10 Fall Fashion Staples You Need This Year

By Anysa Hernandez

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Many new trends have merged this fashion season. However, in the words of Yves Saint Laurent, it’s important to remember that while “fashions fade, style is eternal”.


So, here’s list of 10 things you need in your closet this fall to stay both classic and trendy, including some outfits curated by me!.


1. Plaid

Plaid is a fall favorite. Recently, it’s made a resurgence on the runway. If you’re trying to go for a more festive look this holiday season, plaid is definitely the way to go.


2. Velvet

Texture is important! Especially with the muted color schemes that dominate fall fashion. Add a velvet piece to any look and instantly amplify the complexity of your outfit.

3. Sparkling piece

Another holiday favorite! Go glam this season and turns heads in an outfit that’s bound to draw attention.


4. Boots

Though this recommendation isn’t exclusive to fall, wearing boots – especially statement boots – will make it seem like you put a lot of effort into your look. This comes in handy on the days where getting out of bed on time is made difficult due to the weather.


5. Bold animal print

Animal prints, specifically patterns like zebra and leopard, have made a return to this year’s runways. Wear them best as a statement layer in a monochromatic look.


6. Statement red piece

Dark and neutral colors tend to be popular during autumn, but sometimes it can get a little boring and monotonous. By including a bright red piece, you demand to be seen.


7. Faux-fur coat

While wearing real fur can be problematic, faux-fur is an equally stylish alternative to dressing up an outfit. Throw on a coat and make a cute outfit “high fashion” in a heartbeat.


8. Glossy piece

This is another look that has gained popularity on the runway this season. High-shine or high-gloss pieces are “in” right now.


9. Leather and fringe

Many western and prairie inspired elements have been incorporated into clothing lines this fall. Channel your inner cowboy and make it fashion!


10. Tweed

Finally, tweed is a classic material that can quickly turn an outfit from casual to fashionable. Plus, it’ll keep you warm this season!