A University Co-op Christmas

By Emma Bittner

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Black Friday has come and gone and we’re all stranded trying to scrape together some last minute Christmas gifts on a “ramen only” budget.

Don’t fret, the one place you need to go this year may seem unsuspecting and unusual. While we have nightmares of the Co-op from when we need new textbooks, there is everything you need this Christmas at only one stop.

Between the three floors and racks upon racks of clothes and apparel, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone on your list this year. UT Mom and Dad shirts, mugs, stickers and ornaments are the perfect gifts to add a little personal touch. While parents are easily covered with UT apparel, ready to show the world they are a UT parent, siblings are a little harder to tackle.

Sweatshirts, hoodies and even some Columbia and Pink jackets on the second floor are sure to win any sister over this holiday season. Who doesn’t love a fuzzy jacket? For your brother, there are some great athletic shorts, shirts and 3/4 zips that look great on everyone. If clothing isn’t his thing, you can always grab a football and a classic baseball hat.

Even if your friend isn’t a Longhorn, they probably want to be at heart. Why not get them a sweatshirt or cute coffee mug? If they aren’t too keen on repping the Longhorns, there are always basic Texas shirts and sweatshirts in a variety of colors. An ornament, face tattoo, sticker for your car or even a stuffed Bevo would make a perfect stocking stuffer. Something small that screams Hook ‘em is sure to go with every stocking this year.

Now you may be thinking, “I can’t spend over $40 on a sweatshirt for everyone in my family.” Don’t worry, there are cheaper options for our empty pockets this year.

Your best friend awaits on the second floor up another set of stairs: the sale and clearance racks.

While these things are cheaper that doesn’t mean their quality lacks. Racks and racks of hoodies and classic tees, as well as orange dresses, polos, and jackets,  line the walls to help you cross everyone off your shopping list. Always keeping the clearance full means that it won’t be overpriced and there is a better chance you might strike gold while milling through the racks this year.

The Co-op has everything imaginable and is literally in our backyard. If you’re in a bind this year or want a one-stop shop, make sure to wander over. Christmas on a budget is difficult, and it’s most definitely not fun, but the Co-op can guarantee for you to strike gold.

Whether you want to adorn your tree with UT ornaments or wake up Christmas morning in UT pajama pants, the Co-op is sure to have everything you need, and maybe even a little more.