What Each Placement Means

By Anysa Hernandez

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Astrology can get confusing, especially if you’re just starting to get into it. Most people know their Sun sign because it is determined by their birthday, but there are other signs – such as a Moon and Rising sign – that also play a significant role. However, to know these signs, you need to look at your natal chart, which can be found here. Because many do not look beyond Sun sign astrology, a lot of people don’t even know what a Moon or Rising sign is and how impactful they truly are.

So, here is a basic breakdown of what each of the major three placements in a natal chart mean and how they affect you. For those who are really new to astrology, I’ll start off by explaining what the hell a “placement” is.

What is a placement?

A “placement” can best be described as where each planet falls under a specific zodiac sign. These planets encompass different aspects of our personalities, which I will expound on below.

The Big Three – The Sun, Moon, and Rising

These three placements are considered the most dominant signs in a natal chart. Meaning, they are the most influential placements in affecting someone’s personality.

The Sun

Sun sign astrology is probably the most popular form of astrology, and there’s a good reason behind that. The sun is a representation of the core of ourselves; it is the core of our being, our egos. It describes the most basic parts of your personality, like the outline of a blueprint. it is reflective of your overall goals in life and the impact you leave when trying to achieve these. However, while the Sun guides us towards our future, the next dominant placement is a planet that brings us back to our past.

The Moon

It might not technically be a planet, but the Moon is extremely detrimental to a person’s state of being. The Moon is just as powerful, if not more powerful, than the Sun when it comes to defining our personalities. It is our deepest, subconscious feelings and memories; it is how we instinctively express ourselves, if we choose to emote at all – the Moon is also how we protect ourselves. The Moon, a source of feminine energy in our charts, disciplines us as an internal mother the way the Sun acts as our father. She indicates the home, and points to where our past has caused us to struggle now.

Rising/Ascendant Sign

Like the moon, this isn’t a planet. Our rising signs are determined by the time we are born, and it is the sign we are perceived as in first impressions. This placement is a result of our environment, especially during childhood. In fact, this tweet explains that the Rising sign may also come from our parent’s birth charts. Rising placements guide us through our day to day, providing us with a natural attitude and appearance that reflects this placement. Eventually, we shed this “mask” or “shell” as we grow more comfortable with ourselves, and we begin to settle into our Sun.

There are a lot of things that affect a person’s astrological make up; and these are just a few. However, it’s important that we understand just how powerful these placements are within our charts. They allow for greater self-reflection, so we can overcome our negative qualities. We can be free of our mask, conquer our emotions, and achieve our goals.