10 Songs From Our Childhood That Still Slap

By Myah Taylor

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10 Songs From Our Childhoods That Still Slap

For many individuals like me that grew up during or around the 2000s, it’s a good time to be alive. The Jonas Brothers reunited last month, igniting the type of nostalgia capable of making all the childhood memories of their fans and observers come flooding back. In the era (and closely surrounding eras) of the Jonas Brothers, they and their contemporaries produced some teeny-bopper bangers that are still vibes today. Let’s take a walk down memory lane and remember the songs that added magic to a generation.

The Jonas Brothers- “Year 3000”

Why not start off the list with the group who has reignited this new wave of childhood nostalgia? “Year 3000” is actually a cover of British band Busted’s tune of the same name, but the Jo Bros added their own touches to the song, making it one of their staples. The track’s infectiousness will have young-adults belting out the chorus just like they did when the song’s video premiered on Disney Channel in 2007. And as people rock out to this 2000s banger, don’t be surprised if a debate ensues over who the cutest Jonas brother was.

Taylor Swift- “You Belong With Me”

A mega-hit from Taylor Swift’s classic album Fearless, “You Belong With Me” is an anthem about unrequited love that resonates with people across the ages.The iconic video for this song was relatable then, and it remains relatable now.

Miley Cyrus- “The Climb”

It’s got heart, it’s got soul and it’s got truth. The ultimate karaoke or singing-in-the-shower song, “The Climb” doesn’t get old. Talk about an anthem that could motivate anyone with the Monday blues.

Zac Efron as Troy Bolton- “Bet On It”

One of the best songs from High School Musical 2, “Bet On It” was fun then, but with the rise of memes, it’s even better now. Also, who doesn’t love an angsty, theatrical jam about a teenage identity crisis? And Efron’s pirouettes and hardcore parkour on the golf course? Still legendary.

Justin Bieber- “Boyfriend”

“Boyfriend” marked a new era for Justin Bieber. The slick production on the track, Bieber’s vocals and those lyrics that made tween girls swoon are still so smooth —smooth enough to make everyone forget that the singer actually included the line “swag, swag, on you, chillin’ by the fire, while we eatin’ fondue” in the song.

Victoria Justice- “Best Friend’s Brother”

Victorious produced a lot of great tracks, but this one resonates the most. The hook is just so catchy.

Zac Efron/Drew Seeley  and Vanessa Hudgens as Troy Bolton & Gabriella Montez-“Breaking Free”

When one thinks of High School Musical, “Breaking Free” has to come to mind. Whether it was attached to the movie or not, this track would still be pop gold. Zac Efron’s vocals aren’t actually featured in the song, but it’s still a classic that remains enjoyable today. Plus, the scene when the song is performed is so darn cute.

Cheetah Girls-“Cinderella”

Name a fiercer girl group than the Cheetah Girls. “Cinderella” is catchy and sassy. That kind of formula transcends time.

Aly & AJ- “Potential Breakup Song”

Who didn’t scream these lyrics to their non-existent significant other that did them wrong? Now that the kids from the era in which this song was released are all grown up, they can sing the song to their real significant others. Aly & AJ were truly ahead of their time.

Lemonade Mouth- “More Than a Band”

Lemonade Mouth was one of those sleeper Disney hits. Who would’ve thought this movie would produce such good music like the track “More Than a Band”? This acoustic gem still has the power to put anyone in their feels.

Growing up is hard and becoming an adult is strange. But the cool thing about music is that it’s changeless, taking people back to times past and never getting old.