WEEKEND TRIP: Denton, Texas

By Morgan Kuehler

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Denton is about three and a half hours up I-35 from Austin, and it’s a great place to go spend a weekend! I love Denton because it has all the funk of Austin, without the craziness. Here are some tips for your stay!




Oriental Garden is kinda your traditional, local Thai restaurant, but modernized. The interior is quite chic, but it is also very clean! I love their curries, and they make a mean pad-thai. What gets me excited about this restaurant is that they have some more experimental dishes on their menu like a pumpkin curry. The broccoli stir-fry is also pretty amazing!



Komodo Loco is an Asian-fusion restaurant downtown off the square. My best suggestion is to order a lot of appetizers! The gyoza and Brussel sprouts are so tasty! (Side note, I’m so glad Brussel sprouts are having a moment. They’ve been underrated for too long). I haven’t personally had the chicken wings, but I’ve heard they’re great! As far as the main course goes, I would definitely recommend the Komodo Tower. It’s a delicious middle-ground between traditional sushi and poke bowls. Also be sure to take advantage of their extensive sake menu!





Back Dough donuts is run out of the back of Queenie’s Steakhouse right off the square. It’s only open Friday and Saturday nights from 11 p.m.-1 a.m. These donuts are killer. They are made fresh for you! They are always hot and delicious. Every time I’ve been they’ve offered three sweet options and one savory option. It’s going to be a different menu each time depending on what they chef is feelin’. I’ve had a cheeseburger donut, a lucky charms donut, and a strawberry shortcake donut! Definitely check this place out.



Beth Marie’s is a popular ice cream place in Denton, and rightfully so! They have amazing fresh-made ice cream. I love that they have your standard vanilla, strawberry, etc. But they also have totally original flavors! My favorite is cinnfuloat. It’s a vanilla ice cream with dark chocolate chips and cinnamon oatmeal cookie dough chunks. But whatever flavor you get, it’s worth it to pay extra for the fresh waffle cone.


beth marie’s menu


Things to do:


Shift Coffee is a great little shop! They do coffee cuppings fairly often, which is pretty cool. If you don’t know what a cupping is (it’s okay, I didn’t either), it’s when you try different types of the same coffee at once and compare. Now I know that’s a bit of an oversimplification for you coffee snobs out there, but that mostly gets the point across. This coffee shop really has high-quality product and a comfortable environment. I absolutely love their chai, so that’s what I go for when I’m there.



House shows are extremely popular in Denton, especially among college kids. Denton has a really amazing local music scene and these shows are a great place to check it out! You can normally find where shows are happening on Facebook or keep an eye out for posters around town. I would go to Midway Mart, a great craft beer shop, grab a six-pack and head over to the show! They’re very casual and very Denton.



Walk around the square! There are cool shops to pop in and look through. You need to go to Recycled Books. It’s an old opera house turned huge bookstore. The place is too much fun to go through! They literally have three floors full of books, movies, CDs, etc. to go through!