10 Astrology Tips for Beginners

By Anysa Hernandez

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Astrology is becoming more and more mainstream. I mean, even Ariana Grande is tweeting about it. But it can be confusing and complex, especially for those who are just starting to look into it. As someone who started studying astrology with very minimal background knowledge on what everything meant, I definitely understand this struggle. Heck, I’m still learning more everyday. For the meanwhile, though, I’d like to provide 10 astrology tips for people new to astrology.

Let’s get started!

  1. First off, remember that the Sun sign is not the end all be all of your personality. I cannot stress this enough – your other planets are extremely impactful!

2. Learn about the big three components of your chart first – you will probably relate to them the most. I wrote an article about them here, but you definitely need to read your birth chart to know what these are.

3. If you haven’t read your birth chart before, start with Cafe Astrology’s free birth chart reports. It’s the simplest in-depth breakdown of your birth chart, and can give you a better understanding of each placement’s meanings!

4. That being said – once you have a better understanding of yourself through this website, go for more advanced readings of your birth chart provided by sites such as Astrotheme.

5. Take the extra step and download an astrology app for quick updates and horoscopes! I highly recommend Co-star and The Pattern for those brand new to astrology. You can add your friends and compare your birth charts with these apps.

6. For those looking for more in-depth chart readings, I would suggest downloading Astro Future! The only downside to this one is you have to manually input another person’s chart to compare them. I know, inputing a few letters and numbers is so much work.

7. If you aren’t really interested in downloading an app, there are plenty of Twitter astrologists who provide interesting content! Just make sure they’re credible – as astrology’s popularity grows, so does the amount of content on it. One of my favorites is @milkstrology.

8. Once you understand your planets… Read! Your! Aspects! I cannot stress this enough! Your placements can only explain so much. These will give you a better understanding of why you behave the way you do, and the internal battles you may face.

9. Astrology can’t explain everything about your life, but don’t take it for granted. Your environment (both past and present) and the conditions you were raised under will affect the way you are today, so your chart won’t ever be 100% accurate. However, it’s still a great basis for understanding yourself and others.

10. Always remember that you shouldn’t let yourself (or anyone, for the matter) use astrology as an excuse for treating others poorly! Astrology is meant to explain our natural selves, but that doesn’t mean you can’t grow from the negative qualities that may be expressed in your chart. And never give up on learning more about astrology! No matter how daunting it may be.

As I said, I’m still learning too, but my ultimate message is this: keep learning and always try to become better in anyway you can. When you understand yourself, you’ll achieve the growth (and glow) you deserve!