‘Tis The Season of Thoughtful Giving

By Lauren Castro

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With Christmas quickly approaching, most college students are stressed about gift giving ideas on a budget. Thoughtful gifts are always the best to receive and are even more creative to give.


Emma Scalfano, human dimensions of organizations freshman, chose to take the homemade route for a gift for her dad.


“My dad is really into sock monkeys so I made him one for Christmas,” Scalfano said. “He keeps it in his study and the monkey has become kind of an inside joke.”


Gifts that clearly show that effort was put in can easily make someone’s whole week. Journalism freshman Connor Tolany managed to give a gift of significant importance without even giving the gift in person.


“I’m on this Discord server and two of the members were meeting up and since it was one of their birthdays, the other told members to send nice notes about her,” Tolany said. “Since I talked to her a lot and we knew each other well, I made a joke MS Paint collage about various inside jokes and she printed it out and gave it to her.”


If you’re not the do-it-yourself type, maybe the person receiving the gift just wants to spend a little quality time with you.


“The most thoughtful gift I was ever given was a date night with my mom,” human relations  junior Avery Benedict said. “We went dressed up and went to dinner downtown in Houston and then saw the Nutcracker.”


And if you’re feeling a bit more generous, your thoughtfulness may go as far as helping a friend see a loved one.


“I had a friend in high school who was turning 18 and wanted to visit his dad in Chicago but didn’t have the money,” journalism freshman Brooks Johnson said. “I bought him a round trip plane ticket so he could see his dad.”


There is a range of gift giving options — you just have to go out there and get creative!