mozart’s is the best of both worlds, an incredible view of the lake and a great cup of coffee. Now that we have reached a Texas spring where its blue skies and 70 outside, Mozart’s is the best place to finish up your homework and study while still being able to soak in the beautiful outdoors.

In addition to the gorgeous view, they also have a great selection of coffees and roasts (for us coffee snobs). And if all else fails, you can always depend on them for a great cup of coffee with an even greater look at the lake.


Two words: Oat. Milk. I never believed the hype behind oat milk until I had an iced oat milk latte at Medici’s and let me tell you, it is worth the extra charge.

Open late, Medici’s has a cute upstairs loft to study at in addition to the downstairs seating. Perfect for early morning cram sessions and late night procrastination, a cup of coffee from here will always hit the spot and seem to make studying not too awful.

While we can always make coffee from the comfort of our own homes, it never truly measures up to coffee you can get in West Campus. Not to mention, the coffee house atmosphere is half of the reason we venture to these places.

Next time you have a long night of studying ahead, go grab a cup of joe from one of these places, it is sure to not disappoint.