5 of the Most Beautiful Places to Study on Campus

By Megan Menchaca

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With the beginning of finals week just a month away, students will begin to hit the books all across campus. By the beginning of May, it’ll be basically impossible to find a space at places like the PCL or the SAC. So, to keep yourself from spending hours looking for a place to sit and spend your time at one of these five breathtaking spots on campus instead.


1) The Life Sciences Library


The Life Science Library is located on the second floor of the Tower and originally served as the flagship library for the university until the Perry–Castañeda Library opened in 1977. Along with seating for dozens of students, it contains a large, all-access space featuring high ceilings, large tables. The carved wood chandeliers and marble columns invoke the history of UT Libraries and also provide beautiful scenery for long study sessions.



2) Goldsmith Hall Courtyard


Goldsmith Hall is a building that originally served as a host for the English, government, psychology, sociology, philosophy, economics and history departments. While it currently serves as the building for the school of Architecture, its courtyard still remains one of the most gorgeous study spots on campus. The stone pathways and palm trees here make it a perfect place to spend your time studying for your upcoming finals.



3) The LBJ Fountain


Architects built the LBJ Fountain, located outside the LBJ Presidential Library on Dean Keeton, in the 1970s and is a quick walk away from DKR Stadium. While there isn’t any formal seating on chairs or benches, the sprawling lawn provides a relaxing shaded space for nearly any outside activity, including studying. So, therefore, in this the beautiful Texas spring weather, it’s definitely worth it to try and spend some of your time outdoors.



4) The Turtle Pond


The Turtle Pond resides north of the UT Tower, in-between the greenhouse and biology buildings, and was built in 1939, during the construction of the tower. At the turtle pond, you can listen to the relaxing sounds of the waterfalls, watch the turtles on your study breaks, and spread out on the lawn that overlooks it all. While there’s definitely a lot of foot traffic around the area, the bustle of the area will keep you from getting bored in-between long readings.



5) The Architecture Library


On the western edge of UT’s campus, the Architecture Library resides in Battle Hall near Guadalupe. Along with the collection of architecture and interior design materials, the library also includes study spaces for dozens of students to spend hours studying. Also, if the library is completely occupied, Battle Hall has multiple other spaces for students to study. However, with all of the seats in the library, it seems pretty unlikely you won’t find a place to study here.